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50 Decision taken by Yogi Adityanath to convert Uttar Pradesh into Uttam Pradesh

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Media Hit-Jobs are carried out to Distract the Victims from Ground Reality. The recent Encephalitis Hit-Job was an audacious attempt to dismantle Yogi Adityanath's government, which is by far one of the most effectively running State Government under BJP. His Mammoth Work as a great selfless leader were chided away as pompous claims. Despite being the biggest Orator against the menace of Enciphalitis, he was blamed for his inability and asked to resign over the BRD Hospital Tragedy. Only few politicians like Yogi Adityanath are committed enough to practice what they preach and promise. We wish to present Yogi Sarkar's major works just within days of ascending the Chief Ministerial Throne. 

Here is a detailed list of 50 major steps undertaken by Yogi Adityanath Ji within days of becoming a C.M- 

• Shutting Down Illegal Slaughter-Houses 
• All State Ministers asked to disclose their assets
• All State officers, bureaucrats and ministers to reach their offices on time 
• All manual attendance registers to be replaced by biometric systems in government offices 
• Government officers to implement policies and schemes as per BJP’s Manifesto & Declaration
• 24 hours Non-Stop Power Supply during Navratri, Ram Navami & Deepawali 
• Government to provide 18 hours electricity in rural areas, 20 hours in tehsils and 24 hours in all cities.
• Whole state to get 24hrs electricity before 2019
• Faulty transformers to be repaired/replaced within 24hrs in Urban area & 48hrs in Rural area
• Attendance of Doctors & Medical Staff in Government Hospitals to be under CM’s direct scrutiny 
• Launch 3000 new medical shops where generic medicines will be provided to all poor people
• An official Google Application is underway for the State Health Department
• Metro Work to commence in places like Meerut, Gorakhpur, Jhansi etc. 
• State Government will purchase 100 % Grains from Farmers 
• The sugarcane farmers will get their pending dues within 120 days while the present dues will be handed over to them within 14 days.
• Officers with a record of Good Conduct and Behaviour will be promoted to higher governmental posts 
• The State Housing Development Dept. will work according to the instructions given by Pradhan Mantri Aavas Yojana
• Students across the state asked to respect the Guru-Shishya Relationship
• Teachers across all schools, colleges and universities barred from wearing T-Shirts during Official Duty
• The usage of mobile phones by teachers to be restricted 
• 100% Attendance mandatory for all school teachers
• A Statewide network of roads connecting each and every village in the state will be planned 
• Every Minister should mandatorily prepare monthly projections and plans to achieve targets 
• Every Minister should prepare a list of all pending files on a weekly basis
No Minister would be allowed to take any file to his or her residence
• All government offices would have a compulsory CCTV Connections
• All public grievances to be addressed via public declaration certificates 
• All files to be decanted as soon as possible 
• Complete ban on usage of Polythene bags and polythene products in government offices and departments
• Pan & Guthka banned in all government offices
• A blueprint to be prepared to curb all cyber-crimes in the state 
• The number of female police constables will be increased in all the provinces 
• All police stations will compulsorily have different Male & Female Reception Sections 
• The amenities in all the jails would be upgraded 
• All visitors & Complainants will be provided with fresh drinking water facility across all the police stations in the state
• An earnest request made by the chief minister himself to all the police officers to treat people with hospitality and respect
• An FIR should be lodged for all complaints without any prejudice or biased behaviour
• Construction of 6 New AIIMS & 25 Medical Colleges with free Wi-Fi & e-learning facilities has already commenced
• Building permanent Anti-Romeo Squads to curb eve-teasing 
• Every pothole in the state to be filled by or before 15th June 2017
• The subsidy for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra increased from 50,000/- to 1,00,000/- 
• Mathura & Agra to be linked under Agra Water Supply Scheme
Urban Development Department would pass plans only if there are provisions of Rain Water Harvesting included in the plan
Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam Officials to ensure that every needy person in the state has access to sufficient water supply
• All Leather Factories and Tanneries to be shifted from the banks of Ganga in phases to other Industrial areas where the chances of Water Pollution would be Minimum
• Farmer loans worth Rs 36,359 Crores Waived off by Yogi Adityanath as promised
• Presided over a meeting of all top bureaucrats in the state and demanded for a roadmap that will pave way towards good and exemplary governance
• Promised generation of new employment facilities so that the youths need not migrate to other states to find employment
• No Minister would be permitted to use Red Beacons as a step towards austerity
• 25 Acre Land cleared for a huge Ramayana Museum in Ayodhya and a fund of Rs 154 Crore allocated for the ambitious project.

There has been consistent efforts by mainstream media channels to disrupt Yogi's Government and derail his sincere efforts to erase poverty and corruption from Uttar Pradesh. One also needs to remember that the deep rooted corruption that has paralysed Uttar Pradesh caused negligence and death of innocent children. 

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