JNU के वामपंथी पिशाच उमर ख़ालिद ने इस्लामी राक्षस बुरहान वानी का किया नंगा समर्थन! लेकिन उस नीच आतंकी का समर्थन करने वाले उमर खालिद पर कोई कार्रवाई नहीं कर रही है मोदी सरकार. 

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Those were the early days of March, 2013. Entire space of ‘Eminent Intellectuals’ Discourse’ across the world had drowned in deep grief.

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The Islamic ‘Holy Month’of Ramzan (pronounced ‘Ramadan’ nowadays to sound more Arabic, hence Wahhabi, and hence ‘Secular’) has officially begun, and the Facebook and Twitter timelines all around seem to be busy expressing best wishes to the Muslim and Non-Muslim friends alike.

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Saturday, 09 May 2015 11:40

Red Terror - India’s Internal Fight

Naxalism can be traced back in 1967 with its root in Naxalbari, West Bengal, after the split of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) which led to the formation Communist party of India (Marxist-Leninst). We take a brief overview of the menace here.

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After the Texas shooting, there is all round condemnation in the US media of Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller, the two greatest counter-jihadists alive; for indulging in "needless provocation."
This is the power of low level, random, but unceasing violence.

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A major power co has terminated its project of the construction of a 3960MW power plant in Jharkhand. Reason? simple, it could not get the land. So what will be the consequences?  well..

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Monday, 27 April 2015 04:49

When development is made to look evil

Even as Environment Ministry clears the 35 Defence projects, after years of waiting, along comes the Tribal Affairs Ministry and blocks them. What i it with India's industrial development that our ministries are so defensive about?

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Sunday, 01 March 2015 07:38

Blaming the Rich

A professor of economics put this together to show how our current tax system works..

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