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Communists and Fundamentalism

21 Jan 15
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From Moscow to Bengal, Communist have killed millions.“Communism or its followers kill” is not debatable; records are crystal clear. This ideology has given birth to the deadliest dictators in the History of mankind.

Now natural question arises as to why Communism kills?;
Well, it is because their founding father “Karl Marx” told them to do so. Marx states in his Communist manifesto that “You must, therefore, confess that by 'individual' you mean no other person than the bourgeois, than the middle-class owner of property. This person must indeed, be swept out of the way, and made impossible."
[Pub.  Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1973 edition, page 66]. 
The Communist manifesto ends with the following sentences “The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communist revolution.” 
No wonder now that the communist parties across the world are like a cult  which use violence to achieve their utopian goal of a classless society.

The brutalities of communist regime can be judged from the fact that they've killed more than a 100 million people across the globe. In an article published on 7 October 2014 in  Dailymail, UK, the author stated the same in the following manner:

 Leader  Regimen  Massacred
 Mao Zedong  Communist  60 million
 Joseph Stalin  Communist  40 million
 Adolf Hitler  National-Socialist  30 million
 Pol Pot                    Communist(Khmer Rouge)       At least 1.7 million (political opponents)
 Kim Il Sung  Communist  At least 1.6 million (political opponents/civilians through famine)

In an another account, author Stephane Courtois, in his seminal work “The Black Book of Communism”, offers an approximate count of the dead:

 Country  Deaths
 U.S.S.R   20 million
 China      65 million
 Vietnam      1 million
 North Korea                     2 million    
 Cambodia   2 million
 Eastern Europe   1 million
 Latin America, Africa, and Afghanistan   3.4 million


Marxists in India are no different from their counterparts elsewhere in the world when it comes to violence and killing. Take example of West Bengal which they ruled for nearly 34 years. During their reign, India witnessed terror, crime, exploitation and corruption of an unprecedented scale.
D. Bandyopadhyay in his article 'Census of Political Murders in West Bengal during CPI-M Rule—1977-2009' published in a mainstream weekly on Sunday 22nd August 2010 wrote: “Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee in a statement laid on the table of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly made the following disclosure for the year 2009 only.
The figures are as below:
(i) Murder—2284  (ii) Political murder—26   (iii) Rape—2516 (iv) Outraging modesty—3013  (v) Torture on brides—17,571 (vi) Death/murder due to Maoist activities—134
[Source: Dainik Stateamsn, Kolkata, July 16, 2010]

However, Bandyopadhyay said that “During the last 31 years, no murderer was brought to book for this dreadful figure of 55,408 murders. It is anybody’s guess regarding the number of killers involved. Assuming that there was at least one killer per murder; the number would be well over 55,000." 

Quit India Movement to 1962 War: Hitherto Treachery Continues

No significant role had been played by Indian Marxists in the freedom movement. As a matter of fact, the only prominent role they played was that of a traitor. They supported every anti-national cause hitherto: boycotting the Quit India Movement (1942), Partition (1947), The Razakar separatist movement after Independence to prevent merger of Hyderabad in India, The Chinese Attack during 1962(history will never forget the populist slogan of Indian Communists: “China’s Chairman is also India’s Chairman) and the secessionist threats during 90s.
We can gauge from personal narration of ex-IB Boss B. Raman who wrote an article in Outlook on 20th August 2007. Raman wrote: “I saw the following slogan painted by the Marxists on the walls everywhere: "China's Chairman is our Chairman."Sri ABV Rao, IPS in a by AP state Police CID said: “China Chairman (Mao) our Chairman”, they became more Maoist than Mao himself!!” Comrades never called Chinese invasion as aggression against Indian sovereignty; of course, why would they will call it so? How can they betray their father land of communism, how can they betray their friends and masters?
Chinese spy network in India was so strong at the time when it used to take hours to reach inside Indian Territory.The Communist members created illegal organizations within defense services in order to share classified information with Chinese army.
“Jaipal Singh, the head of the CPI secret organization in the defense services, told a recruit after the congress that his organization was in full swing again after having been deactivated in May 1960 because of party factionalizing and government attention to his activities.”

