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Wednesday, 24 December 2014 10:30

The Importance of Gold on Akshay Tritiya

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Akshaya Tritiya and the importance of Gold


Lets not talk here about one more Hindu Festival and its asuspiciousness but lets talk about the singnificance of GOLD in the lives of Hindus. After all the HINDU festivals revolve around our culture, climate , needs mrore than just a ritual to be observed. So lets see why GOLD is so important in our country .
Gold is considered liquid cash , it is an assset which is easiest to carry and sell of , it will turn into cash faster than your car , your land , your house or anything else. In a country which has faced uncertanity and forign rule for 1000 years no wonder GOLD is the most priced asset.
Gold is also easiest to transfer , secretly handed down to the females of the family Gold serves as security for women and their children ( imagine the daughter of the house not getting any of her fathers property and her husband being not well off)
It is also a legacy to be passed down the generations to cherish .
Gold is a very good investment because its prices rise continuously its the safest investment since centuries.
Gold was traditionally pawned off for loans and better the family gold than the family fields.
Gold is used by Indian women to this date to aid their children or husbands in their business.
Gold is the biggest security for an Indian woman as even legaly it is her right .
So this HIndu festival actualy gives you an excellent excuse to secure your future so go out and indulge

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