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Hindu Students Forced To Do Namaz By Teachers From 'Oppressed' Minority

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“The purpose of religion is to control yourself, not to criticize others.”- Dalai Lama

Computer Science Teacher Mubarak Ali & Urdu Teacher Moinuddin from Mewat Model Public School( Haryana) were suspended and transferred for forcing 2 Hindu Students Kaushal Vashisht & Sagar Bharadwaj  to convert to Islam, recite verses of the Quran and offer Namaz 5 times a day within School Premises.

To understand this case better, let us take a look at the demographics of the village:

Madhi Village : A Muslim Ghetto
Most of the 271 families and 1700 odd people living in the village are Muslims. This Village falls under the Firozpur Jhirka Tehsil of Mewat District which is going to be renamed as Nuh District in the upcoming months. The controversy happened at Madhi Mewat Public School where 204 out of 207 Students are muslims. The remaining 3 hindu students are victims of racial discrimination, religious bullying and harassment. 5 out of 8 Teachers are Muslims.

Chronological Order of Events :

22 July : Pushpa Bharadwaj (Mother of Class IX Student - Sagar Bharadwaj) and aunt of Kaushal Vashisht lodge a formal complaint alleging that they were forced to offer Namaz 5 times a day.
23 July : Mewat DC is approached by the parents. Deputy Commissioner Mani Ram Sharma, D.E.O Mr Dinesh Shastri & Tehsildar Basti Ram have initiated a probe into the matter.
28 July : CID officers visit Mewat Model School, take statements of students and seal the Computer Lab. Mubarak Ali and Moinuddin are suspended
29 July : The Remaining Hindu Student also files a similar complaint alleging Bullying and Racial Discrimination
29 July : Villagers led by Sarpanch Yaddin barge into school and try to attack Teacher In-Charge Navin Shakthi. The third Hindu student also files a complaint with the school principal.

Stiff Resistance from Muslim Villagers:

Angry Villagers led by Sarpanch Yaddin blamed the school for not hushing up the matter and for taking action against the 2 teachers. They managed to barge into the school premises to attack Principal Navin Shakthi but were controlled successfully by the Police Constables.

Religious Freedom and Right to Worship bestowed by the constitution has always been arm-twisted by Self Styled Protectors of a Barbaric Medieval Cult to Propagate the Desert Rule Books of Sharia. They violate laws and yell at their roof-tops, block busy highways and railway stations 5 times a day, and impose their carnivorous lust behind multiple veiled faces.

But was this The First Time ??

No! Last year in July, just 30kms from this village in Tauru, Green Dales Puclic School forced its non-Muslim students to perform namaz on Eid.

The intellectual terrorism propagated by the mainstream media wants to feed you the narrative that Muslims are under great threat under a Hindu Prime Minister to your vulnerable and subversive mindsets. Closer Observation will reveal that most of the lynch mob incidents are either carefully orchestrated ones or reported with an intention to incite fear into impressionable minds.
But in Cases like Basirhat Riots, where the mob went on a frenzied rampage over a facebook status, the unprovoked attacks on Kawad Yatras across India and similar, you will realize that they are moving every unturned stone to capture and convert the remaining Kafirs into Islam. Any resistance shall be countered effectively with Al-Taqia and sob-stories of victimhood cited by Media-Hitmen and Paparazzi. The Onus of the Blame will shift to Idol Worshipping Kafirs who will then have to prove in courts that they never instigated or discriminated against the Minorities.












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