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Narendra Modi And The Farce Of Cow Vigilantism

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The humiliation meted out to Hindus across a plethora of government schemes, policies, reservations etc and the PM's ever-growing diatribe against “Gau-Rakshaks” is tempts one to put aside usual work and go look for some hard facts. 

Facts  that the PM should’ve looked into in the first place. The left sponsored ‘Cow-Vigilante’ narrative and the kleptocratic bureaucracy that the PM has subscribed to and has chosen to be guided by, is depriving him of even his “constitutional” religiosity. ‘They’ have ensured that our PM, gullible and unintentionally or cunning and intentionally, is more worried about welfare of an already over-fed, over-pampered section of the society, than that of the languishing majority community of this country.


If he has the magnanimity to speak for criminals and smugglers like Pehlu Khan and Akhlaq, one hopes he'll also have the large-heartedness to at least acknowledge the calamities of the Hindu families too who've suffered hundredfold on the other side of the line which the PM dares not ever cross.   Here's just a few of them:

Feb 2014: Chowki Lal shot dead and another village resident was battered to death by cow smugglers when they tried to intervene and stop cattle-traffickers 

Feb 2015 : 2 Police officers were murdered near Azizpur while trying to intercept and stop a vehicle carrying Cows resulting into death of constables Ram Vakil, Rajiv & Bhanu Pratap 

Oct 2015: Prashant Poojary was beheaded Mangalore by 5 members of Popular Front of India  members for protesting against an illegal slaughter-house near Moodbidri Temple

Nov 2015 : SI Manoj Mishra was murdered by Cow-Smugglers during Patrol

Feb 2016: Dalit Hindu VHP Leader Arun Mahour was Shot dead by 5 by Local Muslim residents who were fed up of his activities against an illegal slaughterhouse in Agra. 

2016 Aug: 56-year-old Police Officer Triloki Tiwari was murdered by Cow Smugglers near Sarai Pokhta Outpost in Jaunpur when they questioned a pick-up van loaded with cows on the Kalichabag-Badlapadav route

August 2016: 70 Cows die mysteriously during illegal smuggling in Amravati due to poor treatment, lack of food and water

July 2016: Cow Smugglers crushed 3 people to death in Amravati, Maharashtra

June 2016: Cattle Smugglers in Agra mow down a Dalit Hindu named Dinesh Kumar when he tried to stop them from stealing his cattle at 1AM 

There are several such untold and unheard cases of murders by cow-smugglers. One would be lucky to to get it past the peons of the sarkari redressal establishments.It's no surprise then, that barely one in ten incidences of attack on Cow activists makes it to the news. More so because the local administration fears such an issue turning communal under their watch, marking a blot in their ACR. 

AND NOW, Not only is your government incapable of stopping cow-smuggling but also has turned a blind eye towards at least 70 major illegal violations happening across all slaughterhouses in the country. Cow-Traffickers, smugglers and over 3600 slaughterhouses in the country violate Constitutional Laws every day and every time they kill an animal, but they know no law’s interested in prosecuting them. Who gets blamed instead? Gau Rakshaks who fight selflessly for their safety.

Myths and Facts about Beef Eating in India 

Myth 1 : Gau-Rakshaks attack trucks of innocent people from minority community
Reality: They simply try to stop camouflaged trucks labelled as “Goods Carrier” stuffed with innocent animals. They operate only after receiving intel about theft/smuggling. The standard operating procedure is the stop the trucks for checking.

Myth 2:  Farmers in the Meat Industry are Affected
Reality: Most of the money is made by middlemen, illegal slaughterhouses and legal  mechanised abattoirs across India and Bangladesh from where they are exported to other countries. Meat, anyways, is not a major source of livelihood for farmers of India.

Myth 3:  Sale and Slaughter of Cows, if banned, will affect poor Indian families
Reality: The original owners who intentionally sell bovine animals for slaughter barely receive any profits. e.g. A healthy Tharparkar cow purchased at dirt-cheap prices like Rs 4000-5000 fetches anywhere between 1.5 to 2 lakh Rs by the time it crosses over to Bangladesh.  The figures and estimates of the industry have negligible share of revenue for the farmers themselves.

Myth 4:  Beef is allowed in developed countries like US, why not India?
Reality: Breeds belonging to the Bos-Indicus Indigenous breeds have extra-ordinary religious, sentimental, societal, medicinal and commercial value. Slaughtering them will bring an irreparable amount of damage to the society, apart from the religious sentiments of India’s Hindu community which reveres the animal.

