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Thursday, 24 August 2017 08:24

RSS worker Vipin murdered in Malappuram


Kerala, witness yet another annihilation of a Hindu Activist who worked against conversion mafias. Ever since the advent of Communism in Kerala, unending tales of political killings have gripped the state. The unchallenged Daylight murders is a political tool for the Communists to stay in power. Today, we lost yet another nationalist to this Violent Cult on a Death Spree


Our soldiers are so patriotic that they can go to any extent for the security of our nation. Sometimes they go on missions that are highly classified. Several such classified operations are off the records, so classified that only few even in the armed forces know about it.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017 06:23

Supreme Court Bans Triple Talaq!

The Supreme Court in a historic Judgement banned Triple Talaq.

The Atrocious Islamic Practise of Triple Talaq that legalizes Oral Divorce by simply uttering the word “Talaq” thrice has been barred by the Supreme Court in a historic Judgement.

Love Jihad is practiced secretly by some young Muslim boys pretending to be in love with Non-Muslim Women like Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains where they are ultimately persuading them to convert to Islam.

Media Hit-Jobs are carried out to Distract the Victims from Ground Reality. The recent Encephalitis Hit-Job was an audacious attempt to dismantle Yogi Adityanath's government, which is by far one of the most effectively running State Government under BJP. His Mammoth Work as a great selfless leader were chided away as pompous claims. Despite being the biggest Orator against the menace of Enciphalitis, he was blamed for his inability and asked to resign over the BRD Hospital Tragedy. Only few politicians like Yogi Adityanath are committed enough to practice what they preach and promise. We wish to present Yogi Sarkar's major works just within days of ascending the Chief Ministerial Throne. 

Judicial Cults and Collegium Lobbies have always tweaked and distorted the honourable constitution and used its provisional lacunae to promote a social order that is devoid of any common merit based system. Moreover, while some senior drafting committee members have a cult religio-political following, the majority of the actual members of the drafting committee are not even remembered! 

We have seen the Media Witchhunt on Hindu Saints like Nityananda Swami, Asaram Bapu and others and the sensational coverage that ultimately led to the Character Assassination of those Hindu Saints, while they were still under trial. But when it comes to Christian Fathers and Pastors, the masters of Hit-Job go into a Hibernation Mode, conveniently covering up the sexual escapades of Christian Pastors and Muslims Imams who get arrested under Pedophilia, Rape and Sodomy. Kerala's Father Robin Vadakkumchery, had been arrested for raping, impregnating and threatening a minor girl in March 2017. The 16 year old girl gave birth to a baby at a private hospital. The Vicar was been booked under POCSO (Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act and IPC Section 376. However, most of the Media Channels chose to turn a blind eye towards the Pastor's Rape Case. 

In March 2017, Nagpur IG Ravindra Kadam had unearthed a deep rooted Maoist nexus within JNU campus and hegemony. DU Professor GN Saibaba, who was arrested and currently lodged at Nagpur Jail confessed that he recruited several students into Maoist Factions. 

With nicknames like “The Punisher” and “The Trump of the East”, Rodrigo Duterte- the 16th President of Philippines defies agitations by Human Rights groups to unleash terror on Criminals & Drugs Peddlers via Vigilante Death Squads. He has given a free hand to vigilante groups (like Salwa Judum in India against Maoists) to punish the culprits until the last criminal and drug peddler drops dead.

Friday, 18 August 2017 08:00

Three Biggest Enemies of the Nation

Who are the Three Biggest Enemies of our Nation? What is their Modus Operandi? How do they Function?