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RSS worker Vipin murdered in Malappuram

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Vipin : RSS Karyakarta from Malappuram Vipin : RSS Karyakarta from Malappuram BJP Keralam


Kerala, witness yet another annihilation of a Hindu Activist who worked against conversion mafias. Ever since the advent of Communism in Kerala, unending tales of political killings have gripped the state. The unchallenged Daylight murders is a political tool for the Communists to stay in power. Today, we lost yet another nationalist to this Violent Cult on a Death Spree



24th August, 2017, Malappuram District, Kerala: A young RSS Karyakarta from the Malappuram district of Kerala was brutally hacked to death by Jihadis today. He was the former Mandal Sharirik Pramukh of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh.

 SDPI ( Social Democratic Party of India)  Activists are believed to be behind the murder. SDPI is the political outfit of the Popular Front of India 

What is SDPI ?

SDPI is the political outfit of the Popular Front of India. In 2014, Police recovered dangerous weapons from SDPI office Kannur. NIA chargesheet shows that there is direct connection of SDPI with terrorist organizations and they conduct Arms training camps across Kerala. The husband of Athira Ashokan who got Satya Sarini is a senior SDPI member and has links with ISIS. In 2014, SDPI forced a school to stop playing Vande Mataram and Jana Gana Mana. SDPI member Anas had chopped of the hands of a Christian Professor for a change in question about Mohammed.


  Yesterday, ie on 23rd Aug 2017, a group of Jihadi Organizations had conducted a violent demonstration in the same area for Muslim Rights. 

Most of the organizations operate under the political patronage of the Popular Front of India, SDPI, Muslim League and the CPI(M)

Malappuram and the entire Malabar Coastal Belt of Kerala has becoming a breeding ground for Islamic Conversion centres like the Satya Sarini. It is the same centre where the infamous Hadiya (Akhila Ashokan) underwent conversion.

Kerala has become a Death Field for Hindus. The saga of political killings patronized by the Communist State Government of Kerala continues... 

 A central agency like the NIA or the IB must initiate serious investigations into the state sponsored political killings of Kerala before its too late. 




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