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Cow Smugglers Fire Bullets On Police | Matter Of Concern?

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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi leaves no stone unturned in imparting lessons on Secularism and bashing Gau-Sevaks. He perennially refuses to acknowledge that Cow Smuggling is an organised crime syndicate that has taken the lives of several police officers. His Lopsided Vision and the step motherly treatment towards Gau Rakshaks signifies the blatant ignorance about the huge threat looming over our agrarian communities & law enforcement agencies. 

Latest attack on the Police Officers by Cow Smugglers in Mewat-Haryana

 26th July 2017
11:30 PM : Police Constables Manoj Kumar and Moolchand from Nuh Police Station  began patrolling after being tipped off by an anonymous Gau Rakshak group about a Tata 407 (RJ05 GA 5061) stuffed with 9 cows. Sensing Police Patrol, the smugglers held their positions throughout the night, anticipating that the police officers would leave by morning.

27th July 2017
10:30 AM : The goons did not expect that the cops would still be present at the location. As the Truck was crossing Bibipur Mod Check Post, police constables charged towards the truck and tried to intercept them. Instead of stopping the vehicle, the truck moved ahead and tried to mow down the officers. Gun Shots were fired at and Constable Manoj Kumar and Constable Moolchand got imjured. An entire armed team under ASI Balbir Singh chased the truck and nabbed all 7 culprits near Chilawali Village. Their names are as follows:

All of them have been booked under the Arms Act, Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gausamvardhan Act and the following sections 370, 332, 333 and 353 of the Indian Penal Code. The rescued animals were shifted to a safe gaushala in Nuh.

"Gau-Rakshaks” are not Eerie Rednecks or a bunch of eccentric Hobos waiting for WhatsApp/Telegram Orders from a Tilak-Adorned Pan Stained Leader sitting far-away in the Anti-Minority Plot that's always narrated to feed your Spice Starved-Yellow-Journalism-Hungry brains.
They are regular citizens like you and me, with families, ambitious paltry corporate jobs and english stuttering tiny tots just like any other average low-life “cattle class” citizen of the country. The catch is that their overdose of animal love is towards stray cows unlike your affinity towards  Woof Woof Dawgs.

Lets address the Hypocrisy of Animal Lovers & Pantheistic Claims of "Saving the World" from a Global Warming Apocalypse. 

Reflection of a Larger Crime Syndicate:

India Today reports that several thousand cattle are illegally trafficked and slaughtered every month from Mewat. ASI Balbir Singh admits that cow smugglers are not only a  menace but also a big threat to the lives of police officers. He appreciated voluntary animal rights groups like “Gau Gyan Foundation, Dhyan Foundation, Monu from Mensar” apart from other Gau Raksha Voluntary groups for regularly assisting the police officers and helping them in nabbing hardened criminals from the meat mafia syndicate.

Police Officers: An easy prey for Cow Smugglers

       Feb 2015 : 2 Police officers were murdered near Azizpur while trying to intercept and stop a vehicle carrying Cows resulting into death of constables Ram Vakil, Rajiv & Bhanu Pratap

       Nov 2015 : SI Manoj Mishra was murdered by Cow-Smugglers during Patrol

        2016 Aug: 56-year-old Police Officer Triloki Tiwari was murdered by Cow Smugglers near Sarai Pukhta Outpost in Jaunpur when they questioned a pick-up van loaded with cows on the Kalichabad-Badlapadav route

         Nov 2015 : Ashraf & Abid Khan opened fire at Superintendent of Police Mr Simardeep Singh while they were being followed for cow-smuggling

        2013 June: 1 Police Constable murdered  & 6 others were critically injured when they were shot at by cow smugglers in Allahabad near Bhadohi District.

Dear Prime Minister, can you spare some secular tears  for  Gau-Rakshaks who  bid adieu to their families forever just because your appeasement policies are impotent and underqualified to to save innocent cows from the beef-hungry platters across the porous borders of West-Bengal ?

Will the Real Animal Lover Please Stand Up?

Who is an Actual Animal Activist?

A WhatsApp Warrior who tom-toms about his efforts to rescue a stray dog waiting to be lauded by certified International Animals Lover groups ?


 a Non English Spewing Lowlife fuming on a National highway  waiting to be shotgunned by meat-mafia smugglers to save Desi Bovines (tied up with Chillies stuffed into their eyes) royally ignored by the Haute Couture Rule Books of Stylish Animal Activism?

Probably neither of them but the mainstream media, for it can opine about & ridicule both of them, without pangs of existentialist ennui. Even if it means the whole country plummets down to Halal Certified Panchatantra Tales of Innocent Butcher Families threatened by Anti-Protagonist Cow Vigilantes narrated by Uber-Cool Liberal Mothers, asking their kids to stay away from “Communal Ghosts and Bad People” like them. Sanghis. Bajrangis.

Vigilant Gau Rakshaks are unsung heroes. Over-hyped Animal Protection groups like PETA may feel free to pose nude for playboy magazines and continue munching “Vegan Guacamole Bars”


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