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Decoding Distortions of Manusmriti

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Manu the Great Vedic Seer (8300 BC) is one of the earliest Lawmakers of the world. Manu Smriti is one of the most misinterpreted, misquoted and abused scriptures in Hinduism. Caste System is a creation by the White Invaders for Political Vendetta.

The laws were more like code of ethics than legislative laws. There were no severe punishments and the reality is that the higher castes got punished more.

Georg Bühler (1837-1898) an East India Company Employee who worked closely with Max Muller,Took away the original Upanishads from the University of Gottingen and several original Sanskrit Manuscripts from Elphinstone College where he was the Professor of Oriental Languages. Today, the entire Internet is flooded with George Buhler’s Interpretations and it is due to these Translations that Dr B.R Ambedkar burnt the Manusmriti in 1927.

What Does The Original Manusmriti Stand Comprise Of?

The original Manusmriti compiled in 8300 BC on the mighty banks of River Ghaggar ( River Sarayu is a Tributary) deals with
Law & Order , Insurance Laws
Reasoning and Logic
Abstinence from Indulgences
Social and Moral Code of Conduct
Familial Virtues and Values
Epistemology  and many other sub branches of learning
Sattvic Living, Dharmic Principles and Social Engineering

Manu Was A Noble Maharishi Whose Literary Works For Humanity Including :
a)      Manava Grihya Sutra
b)      Manava Sulbasutra
c)      Manava Dharma Shastra ( Manusmriti)

were all hijacked and distorted to fuel Anti-Hindu hatred. Today this great literary work is used by Political Parties for Mass agitation where the Distorted Translations by George Buehler and other foreigners are burnt publicly. 

Varnas Could be Changed According to One’s Karma :

Chapter 10 Verse 65

शुद्रो ब्राह्मणताम् एित ब्राह्मणश् -एित शूद्रताम्
जातम् एवं तु विद्याद् वैशयात् तथा-एव ।।

Real Meaning:
(Brahmin can become Shudra and Shudra can become Brahmin and same is true for Kahatriyas and Vaishyas) -clearly proves there was never a caste system by birth. 

       Matanga Muni  - Son of a Chandal became a Brahmin
Ravan - Son of Pulastya Rishi became a Rakshasa
Rishi Vishwamitra- Kshatriya who became Brahmin & his sons became Shudra
Vidur- Son of a Shudra  became a Brahmin and Minister
Rishi Vatsya- Shudra who became Brahmin
Parishad:  Born Prince Became a Shudra & later took sainthood for Moksha
Satyakam was son of a Prostitute but became a Brahmin
Rishi Ailush : Son of a prostitute.
Rishi Shaunak : Kshatriya family but became Brahmin
Trishanku: The Ancestor of Bhagwan Ram later  became a Chandal

Non-Brahmin Saints in Hinduism

•Maharshi Veda Vyasa- Son of a Fisherwoman, composed Mahabharata & compiled all 4 Vedas
•Narad Muni- Son of Maidservant
•Sant Kabir - Weaver
•Sant Matsyendranath- Fisherman's Family
•Sant Goroba/ Gora Kumbhar- Potter
•Sant Kanakadasa - Shepherd
•Sant Bogar (Lao Tze) - Goldsmith, a South Indian Siddhar who became a Siddhar under the guidance of Kalanginathar.He travelled upto China and had several Chinese Disciples who learnt Siddhis from him just like they learnt Prehistoric Sanatana Martial Art called Kalaripayattu from another Saint called Bodhidharma
•Sant Dadu - Cotton Trader
•Sant Adinatha - Toddy Tapper
•Sant Janabai -Dasi, Domestic servant
•Sant Kahar- Weaver
•Revana Siddeshwara- Shepherd
•Sant Sajan Kasai- Butcher
•Sant Savata Mali- Mali
•Sant Sena - Barber
•Sant Sachidanand- Barber
•Sant Thiruneelakanda Nayanar- Potter
•Sant Visoba Khechar- Grocer
•Bhagat Aamir Shankar-Butcher
•Bhagat Avvaiyyar- Azhvar.
•Bhakta Kakshivat -Shudra Maidservant
•Bhagat Mhalsapati Sonar-Goldsmith
•Karta Ram Maharaj - Leather-weaver
•Kashiram Shimpi - Tailor
•Gabaji Sutar- Carpenter
•Rajak Var-Washerman
•Bhakta Madanapalle - Son of a Boat woman
•Bhakta Vatsala - Shudra Putran
•Shri Ayya Vaikundar-  Ayya Vazhi Smarta sect

Let us Take a Look at Some Examples of How The Entire Manusmriti Was Poisoned

Chapter 2 Verse 44

कार्पासं उपवीतं स्याद्विप्रस्योर्ध्ववृतं त्रिवृत् ।
शणसूत्रमयं राज्ञो वैश्यस्याविकसौत्रिकम् ।।

Actual Meaning:
When the Brahmana practices 
Kriya meditation, he sees a white color above, while the Kshatriya sees the color of jute, the Vaisya and Sudra gradually see a color resembling that of sheep. While practicing Kriya the different types of seekers, namely, the Brahmanas, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudras, will eventually see the colors of white, of Jute, and of sheep respectively and eventually rise and change their varna or caste in one lifetime.

Distorted Version Popularized by George Buhler:
The sacrificial string of a Brahmana shall be made of cotton, (shall be) twisted to the right, (and consist) of three threads, that of a Kshatriya of hempen threads, (and) that of a Vaisya of woolen threads.

