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Asaram Bapu : Victim of Anti-Hindu Propaganda

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Hindu Saints have been at the receiving end of vilification campaigns and media trials. The media generated pressure builds a coercive pressure even on the judiciary. Even before formal investigations commence, media convictions gain both popularity and traction . Under Media Pressure, even the Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad released a list of 14 saints, who are fake according to their observation. The most controversial cases were that of Asaram Bapu and Ram Rahim.


After Ram Rahim's conviction, Asaram Bapu's case is being followed with fervour across the country. Late Shri Ashok Singhalji, Dr Subramaniam Swamy, Sant Mahasabha President Shri Chakrapani, Jagadguru Panchanandgiri Maharaj of Juna Akhada, Mahamandleshwar Shri Sunil Shastriji and other eminent Saints supported Asaram Bapu, saying that he was targetted for being an obstacle for the Christian Missionaries in Tribal Areas.

Asaram Bapu has been serving imprisonment even without conviction or anything proven against him in courts under POCSO Act 2012 (Protection of Children Against Sexual Offenses Act) since 4 years.

Dr Shalija Varma, the gynaecologist appointed by the UPA-2 Government from Lok Nayak Hospital (New Delhi) conducted the complainant’s medical examination.

The Medical Report Concludes the following:

  1. There are no signs of Sexual Assault

  2. No Penetration

  3. No Abrasion

  4. No Bite Marks

  5. No Scratches

  6. Hymen is Intact

The Mysterious Christian Police Commissioner and his Lies:

Biju George was transferred to Jodhpur as Police Commissioner in August 2013. A Christian Police Commissioner Biju George Joseph was transferred to Jodhpur just handful days before Asaram’s Arrest. He was transferred immediately after the arrest and later promoted as IGP of Rajasthan. He lied that medical reports confirmed molestation. Medical Reports completely rule out any kind of molestation. DCP Ajay Lamba stated that Asaram is innocent according to the medical report. But this never gained momentum in mainstream media.


Why is Asaram Bapu still in Jail ?

Asaram Bapu is still in jail for 3 big reasons :

  1. Draconian Law: POCSO is a draconian law which shifts the onus on to the accused to prove that he or she is not guilty. For Example, even an unintentional touch on any part of the body (Even mere brush on the hand or face of the Minor) can be Considered as RAPE and will be treated at par with Forceful Penetration and deserve punishment as per IPC Sec 375 ( Rape). Therefore the onus is on the accused to prove that there wasn't any intention in the first place!

  2. Media Trial : Asaram Bapu’s case is a classic example of Media Trial where media is exerting a great amount of pressure even on the Judiciary and has come to the conviction that Asaram is indeed a Rapist.

  3. Death of Witnesses: The Courts ruled out Bail to Asaram Bapu because of the death of some witnesses. Dr Subramaniam Swamy revealed that there were many traitors in the Ashram Management who wanted to take over Ashram Land and Property. Greedy and Cunning Disciples filing cases against Hindu Saints and taking over their property has become a regular phenomenon these days.


Are Missionaries involved in filing the case?

A Christian NGO called Kalpana based in New Delhi with links to missionaries lodged the FIR for the complainant at Kamla Market Police Station New Delhi at 2:30 AM in the morning, five days after the so called incident at Jodhpur. This NGO, which accompanied the complainant in filing the FIR had not returned its files for 10 years and wasn't associated with Delhi Women’s Commission, an RTI filed by Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad led by eminent lawyers Shri Sanjeev Punalekar and Shri Virendra Ichalkaranjikar revealed. How this Delhi Based Christian NGO came in contact with the Complainant in a single day still remains a mystery, because the girl  studied in MP and parents lived far away in Uttar Pradesh. The registration of this NGO was obtained on an Official Holiday.


Resistance against Conversion in Tribal Areas:

Asaram Bapu, with over 18,000 Yog Vedant Samitis and 15 Vedic Gurukuls was coming in the way of Religious Conversion in Tribal areas. His Bhandaras and Keertan Yatras have been actively running since 50 years across the country.


Even after 4 years, Rape or Molestation, nothing has been proven in court, but the media trials continue castigating Asaram Bapu as a Thug and Rapist. The latest declaration by Akhil Bhartiya Akhada Parishad only adds Fuel to the Media Trial Fire.


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