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Noise Jihad - a Psychological War

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Major Fault Lines With Brazen Adhans and Khutbahs

Adhans are practised globally according to Islamic timings 5 times a day. But practically, the adhans never happen on time because they have to accommodate people who come from far away places and then wait for them to undergo mandatory Wudu. This is because getting up during an Azan is Haram. It is a non deniable fact that without performing mandatory Wudu ( Ritual Cleansing of the Body or Ablution) they cannot participate in an Adhan/ Azaan

Imagine what would be happening across lakhs of masjids all across the country. Do they all really begin Adhans at the same time? If yes then why are  loudspeakers heard at different timings in places where there are multiple masjids? The naked fact remains that Lakhs of Mosques across the nation play Adhans at different timings. Thus violating the basic tenets of adherence that prayers should be on time.

Amplified Adhans for Spirituality or Religious Dominance?

If the decibel levels that surpass the permissible limits across terrains where non-believers are in plenty, there is no doubt that Surah 13, Ayat 41 is being completely implemented and that Noise-Jihad is at its full form. These cacophonous methods to display sheer dominance over non believers is a Psychological Weapon to turn any piece of Land into a Muslim Ghetto.

According to all the existing interpretations of this Ayat, it is clear that the call for prayers is ultimately a call to the Non Believers to ultimately join Islam. Voices emanating from devices from different mosques at a single time can hardly claim any religious relevance.

If Jihad is justified with a contextual meaning, why practise Adhan along with ultra-modern echo devices? There were no loudspeakers in the old days....why create a New Bidah? Which Prophet Approved this Bidah?  Or is it a rat race between Imams of all the Masjids? After all Islam is a religion of Peace right, then why do these brazen loudspeakers instigate violence and preach violent portions of the Quran?

Noise-Jihad and its Sub-Sections:

Level 1) Usage of Loudspeakers for Adhan

Level 2) Usage of Loudspeakers for Friday Khutbahs (public preaching)

Level 3) Instigation via interpretation of Quranic Verses and Call for Jihad

Allegations that Temple Bhajans and Hindu Festivals are equally Irritating:

There cannot be any comparison between Adhan and Temple Prayers since  there are hardly any temples in the world that engage in cacophonous bhajans during Brahma-Muhurta. Loud Songs are played only during Selective Festivals like Rama Navami and Ganesh Chathurthi. The religious Eccentricity of screaming as early as 4 am from the rooftops of Tall Minarets is absent even in the most Islamic Nations of the world. Indonesia, the most populous Islamic Nation on Earth also has official measures to curb the overuse of amplifiers during Azans. Can Amplified Prayers be compared to Screams that mean My God is the Only God and all others are not Gods?

A clear violation of the Noise Pollution Control & Regulation Rules, 1999 Adhans on amplified loudspeakers hardly have any religious relevance. In 1999, Religious Riots were instigated  from a masjid’s loudspeakers in Nandurbar. Adhan or Azaan from a single Masjid or Mosque is played approximately 1825 times a year and if you multiply it by the total number of masjids in India and add the decibel levels, you will reach a cacophonic point of no return.

Friday prayers are followed by inciting Qurani Interpretations on the speaker. Such speeches propagate hatred and verbally prepare the listeners to engage in Jihad. They demand fundamental rights from the constitution yet want to super-impose Sharia Rules and follow socially unacceptable standards of religious eccentricity. It is simply to flaunt superiority & display power over non-believers.


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