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Medha Patekar - Some unknown facts

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Meet the AAP Lok Sabha candidate - Medha Patekar. The list of her anti-Indian activities is long, but let's start with what one can take for one day.

She demanded mercy for these terrorists on grounds of Human Rights. It doesn't matter to her that Afzal, the Kashmir separatist, attacked our parliament - the biggest symbol of our democracy, our value system, our freedom.
He took innocent lives and had no remorse about it.

It doesn't matter to Medha Patekar that Kasab, with his other jihadi fanatics from pakistan, was responsible for the death of over 200 innocent lives in Mumbai.


Has any of her comrades died in a terrorist attack ?
No, never - because there is a nexus, an understanding between all anti-indian forces. They never cross each other. Their goal: to slowly break India into fragments. Fragments that hate each other and become slaves once again to the evangelical and Jihadi powers.

because that's what the weak and divided are.

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