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We often say that Indians need to deal with Terrorists like Israel. But then we say that we are not Jews.

Israelis have an unknown interesting history. They had been running away from Palestinians since 150 years & did not have their own country. They were scattered across the globe, busy earning their daily bread and butter. Despite being the most literate and flourished community in the world, the Jews were looked upon with contempt and utmost pity. But even the Jews did not wake up till their very existence came to the verge of extinction.

Leave alone Hitler, entire Europe was enjoying the sadistic pleasure of destroying Israelis. Until World War 2, there was no compassion or sympathy for the them even in England’s External Policies. If you ve seen the movie called Lawrence of Arabia, there was an alliance between Englishmen and Arabs during the First World War. This friendship extended to the second world war. Jews all over the world were trying to hide and survive in Palestine. But the British policies still favoured the Arabs. During that time, An English Army officer was sent to Palestine as an Intelligence Officer.

His name was Captain Orde Wingate. This Infantry Genius possessed a strange yet extraordinary personality. Wingate personally had a great amount of sympathy towards Jews. He went against British Foreign Policies, unified the Jews and imparted training in strategic warfare.

Zvi Brenner & Moshe Dayan who grew up to become great military leaders of Israel were his students. It was Wingate who offered the Israelis these warfare techniques. Before that, Israelis could only conduct marches in camps. Arab gangs would come and attack them. The Israelis used to take only required defensive actions.

Once Wingate asked Zvi Brenner, “ Don't you know that the Arabs living beyond these hills are thirsty for your blood? They will come one day and eliminate your existence forever?” Brenner replied, “They won't be able to do it easily. We'll put up a good fight.” Wingate reprimanded, “ You Jews are masochists. You are inviting trouble. Unless your brothers get slaughtered, your sisters get raped and your parents are thrown away into filthy canals, you won't act. You can fight and defeat them, but I will teach you how to fight.”

Wingate went on to lead Israeli Units in several Strategic Missions. He lead them in identifying and eliminating Arab Strongholds. As an officer, he emphasized the need for preemptive strikes, and insisted upon taking the fight to the enemy’s territory. Both of these principles later came to serve as central tenets of Israel’s defensive posture and military doctrine. Wingate organized special training courses at Ein Harod, where some of the future leaders of Israel’s military were schooled. Most of the times the dead bodies of the victims were carried in trucks and thrown near Palestinian Police Stations. Wingate not only changed Israelis in terms of Military, but also changed their mindset. He converted them from Defenders to Attackers. He carved out Military Generals like Moshe Dayan for Israel. Wingate is perhaps the only Non-Jew whose statue has been erected in Israel.

The mentality of a nation is determined by its leaders. That's why they are called leaders. A leader’s confidence spreads among the citizens like wildfire. Excuses like, “We are not Israel, we won't be able to become like them” are all silly. A leader should decide how the nationa should transform take its law abiding citizens through the transition accordingly.

If a group of Jews living in shanties could convert Israel from a Sleeping Sheep to a Lion, then this is Bharat- The land of Tigers, why cant We?

Police Station Stone Pelted: This time in Meerut !

While we proudly boast about being residents of the Largest democracy of the world, it is of utmost shame that the Temples of Justice- Our Police Stations and its Priests-Our Police Officers are being attacked in broad daylight and the assailants are shielded by political vultures who feed on Minority Appeasement. A Police Station in Meerut Bore the Brunt of Religious Over-Appeasement on an apparently peaceful day- Eid.

Hundreds of people from Muslim community attacked police station in Meerut soon after the namaz of Eid.

Police had arrested Wasim, Ahmed, Naeem and Nagesh Sharma on charges of murder of Abbasi. Parikshitgarh resident Abbasi was found dead 3 days ago. Wasim, Ahmed and Naeem were picked up for interrogations. They revealed the involvement of one Nagesh Sharma in the Murder. However, Nagesh Sharma was allowed to go back after interrogation as no evidence was found against him. Even Ahmed and Naeem were released subsequently. Investigations confirmed that it was “Wasim” who murdered Abbasi over personal enmity.

Rural S.P Rajesh Kumar reiterated the fact that Nagesh Sharma had no involvement in the murder. Wasim took Abbasi to a nearby forest under some pretense and killed Abbasi by slitting his throat.

Wasim’s relatives called the investigation “partial” and that Wasim was targeted because he was an “Innocent Muslim”
This sentiment reverberated throughout the locality and the hatred against the Police Authorities spread like wildfire.
Soon after the Monday Eid, a violent frenzied mob of 200 gathered around the Parikshitgarh Police Station.
Women began raising slogans against Police Officers. They started damaged property and then the stone pelting began. They beat policemen mercilessly. Even their uniforms were tore. Policemen had to run for cover.
The handful policemen were under-equipped to control the violent mob of over 200 violent men & women who were pelting stones continuously. The rioters also tried to burn down the police station.
It was only a couple of hours after the incident that a contingent of PAC arrived and started shooting in the air to neutralize the mob.

Attacks on Police station is not only on them but on democracy also. It’s a way to tell the majoritarian that the attackers do not fear law. And if police can not protect themselves, then who will protect tax paying & peace loving public ?

There must be concerted efforts to safeguard the dwindling credibility of the conservative approach towards neutralizing frenzied mobs. Religious Polarization should never giveaway to a bestial trend of lynch-mob casualties. This may or may not be a sporadic incident.

Nevertheless, Stringent Extra-Judicial Action must be taken against such miscreants. Otherwise, such groups will evolve into a national threat. Faith in democracy and Law & Order must be restored.

Doctors are supposed to save lives. They are treated as God. But this Mumbai doctor says she will kill her 'Hindu patients' if people question her religion Islam.

Monday, 19 June 2017 08:33

Loan Waivers, Subsidies & Tax Payers

Do we need better policies or just loan waiver every year?

The complacency of the Chief Ministerial Bureaucracy in Chattisgarh despite decades of Maoist Insurgency is alarming. Raman Singh who has “offered” monetary compensation and expressed “heartfelt condolences” like Kadi Nindas by Rajnath Singh from the warmth of their cozy cushions.
Wednesday, 10 May 2017 10:45

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Senior BJP Leader Dr Subramaniam Swamy has come out with the list of all 21 foreign bank accounts owned by Karthi Chidambaram

The recent gruesome murder of BJP activist Raveendran Pillai, 62, a retired ASI by CPM goons reminds us the unending and ruthless massacre of BJP-RSS-Nationalist workers in Kerala by CPM along with Jihadi & Evangelist Forces.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016 00:00

If India has to hit terror factories in Pakistan



It is about 32 hours since the attack on Uri army camp in India, by Pakistani terrorists. There is tremendous amount of anger in India, specifically in the sections of society which I normally don't see overreact on social media.