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Story of Fish - All Parents Must Tell Their Daughters

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Once there lived a Bubbly Young fish in a lake. She was a free-spirited girl, ready to explore the world and chase her dreams.

But her orthodox parents asked her not to venture out too much into shallow waters. She was advised to stay away from the shallow portions of the lake.


A Fertility Booster Drug called Pergonal is made from the Urine collected from Nuns in the Vatican City! Urine is collected from postmenopausal nuns as an ingredient to make this medicine because  the inventor of this medicine Mr Piero Donini, an Italian Scientist believed that after menopause, FSH and LH levels shoot up to stimulate production. 

Vatican has 25 % Stake in the the company called Serono which manufactures this drug. This fertility enhancer called Pergonal, is made after extracting and purifying FSH and LH, the hormones that stimulate ovulation. 

In the initial stages, the company needed 400 menopausal owmen who could contribute their urine daily. The Company was then contacted by Giulio Pacelli, an aristocrat and the nephew of Pope Pius XII. 

Pacelli sought help from none other than Pope Pius XII himself who then directed nuns in an old age home to collect urines everyday. 

By 1980s, the company required 30000 litres of urine on an everyday basis. Urine was transported via Tanker Trucks all the way to Serono’s headquarters in Rome. The company was acquired by Merck in 2007 and today they synthesize the hormones for economies of scale. 


So they have a problem with Cow Urine Drinkers who consume Distilled Urine from Bos Indicus Cows that can instantly neutralize the Ph value of the a Human Body, but go gaga over Vatican Urine packaged at the Swiss Facility of Merck Soreno. Distilled Desi Gau Jharan is Boorish and Contemptful but Fertility inducers made from Postmenopausal Nun’s Urine is as Holy as a Devout Pedo Pope! 



One of the biggest reasons why Lt Col Purohit was targeted and branded as a Hindu Terrorist was for the fact that he was extremely dangerous for the Indian National Congress and NCP

Love Jihad was sidelined as a hypothetical theory brandished by Sangh Pariwar for Electoral Polarization. It was mocked as an attempt by Moral Brigades and Anti Romeo Squads to destroy down the Secular fabric of the country by spreading Islamophobia.

But this time, none other than DGP Kerala Mr Loknath Behra revealed that girls from Dalit and Communist families are on the hit list of Love Jihad Rackets. 

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Suggested Excuses To Spoil Ganesh Festival

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Cc to Supreme Court


Lt Col Srikant Purohit was labelled as a dreaded terrorist and the mastermind of the 2008 Malegaon Blasts Case. Indian National Congress and all the parties belonging to the UPA coalition kept on weaving tales of Saffron Terror and reduced Purohit’s image to an anti national rogue.

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RSS worker Vipin murdered in Malappuram

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Kerala, witness yet another annihilation of a Hindu Activist who worked against conversion mafias. Ever since the advent of Communism in Kerala, unending tales of political killings have gripped the state. The unchallenged Daylight murders is a political tool for the Communists to stay in power. Today, we lost yet another nationalist to this Violent Cult on a Death Spree


Our soldiers are so patriotic that they can go to any extent for the security of our nation. Sometimes they go on missions that are highly classified. Several such classified operations are off the records, so classified that only few even in the armed forces know about it.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017 06:23

Supreme Court Bans Triple Talaq!

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The Supreme Court in a historic Judgement banned Triple Talaq.

The Atrocious Islamic Practise of Triple Talaq that legalizes Oral Divorce by simply uttering the word “Talaq” thrice has been barred by the Supreme Court in a historic Judgement.

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Yes, Love Jihad Exists : Kerala HC, SC & NIA

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Love Jihad is practiced secretly by some young Muslim boys pretending to be in love with Non-Muslim Women like Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains where they are ultimately persuading them to convert to Islam.