Myth 5: Beef is just another food item and eating it is a fundamental right in India
Reality: Hybrid Non Hump Cows in the US were genetically manufactured for mass meat and milk production. The entire world agrees that Lactose from Non Hump A1 milk has side effects while A2 organic Milk and Milk products from Pure Bos Indicus Breeds are considered to be the best in the world. They are extraordinarily nutritious and devoid of any side-effects. The Dung and Urine of Indian Cows can turnaround soil infertility and increase the farm yields several hundred times. They are perfect and safe alternatives to Monsanto Products and GM Seeds. Moreover, Indian A2 cows have been worshipped by hindus since prehistoric times

Myth 6: Non Lactating Cows  have no commercial value and are a liability to farmers
Reality: The organic dung and urine can is a major raw material to Fertilizers, FMCG, Cosmetics and Medicines 

Slaughter of cows and bulls belonging to Bos Indicus breed is out of question!

Even if we consider Non-Hump American Hybrid Breeds or Water Buffaloes for Slaughter, every butcher or slaughter-house must must adhere to the mandatory rules pertaining to FSSAI Guidelines, Environment Protection Act 1986, Slaughter Rules 2001, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughter House) Rules, 2001 etc. 

The deplorable condition of Gau Rakshaks

● Being a Gau Rakshak is a thankless job where the virtue of animal love neither brings them any social appreciation nor do they get paid for risking their lives.
● The Police/ administrative inaction often forces them to take extreme steps like Night Patrol
● They aren’t applauded on TV Channels unlike dubious PETA activists
● One doesn’t need to pay a huge NGO registration fee to become a Gau-Sewak
● Let alone commonfolk, Gau Rakshaks do not get thanked or acknowledged by even the general animal activists
● Their readiness to take on unforeseen threats results in loss of life many a times
● Even Hindu Organizations barely provide any support or pay attention to the survivors of a Gau-Rakshak’s family if he gets killed while trying to save cows from smugglers. Political parties are a far cry, ruling party included.

The Organized Criminal Cow Smuggling Mafia

Take example of a small town in Rajasthan- Alwar. According to Alwar Police Chief Rahul Prakash, “Every year at-least 50-60 cases of Cow Smuggling comes to us”

● July 2015 Records show that 100 cases of Cow Smuggling Detected by Alwar Police & 30 cases registered in Bharatpur alone.
● According to July 2016 data, Police registered 72 cases of Animal Trafficking in Alwar & 40 in Bharatpur & most of them were cases related to cow smuggling
● Statistics from Rajasthan Police’s Official Website shows that thousands of cows are trafficked from the 2 border districts of Mewat - Alwar & Bharatpur alone.
● These smuggled cows easily reach Meerut, Gaziabad, New Delhi, Bulandshahr, Aligarh and provide cheap raw material to the tanneries along the banks of Ganga and its Distributaries.

The Modus Operandi of every Cow-Smuggling Racket in India 

Cow Smuggling Chain is a sophisticated multibillion dollar illegal (in context of the way it’s run in India) industry that’s mighty profitable to traffickers, slaughter-houses and everyone from bottom to top

1. Farmers sell cattle off to Nomadic Tribes or the dubious philandering dealers who act as suppliers to the middlemen.
2. Smugglers pose as farmers, sometimes even legally registered as one and purchase cattle from cattle fairs spreading all across the country at dirt cheap prices both legally and illegally.
3. The smugglers/middlemen deliver trucks to traffickers who collect the vehicles at predetermined points. They are well connected with a pan-India nexus of slaughter houses and mechanized abattoirs. As per demand, they supply cows to far away cities and even other states.
4. There are reports that Tharparkar Cows are sold as cheap as Rs 5000 from Jaisalmer & Bikaner & end up the Slaughter houses in Bangladesh at a hefty price of Rs 1, 25, 000 INR per healthy cow.
5. Most of the smuggled cows reach Slaughter-Houses in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and even West Bengal from where animals can be very easily smuggled across to Bangladesh where the demand for Cow Meat is very high and gets exported easily as well. 

An official, who did not wish to named, said that sometimes village panchayat members accept bribes and issue fake certificates saying the cattle is being purchased for use dairy initiatives. Cow Smuggling is a well-organized and sophisticated crime syndicate that provides raw material to Slaughterhouses & illegal leather tanneries that pollute our rivers. 

Animal NGOs and the mainstream media

Sadly, animal Groups like PETA do not consider Cows and Bulls a member of their glamorous club of elite Veganism or the activism on Animal Cruelty. There's a silence in the NGO galleries when it comes to raising evan a squeak against this multi billion dollar beef industry that has its nexus deep into top politicians and bureaucrats of the country. 

Selective outrage and over-exaggerated reporting by the country's mainstream media channels in cases like Dadri & Alwar is simply a sloppy attempt to cover up all the broad daylight murders and attacks that happen under the pretense of Forged Animal Husbandry & Dairy Farm Receipts. We'll never hear talks about the murder of Animal Activists & Cow-Protection Groups because that serves them no purpose.

Cow Smuggling is cancerous not only an Agrarian Economy like India, but also your electoral well-wishers and for the real “Vikas” of the country. Bravery is in defending and protecting an innocent animal, not slandering its caretakers.  


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