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Gauri Lankesh and her Open love for Maoism

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Gauri Lankesh's Open Support for Armed Naxals! Gauri Lankesh's Open Support for Armed Naxals!


The sponsored outrage that followed after the  murder of Gauri Lankesh within hours of her murder and even before the investigations could commence is questionable and probe-worthy. Halls and Auditoriums had been booked, vinyl hoardings and banners were ready and 'Right-to-Dissent' fringe groups across India came onto the streets in a meticulous manner as if certain things were planned beforehand.

Gauri Lankesh, in her capacity as the owner of Gauri Lankesh Patrike, a Kannada magazine left not stones unturned in abusing anything that is even remotely Hindu, just like her estranged husband Chidanand Rajghatta. She was shot dead by unidentified assailants at her Bengaluru residence on 5th February . An estimated 7 rounds of fire were showered on her with 3 bullets piercing her head, chest and neck, killing her on the spot. Karnataka Police have formed 3 different teams to investigate the murder. But, even before the investigations could commence, leftists found out the culprit: Hindutva.

Gauri's latest tweets indicated about an “Internal Threat”. She tweeted that the comrades must stop fighting with each other. Her brother Indrajit Lankesh suspects that her sister has been receiving threatening letters from Naxal Groups, leading to widespread speculations.

Gauri Lankesh is a well known Naxal Sympathizer. Some call it an “admiration” for the “brilliance” of some armed naxals. Whatever it is, she enjoyed openly praising notorious naxalites like Saket Rajan. There are reports suggesting that her brother had a fallout with her over her affinity towards armed naxalism.


Gauri’s open support for Maoists:  

She protested against Salwa Judum: The biggest Anti Naxal Militia calling it unconstitutional. Gauri Lankesh with other Urban Naxal Supporters had protested several times against Salwa Judum: The Popular Anti Naxal and Anti Maoist Militia.


Take a look at how the Breaking India forces demonised Hindu ideologues leading to widespread confusion, outrage and anarchy on social media.


Blaming Hindutva is not an Accidental Trend:

Shifting the Onus of the blame on Hindutva is not an accidental trait but done with pre-planned interests. This way, they wish to capitalize on every incident by vilifying and blaming Hindus.


The regular Anti-Brahminical and Brahman Phobic Tweet campaigns are with an agenda:

Communists do not want to let investigations take its due course. They are trying to fidget with the judiciary and investigative procedures at every step by building fake narratives and exerting pressure through their friends in the Mainstream Media. From a sane point of view, the staged reactions after Vemula, Anitha and Gauri’s deaths are strikingly similar. The blame of all these deaths are being put on Hindu leaders with some of them even demanding that Gauri should be declared as a “Martyr”


A Dangerous new trend has been set by the communists: Linking every death in the country to Hindu Ideologues, even if it is from a Congress or Communist ruled Party. Thank the social media, their narratives are being defeated every time. But their sinister plans have always been exposed, once again.

Source: http://naxalrevolution.blogspot.sg/2006/08/public-meeting-against-salwa-judum-in.html


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