Radio sets had been installed in order to listen to broadcast so that Chinese secret counterparts in Calcutta can prepare propaganda material. “A West Bengal government intelligence report in November claimed that four powerful radio sets had been installed in the office of the China Review in Calcutta to listen to broadcasts from Peiping, and that the handouts were being quietly given out to Swadhinata for propaganda work on the basis of these broadcasts.”

China’s financial subsidies increased substantially before Chinese attack in 1962 so that a powerful uprising had already been initiated inside country before Indian Army went fighting against Chinese on Indian border.  “Chinese financial subsidies to sections of the Indian party—and particularly to left-faction strongholds such as West Bengal-- began to increase.”
[Source: - Excerpts from the report published by CIA OCI No. 0697/62 (Reference Title: ESAU XVI-62)]

Hitler’s Indian Friends

One of the most politicized topics in Indian History which finds its connection with Hitler is “The Aryan Invasion Theory”. Indian Marxists used it as a Hindu bashing tool;
as per Marxists, white blond Aryans, who were experts in horse riding, attacked native ancient Indian civilizations of Indus valley and slaughtered everyone single soul inhabiting the sub-continent. They (Indian Marxists) say that after invasion descendants of Aryans wrote the vast Vedic literature in Sanskrit. Marxist view of Indian history holds the nation to be in a flux as a multi-nation state that would have us believe “India is not one nation but a collection of several separate nationalities”. This highly politicized Aryan invasion doctrine has blurred the vision of successive generations to such extent that much of the current generation has been alienated from its own rich cultural heritage. We continue to teach our students, even today, what our colonial masters wanted us to learn as an enslaved nation.

Archeology expert K. Kris Hirst wrote “Adolf Hitler and the Aryan/Dravidian Myth. Adolf Hitler twisted the theories of Gustaf Kossinna (1858-1931), to put forward the Aryans as a master race of Indo-Europeans, who were supposed to be Nordic in appearance and directly ancestral to the Germans. These Nordic invaders were defined as directly opposite to native south Asian peoples, called Dravidians, who were supposed to have been darker-skinned.” 

Rajiv Malhotra in 'European Misappropriation of Sanskrit led to the Aryan Race Theory' wrote: “Joseph Arthur Comte de Gobineau, a French diplomat, philosopher and historian argued in his hugely influential Essay on the Inequality of Human Races that Adam from the Bible was the "originator of our white species." Gobineau stated that white Aryans invaded India and intermarry with indigenous population; as per Gobineau the Aryan invented the Caste system because intermarriage led to the decline of superior race. “Hitler's idea of "purifying" the Aryans was born out of this, and it culminated in the Holocaust. Rajiv Malhotra also writes “Anthropologist Kenneth Kennedy concludes of Gobineau and Chamberlain, that they "transformed the Aryan concept, which had its humble origins in philological research conducted by Jones in Calcutta at the end of the eighteenth century, into the politics and racial doctrines of Adolph Hitler's Third Reich."

The racial Aryan Invasion Theory and its spread in Indian academic or especially in the future (generation to generation) of country finds its roots in most destructive ideology- Naziism. The idea of Hitler’s racial Aryan theory (which was born out of “The Aryan Invasion” theory)was further spread by India Marxists. Pro-AIT circle consists of a certain European Right and Indian Leftist (along with friends of Indian Leftists in Western World). Indian left find its connection with Nazi Germany directly (by propagating Hitlers racial theory here in India) and their association with pro-AIT people who were associated with Nouvelle Droite publication Nouvelle Ecole. It is worth mentioning that an original patron of the Nouvelle Ecole was Herbert Jankuhn who was once an officer of the SS research department.    

Indian Marxists and Fundamentalism

Communist ideology is not compatible with Islamic fundamentalism in any sense; as per communist fathers “Religion is Opiate of Masses”; nevertheless communist have no reservations against colluding with fundamentalist ideologies like radical Islam provided it serves them to counter a common enemy in a given geographical-political territory.

