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Sab ka Vikas by appeasing the second largest Majority

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A 35 % increase in the minority budget has been seen under the Modi government . A 1000 crore increase in funds for computerisation of Wakf boards

Removal of Encroachment from properties belonging to the Wakf board, Academic & Vocational training to madrassa passouts etc..

Unknown to most is that it's the Hindus, the said majority of India, which fares the worst in terms of the 4 major indices of human development.

The fraudulent Sachar committe report and its repercussions on the downtrodden 34 crore Hindus is explained here : 
The Rajinder Sachar Committee was commissioned in 2005 by the then PM to prepare a report on the latest social, economical and educational conditions of the Muslim community of India. This was a ploy of the UPA government to gain block muslim votes.  In 2007 BJP had protested against this report calling it "manipulated for electoral reasons " and it was no other than the then BJP vice-president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi who was the most vociferous against this report. Come 2014-17 the same Mr Naqvi is the head of the Minorities Ministry and the same BJP is formulating policies and giving out tax payer money on basis of this same fraudulent report .

Instead of providing 'sab ka vikas' irrespective of their cast or religion , Modi government has chosen to provide 'selective Vikas' to the second largest Majority of this country and has increased their budget by a whooping 1000 crore since Congress time.
Here are the schemes where this tax payer money will be used for the privileged second largest Majority of this country.


1: USTAAD: For Minority Skill development programs related to Ancestral Arts/Crafts

2: Hamari Darohar: For Preservation of the Heritage of Minorities

3: Nai Manzil: For Academic and Vocational Training of Madarsa Pass-outs

4: Strengthening of Wakf Boards Purpose: Removal of Encroachments from Waqf Property. (Remember that Waqf boards indulge in Land Jihad and encroach into Temple Properties all over India)

5: Pre Metric/ Post Metric Scholarship Schemes: For Providing Financial Assistance to Pre and Post Metric Minority Students

6: Nai Roshni: For Training & empowering of Muslim Women to become entrepreneurs & leaders.

7: Begum Hazrat Mahal National Scholarship: For Granting financial aid to minority girls belonging to 11th and 12th grade.

8: Free Coaching & Allied Scheme: For Impart Professional Training and Coaching to minority communities with respect to vocational training , competitive exams related to engineering, law, medical, management, IT etc. This course even provides free coaching for Private Jobs in Airlines, Shipping, BPS, Travel, FMCG, Retail, Sales & Marketing, Bio-Technology etc.

9: Seekho Aur Kamao: For Nurturing Skill Development of Minorities, improve employability.

10: Maulana Azad Sehat scheme: For Free Medical Check up & treatment for diseased minority students.

11: Computerisation of Waqf Boards: For Funds Management of Mosques, Durgahs, Kabristans, Imams, Muazzins etc

12: Padho Pardesh: For Financial Grants to Minority students for Overseas Education

13: Nai Udan: For Monetary Support to Minority students who clear UPSC/SSC prelims

14: Ustad Samman Samaroh: For To honour and patronize Muslim Artisans and Craftsmen

15: Tehreek-E-Taleem: For Helping 'Poor Muslims' financially

16: Hunar Hath: For Providing Technical Assistance to Artisans belonging to Muslim Community

In addition to these, one may be shocked to know that the current government is continuing with UPA's 15 point program for minority welfare, which was nothing but blatant appeasement and vote bank politics. It was the reason why UPA 2 was reduced to 44 in the elections of 2014. 
In particular, Modi has kept point 10 intact i.e the enactment of the Communal violence (prevention) bill which was law drafted to reduce Hindus as third rate citizens responsible in advance for anything wrong that happens in the country. 
Modi was given the mandate to avoid such draconian bills turning into laws but in his dreams for a nobel, Modi seems hell bent on becoming the latest Gandhi of modern India.


  • Comment Link SuchindranathAiyerS Monday, 14 August 2017 14:05 posted by SuchindranathAiyerS

    Dalits, Moslems and Xians are Majorities. All others are minorities. Reflected by India's Majoritarian Constitution and Vote Bank Politics.

  • Comment Link SuchindranathAiyerS Monday, 14 August 2017 14:04 posted by SuchindranathAiyerS

    Dalits, Moslems and Xians are Majorities. All others are minorities. Reflected by India's Majoritarian Constitution and Vote Bank Politics.

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