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Stabbed In Broad Daylight: Another Victim of Love Jihad in Delhi

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In yet another horrific incident, an aspiring Air Hostess Riya Gautam was stabbed to death in broad daylight by Mohammed Adil aka Munna Khan near Ram Nagar Extension, Shahadara, New Delhi on June 5th 2017. 

18 months ago, Mohammed Adil befriended Riya Gautam by the name “Munna” and as a Hindu. But as soon as Riya discovered that not only he is a Muslim but also a car thief, she immediately severed all ties with him. She also found out that Mohammed Adil is a wanted criminal in 4 burglary cases.  But he began following her everyday while she travelled to Frankfinn Institute. He kept on approaching and meeting Riya against her will. In January 2017, Adil barged into her classroom at Frankfinn Academy and created ruckus. Riya slapped him before everyone and this infuriated Mohammed. In March 2017, Adil even assaulted her in a crowded bus.

Riya tried to lodge a complaint in April at Manasarovar Police Station against Adil but they never filed an FIR.  According to Riya’s Sister Komal, this is what emboldened Adil. His audacity kept on increasing day after day due to the lack of police intervention. On the evening of June 5th, after returning from Frankfinn, Riya received Adil’s call again. He requested her to meet up. Riya did not inform anybody that she is going out to meet Adil. Police records confirm that Adil called her exactly 15-20 minutes before she was stabbed. 

The two spoke for 15-20 minutes but their conversation ended in an ugly argument. In the animated altercation, Adil first slapped her multiple times. Riya tried to defend herself and ran inside a photo studio. By the time the owner could help her, Adil stabbed her. The footage clearly shows that Adil then stabbed her with a knife 7 times. 22 year old Mohammed Adil slit her wrist and stabbed her abdomen. 

Special Commissioner Mr Dependra Pathak reiterated that the victim received a call from Adil just 15-20 minutes before the incident. Just minutes after killing Riya, Adil called up his family and asked them to escape to their hometown Aligarh. Police Authorities have already tracked his mother down and she claims that her son is innocent. Riya lay profusely bleeding for 30 crucial minutes on the road with no one to help. A family friend Ashok was able to reach the spot only after half-n-hour and he rushed her to GTB hospital which was just 2 kilometers away. She required 10 units of Blood and Platelets. Several friends volunteered to offer blood. But by the time they could arrange platelets, she succumbed to her injuries by 2 AM. 

As soon as Riya's brother Ashish reached GTB hospital, he witnessed an extraordinarily mind-numbing scene. Riya bathed in blood, Missing thumbs, and a torn wrist. Her exact last words to her brother were, “Bhaiya, issko zinda matt chhorna, isse jaan se maarna…bahut galat kiya hai isne mere saath” (Don't let him Live. Kill him. He has done very wrong to me !). 

Why did the police authorities refrain from filing even an FIR? Is there anyone who wanted to protect Mohammed Adil? Isn't this yet another case of the Dreaded Love Jihad? We cannot do anything except changing social photographs and lighting wax candles to express solidarity. All of us are responsible for Riyas Death. We are a country of Educated Docile Onlookers with Submissive mindset towards criminals. Just like Mohammed Afroz, Mohammed Adil will be entitled to all the minority benefits in the world. If this is not Love Jihad, What is it? Another adventure by a misguided youth? 


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