Indian Marxists collude with fundamentalists as they find a common link with them.
In 1940 Indian Communists come close to All India Muslim League (AIML) as they found anti-national and Hindu hating propaganda as a common unifying factor with them.  Bhabani Sen Gupta wrote "Since 1940 the CPI had tried to 'placate' the Muslim League, equating it with the Congress party as India's two mass political organisations" [Communism in Indian Politics by Bhabani Sen Gupta, Columbia University Press, 1972].
Lohia in his work “Guilty Men of India's Partition” stated that Indian Communists “acted as incubator for Indian partition”. Though Marxist all over the world don’t believe in concept of Nationalism (so forget about religious nationalism) but since they found a common cause with AIML, they supported their 'two-nation theory' based upon religion. They floated multi-national theory in order to provide intellectual support to two-nation theory of AIML. 

R.Upadhyay in his paper “MUSLIMS AND INDIAN COMMUNISTS - Strange Allies? Wrote that " The CPI's resolution adopted in its central committee meeting in September 1942 suggests the conviction of the party on communal division of India. The resolution said: "Every section of the Indian people which has its contiguous territory as its homeland, common historical tradition, common language, culture, psychological make-up, and common economic life would be recognised as a distinct nationality with the right to exist as an autonomous state within the free Indian Union or federation and will have the right to secede from it if it may so desire" [Selected Works of M.N.Roy 1932-1936, Volume IV].
Non-participation of the Communists in Quit India Movement against the colonial oppression was the opportunism of the worst kind. It was apparently their tactical alliance with Muslim League to "precipitate nation-wide disintegration". Their desired objective was not only to break India into Hindu India and Muslim India but also into various linguistic and ethnic nations with sovereign political entity.”

Upadhyay further notes that “The CPI leaders supported Pakistan movement by organising processions and demonstrations in its favour. "In mid forties E.M.S. Namboodaripad led processions of Muslims along with A.K.Gopalan (both of them were leaders of the CPI) shouting 'Pakistan Zindabad' and 'Mophlastan Zindabad'. No wonder, therefore, that Khwaja Ahmed Abbas, himself a leftist, had to say that India was killed by the CPI which provided the Muslim separatists with an ideological basis" (Pakistan: From Jinnah to Jehad by S.K.Datta and Rajeev Sharma, 2002, Page 18). “

On 14th August 1947 AIML successfully created a nation based up on religious lines named “Pakistan”. Indian Communist sent their comrades to Paksitan which proved a nightmare to them. Even after partition of the motherland Communist kept their support to Muslim Fundamentalist “They also "worked together with IUML to create a new Muslim majority district in Malabar and named it Malapuram"(Communism in Indian Politics by Bhabani Sen Gupta, Columbia University Press, 1972,Page 188).  Fundamentalist Muslim in return helped communist in Bengal "Muslim masses have in a big way swung towards the United Front especially to the CPI (M)"(Communism in Indian Politics by Bhabani Sen Gupta, Columbia University Press, 1972,Page 247).

In order to garner the Muslim vote bank support for electoral victory in West Bengal Marxist government changed the school text books “In 1989 the West Bengal Secondary Board under a Marxist Government issued a circular dated 28 April 1989 (Number Syl/89/1) which recommended the deletion of most discussions about the medieval period because it was too controversial" (Islamisation of Pakistan by Y.C.Ross, 2003, New Delhi, page 16-17).

Relationship between Indian Marxist and Islamic fundamental is so cosy that The Afghanistan Liberation Organization (ALO) warned Indian communist in one of their document titled “The Communist Party of India (Maoist) and Islamic fundamentalists”.

Indian Communist regards Islamic fundamentalist as progressive. In an interview in April 2007, Comrade Ganapathi, leader of the CPI (Maoist), stated, “Basically, we regard the Islamic upsurge as a progressive anti-imperialist force in the contemporary world. It would be wrong to describe the struggle that is going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, and several other countries as a struggle by Islamic fundamentalists..”

