MMS Samvaad is a unique Indian Social Networking app to connect with the supporters of Swadeshi Vichaar Dhara from across the country. Read and share information about Bhai Rajiv Dixit, Swadeshi Products, Gau-mata, Swadeshi Chikitsa etc. The App also enables you to Connect and Communicate with thousands of like-minded people from across India.

- Know who is already connected from your Region and State, and from other Regions and States

- Know Regional, State and Indian National leadership

- Share your updates / information with everyone on the Network - Photos, Links, Text, etc.

- Read updates from members of different States, or from Regional, State and National Team members.

- Share information on any other popular Indian / International Social Networks

- Get notifications, exchange messages and a lot more.

OyePages is a newly launched social website that brings people together. Here, people can share content or meet new friends. There is vast knowledge related to all spheres of life that can be discovered. Shankhnaad interviewed the founder of Oyepages – Alkesh Kumar Singh. We conducted a small chat with Alkesh Kumar Singh, founder of OyePages. Following are the excerpts of the interview:

Shankhnaad: Tell us about your background.

Alkesh Kumar Singh: “I come from a small villahe Kalaheri in Bijnore district. I completed my B.Tech from Jhansi. For further education I joined IIT Kanpur. From there I did my M.Tech. Later I worked for many software companies. I worked in Japan and the U.S. too.”

Shankhnaad: Tell us something about founding the Oyepages.

Alkesh Kumar Singh: “I quit my last job in 2011. I came back from the U.S. to India and worked almost for 3 years to develop this application. In March 2012 Oyepages were started. My wife Ekta Singh gave me great support and she is also the co-founder of Oyepages.”

Shankhnaad: What was your motivation behind leaving the lucrative jobs and making this application?

Alkesh Kumar Singh: “I got my motivation from the great thinker Chankaya and the epic Mahabharata. From these sources I got detailed knowledge about rich Hindu culture and philosophy of life. There have been many incidents of attack on the Hindu culture and way of life. There is a serious threat to Hinduism. The whole political system was eaten by deep rooted corruption. I decided to do something. People of our generation have forgotten their rich culture and religious philosophy. I decided to do something by which I could bring people back to rich Indian culture. For this I decided to make an application through which people can get to know about Indian culture.”

Shankhnaad: Any immediate cause or stimulant?

Alkesh Kumar Singh: “Yes, there was an immediate cause that was the anti corruption agitation by Baba Ram Dev in Delhi. When Congress was in power they misused the power and overthrew the protest in late hours of night. The way anti corruption protestors were mishandled that moved my inner self. India had converted in to a form of battlefield from which I could not stay away and I decided to take a fight against corruption.”

Shankhnaad: What is the importance of an application like oyepages?

Alkesh Kumar Singh: “ According to me there was a need of a proper communication tool to reconnect people with their culture. To save Indian culture there was a need of a vibrant platform. OyePages helps you connect with like-minded people for social welfare and awareness programs, or religious and cultural activities. OyePages is an effort to provide its users with a clean, simple and elegant portal where you can spend quality time communicating with your friends and extended networks.”

Shankhnaad: What is National Network? Please elaborate.

Alkesh Kumar Singh: “National Network is a unique concept. It is only for Indians, only Indians can become its members. On National Network people can be a part of a campaign or community but here people can not become friends with each other unlike some other social networking sites. There are different communities which are 16 in number. People can become members of the communities of their interest. It is available as an android application that can be downloaded to your phone.”

Shankhnaad: What are your upcoming projects?

Alkesh Kumar Singh: “Our third application is “Saansad Samvad”, which is also an android application. Through this app the MP can directly communicate with people of his/her constituency. This is a platform to give voice to the people. The aim of this app is a two way communication. Apart from the concerned MP, people of that constituency will also get information about important people and organizations of the area. Currently, we have made this app for Gen. V. K. Singh’s constituency. Any MP who wants to have such an app for his/her constituency, they can approach us and we will create new apps for them as per the needs of that particular area.”

Shankhnaad: Why most of the articles on your site are in Hindi?

Alkesh Kumar Singh: “Our motive was to encourage and boost the vernacular languages. Hindi is given boost and moreover majority of the people who can not understand English language, this website is a gift for them. It is an effort to bring more and more people online and to educate them in their own national language.”

Shankhnaad: Please tell us about “Mera man swadeshi”.

Alkesh Kumar Singh: “Mera man swadeshi is our another application which can be downloaded on phone from the android store. Currently, more than 12000 people have downloaded the app. The ranking of the app is 4.8 which is more than apps like Facebook. This is a platform to connect people with swadeshi vichaar from the whole nation. The app is motivated by the thoughts of late Rajiv Dixit. This is also a tribute to his great soul”.

Shankhnaad: Thank you so much for sharing your views with us. All the best for your ventures from the Shankhnaad team.