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We have seen the Media Witchhunt on Hindu Saints like Nityananda Swami, Asaram Bapu and others and the sensational coverage that ultimately led to the Character Assassination of those Hindu Saints, while they were still under trial. But when it comes to Christian Fathers and Pastors, the masters of Hit-Job go into a Hibernation Mode, conveniently covering up the sexual escapades of Christian Pastors and Muslims Imams who get arrested under Pedophilia, Rape and Sodomy. Kerala's Father Robin Vadakkumchery, had been arrested for raping, impregnating and threatening a minor girl in March 2017. The 16 year old girl gave birth to a baby at a private hospital. The Vicar was been booked under POCSO (Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act and IPC Section 376. However, most of the Media Channels chose to turn a blind eye towards the Pastor's Rape Case. 
Sunday, 13 August 2017 06:51

The Encephalitis Hit-Job on Yogi Government

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Encephalitis has been a menace since 4 decades in Uttar Pradesh. Yogi Adityanath has been one of the most vociferous campaigners against this dreaded disease that is found mostly in places that are are characterized by poor sanitation and hygiene.

“Reservation in Higher Education is Violation of Article 26, Para 1 of Universal Declaration of human rights”

Cow Smugglers attack Honorary Animal Welfare Officers founded belonging to the NGO founded by Mahatma Gandhi with Sickles!

Wednesday, 02 August 2017 09:26

Love, Nikah & Dhoka

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So much has been spoken about Love Jihad. We have seen its consequences also. Yet we ignore it and sooner or later, one of our sisters fall prey to it.