Three Spills of Venom: Red, Green and Black

From Guns to Pen Indian Marxist spills venom everywhere
I don’t wonder why these communist writers are too restless today. They definitely have their reasons. Afterall things are not moving their way. Their hegemony is under seize these days. They had for several years now, seen all their “Manthara Tactics” failed. The pace at which reforms had moved in last few month must have definitely increased the sale of Bournols in most of the communist areas especially near JNU.

Communist writing had been venomous right from the beginning. They have attained new venomous heights quite recently. There are three characteristic vemons that they spill, first one is the red venom – red symbolizes blood of an innocent, second is the green venom – symbolizes their breed of communalism, which has place for only one colour and is unsuitable for “rainbow” society of India, and third is black vemon, black symbolizes treachery and sedition, whether it is Arundhati Roy’s Pro Pakistani Kashmir rants or Noorani’s.  

The other day I came across A.G. Noorani’s  two different articles published in Frontline. #### (name of articles) ####. On a careful analysis of these, one would observe that his thoughts are shallow, analysis uncritical, facts misquoted of their context and inferences devoid of sound reason. In most of the cases, the moment you read the parent document from where he has quoted his “facts and observations”, you can easily see how words are evilly played with to misquote and malign tall historical personalities.

Let us critically examine his two examples (with the available facts) as case studies to understand communist writings and their unholy intensions.

In both his articles he has referred to a lady called Marzia Casolari, calling her a distinguished Scholar. First of all the lady is by no scale of genuine merit be called a ‘distinguished scholar’ just because she had her thesis on “Relationship between Hindu Nationalism and Italian Fascism # check”.

As #### Chougle jee has rightly pointed out that the extensive use of “must haves” in her assumptions, makes her findings obsolete and worthless.
Let me quote you some examples (as pointed out by Chaugle jee)

1. This interest (of Hindu radicalism in Italian fascism) was commonly shared in
Maharashtra, and must have inspired B.S. Moonje's trip to Italy in 1931.
2. (I)t makes sense (??) to think that the entire circle of militant Hinduism must have been
influenced by Moonje's Italian experience.
3. The influence of fascist ideology and practice must have gone far beyond the limits of the
main organizations of the Hindu militant nationalism and must have extended to the wide and
intricate net of secondary militant groups and centres of physical education or paramilitary
4. The aggressive racial policy carried out by Germany must have played a fundamental role
in this shift of interest from Italy to Germany.
5. Accordingly it makes sense to think that the organizations of militant Hinduism must have
perceived the necessity to rehabilitate their political past and re-invent a more clear-cut anti-
British stand.

In Nooraniji’s scheme of things she could have been a distinguished scholar but for a genuine person she would not be. He has very tactfully used her name and quotations. Words are her’s and intensions are his’s. So the ownership of these quotations also lie with him.
In his first piece on Mahanama he has quoted the undistinguished scholar mentioned above which ‘alleges’ Mahanama and the BHU stating that “…. the BHU was the result of the increasing sense of militancy in the Hindu segment of Indian society. …. He (Madan Mohan Malviya) was part of a political milieu that considered Gandhian non-violence a form of cowardice and harmful to Hindu Society”

Every 12th  standard book (even the ones written by left leaning ‘intellectuals’), has atleast a para or two on the establishment of Nationalist schools for imparting nationalist education. BHU was founded at a time when the Britishers were tyring to alienate Indians from modern sciences as they just wanted unmindfull babus, who could follow their orders with limited application of mind. It was at this time that the leading nationalists came up with an idea of setting up these nationalist schools. These schools with time became temples of modern learning. Please also note that Rabindranath Tagore was chairman first Hony. Chairman (for life) of Bharat Kala Bhavan – BHU, its Hony. Vice-Chairman was poet’s nephew Silpacharya Abanindranth Tagore.

Well it is expected from a Noorani (In Arabic Noor means Light, also Noorani Tel, an Ayurvedic medicine  widely used by the people of North India for pain and general massage ) of such ‘high’ caliber to have atleast 12th class knowledge.