Chapter 2 Verse 155

विप्राणां ज्ञानतो ज्यैष्ठ्यं क्षत्रियाणां तु वीर्यतः ।
वैश्यानां धान्यधनतः शूद्राणां एव जन्मतः । ।

Actual Version:
Each of these is great: the Brahmana by Knowledge, the Kshatriya by strength, the Vaisya by wealth, and the Sudra by birth.

Distorted Version Popularized by George Buhler:
The seniority of Brahmanas is from (sacred) knowledge, that of Kshatriyas from valour, that of Vaisyas from wealth in grain (and other goods), but that of Sudras alone from age.

Chapter 1 Verse 2

भगवन्सर्ववर्णानां यथावदनुपूर्वशः ।
अन्तरप्रभवानां च धर्मान्नो वक्तुं अर्हसि । ।

Actual Meaning :
By Birth everyone is a Shudra.
The powerful Lord Brahma (Divine consciousness) is revealed to all classes accordingly (Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra):
1) He who knows Brahman (the ultimate Self) is Brahmana.
2) He who practices Kriya abandoning the expectation for results thereof is Kshatriya.

3) He who practices Kriya with the expectation for results thereof is Vaisya.

The Sages requested the Master to tell them of the righteousness of the four classes and whatever gradually arises in between the classes. How they can change their varna(caste) and attain salvation(Nirvana/Moksha) in one lifetime.

Chpater 4 Verse 80

न शूद्राय मतिं दद्यान्नोच्छिष्टं न हविष्कृतम् ।
न चास्योपदिशेद्धर्मं न चास्य व्रतं आदिशेत् । ।

Actual Meaning:
Do not give or force Kriya initialization to one who does not wish to have Kriya
After attainment of Nirvana/Moksha the soul gives up the caste or character or Varna and becomes free soul.

Distorted Version Popularized by George Buhler:
Let him not give to a Sudra advice, nor the remnants (of his meal), nor food offered to the gods; nor let him explain the sacred law (to such a man), nor impose (upon him) a penance.

Imaginary Verse:

If a Shudra (lowest caste member) dares to give moral lessons to a Brahmin, the king is to get him punished by pouring hot oil in his ear and mouth. (Manusmriti, VII: 272)
Fake because there are only 226 verses in the 7th chapter!

 Chapter 2 Verse 103

तिष्ठति तु : पूर्वां -उपास्ते यश् पश्चिमाम्
शूद्रवद् बहिष्कार्य: सर्वस्माद् दिव्जकर्मण: ।।

Real Meaning:
A person who does not worship the Supreme God at least twice everyday should be considered a Shudra

Distorted Version Popularized by George Buhler:
But he who does not (worship) standing in the morning, nor sitting in the evening, shall be excluded, just like a Sudra, from all the duties and rights of an Aryan.

 Chapter 4 Verse 245

उत्तमान् उत्तमान् एव गच्चन् हीनांस् तु वर्जयन्
ब्राह्मण: श्रेष्ठताम् एति प्रत्यवायेन शूद्रताम् ।।
Real Meaning:
A Brahmin is the one who squires brilliance through company of noble person but if he keeps bad company he becomes a Shudra

Distorted Version Popularized by George Buhler:
A Brahmana who always connects himself with the most excellent (ones), and shuns all inferior ones, (himself) becomes most distinguished; by an opposite conduct he becomes a Sudra.

Chapter  3 Verse 112

वैश्य-शूद्राव् अपि प्राप्तौ कुटुम्बे अतिथि-धर्मिणौ ।।
भोजयेत् सह भृत्यैस् ताव् आनृशंस्यं प्रयोजयन् ।।
Real Meaning:
If a Shudra or Vaishya come as guests, the family should feed them with due respect

Distorted Version Popularized by George Buhler:
Even a Vaisya and a Sudra who have approached his house in the manner of guests, he may allow to eat with his servants, showing (thereby) his compassionate disposition.

 Chapter 2 Verse 28

स्वाध्यायेन व्रतैर् होमैस् त्रैविध्वेन-इज्यया सुतै:
यज्ञैश् ब्राह्मी-इयं क्रियते तनु: ।।
Real Meaning:
The body is fit to be called Brahmin only through study of scriptures, discipline, noble and selfless deeds, fulfilling duties and responsibilities, knowledge of science, meditation and charity

Distorted Version Popularized by George Buhler:
By the study of the Veda, by vows, by burnt oblations, by (the recitation of) sacred texts, by the (acquisition of the) threefold sacred science, by firing (to the gods, Rishis, and manes), by (the procreation of) sons, by the great sacrifices, and by (Srauta) rites this (human) body is made fit for (union with) Brahman.

Chapter  4 Verse 245

उत्तमान् उत्तमान् एव गच्चन् हीनांस् तु वर्जयन्
: श्रेष्ठताम् एति प्रत्यवायेन शूद्रताम् ।।

Real Meaning: 
A Brahmin is the one who squires brilliance through company of noble person but if he keeps bad company he becomes a Shudra.

Distorted Version Popularized by George Buhler:
A Brahmana who always connects himself with the most excellent (ones), and shuns all inferior ones, (himself) becomes most distinguished; by an opposite conduct he becomes a Sudra.

 Janma Jaata Shudra Sarve Karmenu Brahman Bhavathi :
All people are shudra(ignorant) by birth and can become Brahman ONLY by their deeds and meditation.

Mansmriti still continues to be used as a divisive tool against Sanatana Dharma. Unfortunately, the original Manusmriti has ceased to exist. 


Disclaimer: We thank Dr Ajit Vadakayil for his eye opening blogs about George Beuhler and how he adulterated may scriptures including the Manusmriti


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