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Exposing the Sachar Comittee

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Exposing the Sachar Comittee BBC

If we are against reservation based on caste , we should also be against benefits based on religion .
The policy of highlighting one community as underprivileged and providing them with special benefits is robbing the actually down trodden Majority of Crores of Rupess of scholarship and loans.

Do you know that in the name of "Inclusive Development " the better placed minority communities are getting more benefits than the actually worse of religious group i. e Hindu's . All benefits should go to poor irrespective of their caste or religion and the Hindus who are the actual sufferers and the least demanding religious group should not be made to suffer and get  peeved of other communities thanks to this special treatment policy of our government .

The Rajinder Sachar Committee was commissioned in 2005 by the then Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to prepare a report on the latest social, economic, and educational conditions of the Muslim community of India. This was just a ploy of the UPA government to gain block muslim votes.  in 2007 BJP had protested against this report calling it "manipulated for electoral reasons ' and it was no other than the then BJP vice-president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi who was the most vociferous against this report. Come 2014 the same Mr Naqvi is the head of the Minorities Ministry and the same BJP is formulating policies and giving out tax payer money on basis of this same fraudulent report . 

UNCONSTITUTIONAL SACHAR COMMITTEE IS ROBBING India's WORSE placed religious group i.e. 34 crore HINDU in name of INCLUSIVE development
"The Majority Report" is a research study undertaken by two retired IPS officers highlighting the gross discrimination practiced by the UPA regime against crores of poorest children of the majority community, namely the Hindus.
It will shock most Hindus to learn that in four out of the five globally recognized major human development indices they happen to be the most disadvantaged and the poorest religious group in India.
using the flawed and fabricated findings of Sachar Committee, the former Minister for Minorities Affairs, Salman Khurshid, acting in collusion with the former Prime Minister, robbed nearly 34 crore Hindus living below the poverty line, mostly in rural areas.
For decades, an unsubstantiated belief has been propagated across the country that economically and educationally, Muslims are more disadvantaged than the Hindus. The truth is that there are 13.6% Hindus who fall in low economic strata compared to only 10.5% Muslims in this strata.
And lo and behold! This deprivation of the poorest Hindu children is being carried out in the garb of ‘inclusive development!’

According to the National Family Health Surveys Nos. 1 (1992-93) and 2 (1998-1999) the Muslims were better placed than Hindus in four major human development indicators, namely the Infant Mortality, Child Mortality, Degree of Urbanization and Life Expectancy at Birth. The data available in public domain proves that it is the Hindus, not the Muslims, who are the most disadvantaged religious group. R K Ohri (retired IGP) exposed the fraud and lies of Sachar Committee, Sachar ignored his reports and findings taken from government sources.

We hear of lakhs of farmer suicides every year , yet we are shedding tears on Muslims working in cycle shops.
This unconstitutional Committee and its recommendations should be  scrapped and Development should be taken for all poor irrespective of religion .


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