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Cow Smugglers Attack Law Abiding Gausevaks Of Mahatma Gandhi's NGO

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Cow Smugglers attack Honorary Animal Welfare Officers founded belonging to the NGO founded by Mahatma Gandhi with Sickles!

Legally Appointed Honorary Animal Welfare Officers belonging to the NGO, founded by Mahatma Gandhi, were attacked by 50 men with Sickles for passing information about Cow-Smugglers.

Backdrop Of The Case:
Kashti Village:
Popular for Saturday Cattle Fairs where lot of Cow Smugglers are believed to purchase Cows posing as Farmers
Cow Smuggling Route: Kashti Village to Hamal Wadi Zendigate Slaughterhouse(Ahmednagar)
Gausevaks: Honorary Animal Welfare Officers & ABKGS NGO (founded by Mahatma Gandhi)

Chronological Order of Events:

August 5th 2017:
Shivshankar Rajendra Swami of Pune, an honorary animal welfare officer reaches the Animal Market in Kashti Village receiving Tip-Off about Transportation of Cows to Illegal Abattoirs.
This member of an NGO called ABKGS formed by none other than Mahatma Gandhi is legally authorized to keep a vigil on instances of Violation of Animal Welfare Laws in Maharashtra.

5th August: 1 PM
Police Officials  Intercept a Mini Truck driven by Fatrubhai sheikh near Hotel Tiranga on Daund-Ahmednagar Road enroute Zendi Gate - Hamaliwada with the help of the information given by Swami.
12 animals including 10 oxen and 2 cows were rescued. A complaint is lodged against Sajid Gulab Shaikh & Fatruddin Shaikh. The Honorary Officer insisted on FIR under under the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act but is asked to wait outside till Senior Officials arrive.

5th August: 6PM
Just as Swami and other NGO members step out of the Police Station after lodging an FIR , they are attacked by 50 people with sickles right in front of the Police Station.

FIR has been lodged against the attackers under-
IPC Sec 307 : Attempt to Murder
IPC Sec 395 : Dacoity
(This is a clear violation of law. Whistleblowers and informers must be given Police Security)

Violation of Whistleblowers Protection Act, 2011: The inability of the Maharashtra State government to protect a Whistleblower who already has a threat to his life due to his involvement in over 300 other Whistleblowing cases is unacceptable.

Being a Gau Rakshak is a thankless job where the virtue of animal love neither brings them any social appreciation nor do they get paid for risking their lives.
The Police/ administrative inaction often forces them to take extreme steps like Night Patrol.
They aren’t applauded on TV Channels unlike dubious PETA activists.
One doesn’t need to pay a huge NGO registration fee to become a Gau-Sewak.
Let alone common folk, Gau Rakshaks do not get thanked or acknowledged by even the general animal activists.
Their readiness to take on unforeseen threats results in loss of life many a times.
Even Hindu Organizations barely provide any support or pay attention to the survivors of a Gau-Rakshak’s family if he gets killed while trying to save cows from smugglers. Political parties are a far cry, ruling party included.

The honorable Prime Minister called Gau Sevaks ‘Gunda’, not once but twice.
This time, when Animal Lovers followed proper law & sought Police Action, were they felicitated with tweets or even protected by the Local Police?

Dear Modiji, your evergreen tirade against “Gau-Rakshaks” proves that you are more worried about an already over-fed, over-pampered section of the society, than the languishing hindus.
You have failed your Supporters.
Every time you remain silent over an slaughtered innocent animal, you lose several thousand hardcore followers who ensured your victory!











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