Gandhiji was himself present in the opening ceremony of the Banaras Hindu University and let me quote him here:

“Friends, under the influence of the matchless eloquence of Mrs. Besant who has just sat down, pray, do not believe that our University has become a finished product, and that all the young men who are to come to the University, that has yet to rise and come into existence, have also come and returned from it finished citizens of a great empire. Do not go away with any such impression, and if you, the student world to which my remarks are supposed to be addressed this evening, consider for one moment that the spiritual life, for which this country is noted and for which this country has no rival, can be transmitted through the lip, pray, believe me, you are wrong. You will never be able merely through the lip, to give the message that India, I hope, will one day deliver to the world.” 

Gandhiji has asked the university students to lead a “spiritual life”, for political convenience Nooraniji may question even Gandhi about his secular credentials.

The debate around BHU may be ended with this text from the website of BHU :
“Mahamana's University, the Banaras Hindu University, is no ordinary seat of learning. It was planned with a vision in view. The University is enjoined with the national sentiment. Its contributions to the nation building process are immense. The nation rejoices at its rise towards excellence and sheds tears of sorrow at its failing. …. Travelling down the memory lane, one gets a vivid glimpse of the Mahamana, a visionary and in the words of the Mahatma, "a prince amongst beggars who begged not for himself but a cause dear to him" toiling with self-less devotion to translate words into deed. … . Intellectual giants inspiring the students with their idealism and abounding knowledge and inviting them to drink deep and develop character and horizon. ….. The entire nation has been and shall be in unison with the statement of Gandhiji. The Banaras Hindu University community, nay the nation, was appreciative of the decision taken by the National Government to include BHU as an integral part of national development, after the dawn of freedom, thus recognizing the national importance of the University and the Founder's commitment to this Institution which played and would continue to play a constructive role in the educational, economic and industrial reconstruction and development of the country.”

In second attempt Nooraniji (through quoted texts of undistinguished scholar) used portions from the letters of Motilal Nehru for character assassination of Mahanama. The letters were written during a ‘hotly’ contested election where the two were ‘allegedly’ fighting from opposite sides. There was a time when even the congress was divided into two segments on the question of elections and even though on the opposite side, all these currents represented by different school of thoughts had a common enemy. Only their approach towards him differed. Calling these names to a comrade displays the hollowness in the character of the person who is writing it and not anything about the person it is written about.

Noorani knows how to play with words, he (like Cassius in julious Caesar) takes this line from the letter of Motilal which I quote “The Malaviya-Lala gang aided by Birla’s money are making frantic efforts to capture the Congress.” In one single stroke he had maligned three characters of National Freedom Movement. One Madan Mohan Malvia, second Lala Lajpat Rai, third Birla. Needless to say the character of Motilal and his contribution in the national history is also damned by this.

He later called Mahanama (again through quoted text of that undistinguished scholar) a “trojan horse” of congress. I would rather say that anyone questioning India’s claim on Kashmir and helping Pakistani propaganda is the biggest ‘Trojan horse’ , a ‘blood sucking leech’ and a ‘moth eaten ideolog’ even by ‘communist’ standards.

In his second article “Foot Soldiers of Swastika”, I failed to find out why he had used the word Swastika. He has quoted an article in highly respected Economic & Political Weekly entitled “Hindutva’s Foreign Tie-up in the 1930’s: Archival Evidence” by the undistinguished scholar Marzia Casolari. The photograph of our Prime minister and some swayamsevaks is put beneath it. Neither is Swastik an emblem of RSS, nor it is of the BJP. If he wanted to use swastika as a symbol of Hitler’s Nazism and side by side relate it to the Swastika used by Hindus in our samskaars, then I would consider it an insult upon all Indians. He should ask for forgiveness from his fellow brethren. In fact one of the two basic features of Fascism are “Dictatorship and Rampant Corruption”, both of them are hallmarks of Communist rule, therefore instead of ranting in a 2961 worded article, it would have been better if he may have done some soul searching himself. Moreover unlike a fascist communist organization, RSS has been involved in wide ranging ‘constructive’ works which includes abolition of untouchability (even Gandhiji noted it) and disaster relief during national calamity.



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