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Monday, 24 July 2017 13:13

The 5 AM Wake Up Call

Recently, singer Sonu Nigam raised the issue of noise pollution by mosque loudspeaker. Now he has been joined by actress Suchitra.

Monday, 24 July 2017 12:42

Noise Jihad - a Psychological War

Major Fault Lines With Brazen Adhans and Khutbahs

The humiliation meted out to Hindus across a plethora of government schemes, policies, reservations etc and the PM's ever-growing diatribe against “Gau-Rakshaks” is tempts one to put aside usual work and go look for some hard facts. 

Sunday, 23 July 2017 05:54

Gandhian PM Who Destroyed RAW

Who was Morarji Desai?
An Indian Prime Minister Trapped by an overdose of Gandhianism?
A Demagogue from South Block or An Accidental Traitor ?
Or an Outstanding Statesman who taught us that Explosive Gandhianism with a Loose Tongue is far more dangerous than Arch-Rivals?

Wednesday, 19 July 2017 19:07

Decoding Distortions of Manusmriti

Manu the Great Vedic Seer (8300 BC) is one of the earliest Lawmakers of the world. Manu Smriti is one of the most misinterpreted, misquoted and abused scriptures in Hinduism. Caste System is a creation by the White Invaders for Political Vendetta.

 Hindu Ex- DGP of Kerala booked for exercising his Freedom of Speech

The Secular Modern Residents of Mahagun Moderne Society, Noida have perhaps learnt the greatest lesson of secularism of their lives.

The untold story of bus owner Harsh Desai.

On 10th July, 2017, Mumbai Airport witnessed yet another act of Minority Mollification when a group of passengers were allowed to offer Namaz in the gangway at Mumbai International Airport’s Terminal 2.

In yet another horrific incident, an aspiring Air Hostess Riya Gautam was stabbed to death in broad daylight by Mohammed Adil aka Munna Khan near Ram Nagar Extension, Shahadara, New Delhi on June 5th 2017.