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How Media Gives Communal Angle To Passsenger's Fight

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A Classic example of how a petty fight is converted into a National Riot

 Some Muslim Teenagers travelling from Delhi to Mathura in a general bogey, engaged in a heated altercation with some 15-20 co-passengers (who happen to be Hindus) over seats in an overcrowded train. They apparently refused to share seats & continued playing Ludo. The group of 15-20 Hindu men started arguing with them. The teenagers may or may not have challenged back. They called up elder brother Shaqir and he waits at the next station with help. The altercation ended in one of the brothers being stabbed and others admitted to the hospital.

The offenders, if proven must brought to books. Fair Enough. But, let us take a look at how our Mainstream Media wants to convert this incident into a National Hindu-Muslim Riot:

 Version 1: Indian Express

15 year old Junaid killed by a group of passengers for carrying Beef. 2 others critically injured.


Version 2: Hindustan Times

  In yet another horrific incident of Vigilantism triggered by beef-related suspicions, a bunch of passengers attacked 3 men for carrying “Beef” and were thrown out at “Asavathi” station. Mohsin Escapes! The train is Overcrowded according to other versions, but they have the space to play Ludo!


Version 3 : Scroll

4 brothers Junaid, Hashim, Moeen & Mohseen travelling to “Ballabgarh” attacked by 15 men. The brothers try to vacate at Faridabad

          Shaqir is admitted to a hospital in Palwal


Version 4: The Hindu

3 muslim teenagers  Junaid, Hasib & Shakir attacked for carrying Beef.

Shaqir is admitted to  AIIMS ??

The Hindu quoted  Rafiq Ahmed ( a friend), who was not even present during the altercation in the train and used his controversial statement as evidence. Wow


Version 5: Times of India

  A family was assaulted for 3 hours  & a 19 year old was stabbed to death by a mob of 15-20 people for carrying beef. Mohshin, Junaid, Hasheem & Moeen were attacked.


Version 6: First Post

A Muslim family of 5  attacked for carrying beef.  


What Officials and relatives have to say :

          GRP Officials claim  that the fight was not over Beef

          Junaid's Cousin said that the fight was not for Beef



The Main Stream Media  is notorious for converting even trivial and mundane matters into National Religious Slug-Fests. We condemn all forms of Public Lynching Incidents and Mob Violence. Nobody has the right to take Law & Order into their hands.

 But who will control, regulate and punish these monstrous media channels who are creating communal disharmony day in and out? Does spreading Misinformation & Propaganda fall within the Ambit of Freedom of Expression ?



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