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Height of Reservation- 'Zero' Marks Cut Off For Sc/St For PhD At D.U.

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“Reservation in Higher Education is Violation of Article 26, Para 1 of Universal Declaration of human rights”

Recently Delhi University issued a circular saying that Zero marks is the Eligibility Criteria for SC/ST students. This is great injustice to all the students of the country.

The cut off released by the Delhi University (DU) for SC, ST students in order to pursue  PhD in Mathematics has been fixed at zero. The cut off is 94 per cent for the unreserved category.
32 out of 223 selected candidates belong to SC/ST category.

Who interprets the Caste System for us? Manusmriti? Vedas? Bhagwad Geeta? RSS Headquarters?
No, it is the Mandal Commission Report which determines who belongs to the General Category or Reserved Category. It was based on census of 1930 which was done by Britishers.

Who is B.P Mandal?
Very few people talk about the fact that Mandal was the Chief Minister of Bihar from Indian National Congress in 1968.

Reservations within Reservations:
There are reservations even within Reservations and discrimination into Creamy Vs Non Creamy Layer. Reservations were originally provided for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. It was extended to the other backward classes at the national level in 1993.

All Reservations in India are based on this Mandal Commission Reports. A study report which was set up by Morarji Desai (Yes, the same Morarji who comfortably revealed RAW secrets to Pakistani leadership).

The ever-increasing number of Communities Being Added to ‘Lower Castes’ Category-


Number of Lower Castes









Why is the Mandal Commission's Report Redundant?
Usage of 1930 Census, done by British, as Benchmark
Coverage Errors, Demographic Errors, enumerations and omissions from the latest census not included, no control over coverage quality
Fledgling Reliability of Survey Data due to lack of transparency over the Sample Survey and Extrapolation methods used in deriving realistic results
Reservations within Reservations & lack of uniformity in the Benefits Distribution
Exploitation by Political Parties for Vote Bank Politics
Grave Injustice to Poor Meritorious Students
Promotion of Brain Drain
Ever Increasing Number of Affluent Communities being added to the list
Reservations for certain communities were meant only for 10 years
Reservations are being used as a Political Tool to garner Vote Bank

Reservations were originally provided for the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. It was extended to the other backward classes at the national level in 1993 and henceforth, several general category castes were added to OBC category to appease those communities.

Even now, the Jats in Haryana, Patels in Gujarat & Marathas in Maharashtra are demanding reservation despite being Financially Sound. The breaking India Forces have been instigating these communities to increase their protest

Shankhnaad’s Recommendation:

1.     Reservations must exist only at the Elementary/Primary level of Education

2.     There must be free schools dedicated to Backward Classes

3.     A New Study Commission, unbiased and beyond the reach of political interference must be setup to reassess caste based discrimination, identify backward sections and entirely castigate Empirical Data given in the Mandal Report which has no relevance today

4.     Reservations must be used to restore social and financial equality and not as a Political Tool

Violation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Reservation in higher education is violation of Article 26, Para 1 of Universal Declaration of human rights.

Some Questions for Self Introspection-

       Do Patels belong to the poorest of poor category in India?

        Don't Nadars Rule Tamil Nadu’s Richest Ranganathan Street?

       Have Marathas been socially ostracized since millenniums? (Why are Muslim groups in India and Pakistan are Supporting Maratha Reservations?)

       Are not Yadavas from an Affluent Ruling Class?

       Does Prime Minister Narendra Modi not belong to OBC ?

       What is the Caste of Indian President Ram Nath Kovind?

       Wasn’t the Founder of RSS Dr Hedgewar from OBC?

Theories Propagated by Breaking India Forces:

1.     General Category people occupy and control India just like Illuminati Zionists

2.     General category people are enemies of Dalits.

Breaking India forces have been quoting Redundant Mandal Commission Report since decades. All parties (including BJP) use Mandal Commission based Reservations to woo voters, thus killing Merit and Talent in the Country.

Reservations, if unchecked can cause civil riots in the country. The country has already seen such haunting instances.

Uncontrolled Reservations are a self defeating factor for the Secular Religiosity of the Constitution. Revamping the entire Reservation and Replacing the Mandal Report with a New Upgraded one by an Unbiased Study Commission is the need of the hour.

"Once an Indian man asked the American- How so your country is so developed?
The American replied- Your country gives jobs to people of 'Reserved' category,
Our country gives jobs to people of 'Deserved' category."




  • Comment Link Rishabh Thursday, 10 August 2017 08:47 posted by Rishabh

    Reservation is good when it is based on Economical condition.
    Pm says give up Subsidy, but cant say giveup Reservation!

  • Comment Link Anusha Wednesday, 09 August 2017 16:22 posted by Anusha

    Reservation must be cancelled...

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