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The Plight of  Hindus in J&K under BJP-PDP government

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Kashmiri Hindus in Jammu are  gerrymandered constitutionally & all the Special Packages, Reservations, Grants, Socially Engineered Loan Waivers (at the cost of taxpayers) go to Kashmiri Muslims & illegal immigrants from Bangladesh & Rohingya.

Hindus in Jammu have always been at the receiving end of discriminatory practices by successive governments. There are several impending issues that needs redressal immediately.

In the J&K assembly elections, PDP won 28 seats and BJP a close 25 (thanks to Jammu) and yet, all Important and powerful portfolios rest with Kashmir. Thus important decisions regarding Finance, General Administration, Planning, Revenue, Law & Parliamentary Affairs is at the mercy of Kashmiri representatives who've been voted to power by the Kashmiri Muslims.

Here's the distribution of portfolios: 


Kashmir Jammu
Home  Power Development
Finance  Urban Development
Planning  Irrigation
General Administration  Health
Revenue  Forest
Agriculture  Animal Husbandry
Law & Parliamentary Affairs  
Public Distribution  
Public works   
Social Welfare  
Science & Technology  
Information Technology  


 Hindus of JnK face descrimination at the hand of th PDP-BJP Government in all aspects  :

1. The Discrimination meted out by the Government in terms of employment opportunities forcing migration of Jammu youth


There's an uneven distribution of important government posts. Here are a few examples

A ) Posts of Special Police Officers (SPOs) sanctioned by Union Home Ministry


Kashmir Jammu
10,000 Nil



 B) Posts in Govt and Semi-Govt establishments: Approx 4.5 lakh

Government Job Allocation


Kashmir Jammu
3.8 Lakhs 70,000
(Muslims only) (All religions included) 




c) Discrimination in posts in university

Total Posts for Assistant Professors in Economics: 27


Kashmir Jammu
24 3


Assistant Professors in Commerce: 38

Kashmir Jammu
25 13


 Assistant Professors in History: 34


Kashmir Jammu
25 9


Assistant Professors in Physics: 26


Kashmir Jammu
19 7


Assistant Professors in Psychology: 27


Kashmir Jammu
18 9


2. The Rohingya Menace in Jammu:& changing demography


As per the government version 13,400 Myanmari and Bangladeshi illegal migrants are living in various parts of the State of J&K.The process of illegal settlement of Rohingya Muslims was started way back in 2008 across India. They came to India through Indo-Bangladesh border and settled predominantly in Jammu and not Kashmir ,at the other end of vast Indian space from their point of entry.

This is  not random but under a larger scheme to change demographics of  jammu why else cross 6 states to settle there.  Jammu-is a declared target of Pakistan and its proxy Jihadist goons. The plan is two fold ,right now they occupy strategic forest land on the high hills along the Jammu Bypass ( under the watch of BJP Forest minister Lal Singh ) The  long term plan is to change the demographics of Jammu and make it a second Kashmir bereft of Hindus

1. Hindu Minorities still languishing in Penury & Denial while Rohingyas appeased

Intrestingly At the time of Independence refugees from West Pakistan settled down in border areas of Jammu. also people from the Valmiki community who were brought to the state in pre-Independence times are also not fully integrated into the fold of the State.”

“This is because, when Article 370 of Constitution of India doesn’t allow even an Indian citizen from other states to settle down in J&K.” continue to exist as refugees. They do not even have the right to vote in the State Legislative Assembly, 


2. Earlier they were living in tin-roof shanties but now they are converting them into permanent brick houses.  Mehbooba Mufti sanctioned the conversion of tin-roof Rohingya shanties in the strategic hilly and forest zones near Tawi river into government sponsored Brick-and-Mortar homes. 


3. Free Education provided to Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims in Jammu

All Rohingya female students  are being covered in Jammu  under state sponsored “ Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” scheme by flouting the basic norm that no “Non-State” subject can be admitted to government schools. In several schools, the percentage of Rohingya & Bangladeshi Muslim students is over 80%. They are forging documents and affidavits to gain admission to government schools. 

4. Electoral Power given to Rohingyas: 

Several Rohingyas have already acquired voting rights apart from ration cards and Aadhar Card. The Power & Health department has provided subsidised electric supply & water connections. as well as  permanent resident certificates illegally. 

5. The Birth of several “Mini-Pakistans” in Jammu: 

Several densely populated Islamic Pockets like Bhatindi- a Mini Pakistan are brimming with over 50 grand mosques. There are NIA reports suggesting possible recruitment of impressionable Rohingyas into Fidayeen & Jihadi Groups. Also, there are several criminal cases related to Drug Trafficking and Theft on several Rohingyas since 2012. According to other Intellgience reports, there are several members of the dreaded rebel group- Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) hiding in Jammu as Rohingya refugees. 


6. Legalization of encroachments in Jammu via the state sponsored Roshni Act

The Ongoing Legalization of Land occupation: The Roshni Act 2001 

Now, what is this Roshni Act? : J&K State Lands Vesting of Ownership to Occupants Act (Roshni) was passed in 2001 to purely legalize the encroachments of Muslims over Kashmiri Hindu Property that was left behind after the mass exodus of 1990s. The ownership rights was transferred to occupants either for free or just Rs 100 per Kanal. Even though the Act came into existence only by 2001, encroachments right since 1990 were legalized and sanctioned. All LeT & Separatist Strongholds have immensely benefitted from this act that empowers illegal encroachment over Kashmiri Hindu Property. 

AS per CAG reports:

Year Kanals Acres Type Total Amount Beneficiaries
2011 675230 84404 Agricultural 4,487 Muslims
2014 3,48,160 43,520 Agricultural 35 lakhs Muslims
2016 20,64,972 2,58,122 Agricultural 24 crore Muslims

As in pro-separatists as well as anti-Indian activities in the State of J&K especially in the communally sensitive Jammu Region which has so far displayed maturity and tolerance. These illegal foreigners are eating illegally the already meagre resources of the State of J&K”.

6. Rise in Crime and Involvement in Drug Trafficking

According to a senior police officer of Jammu, “In recent days the crime rate has gone high in Jammu and it is the Rohingyas directly or indirectly involved in the crimes. Even they are suspected to be involved in drug trafficking and thefts. There are some reports which say that terrorist organisations have made attempts to radicalise sections of the Rohingya youth. 

Even the head of militant organisation formed by Rohingya by the name Huzi Arakan namely Abdul Qudus Burmi and other Rohingya militants were shown sharing dais with Hafiz Saeed in Karachi.


 What is Stopping BJP from taking stringent measures ? 

 J&K BJP woefully lacks Strategic Vision just like the Atal Era. It is just like a rudderless ship trundling along the redundant momentum of the “Constitution”. They are all about Excuses for Non-Performance.The current J&K Coalition Government may be an “Experiment” according to the admission of the honourable Minister of Finance, Defence & Corporate Affairs to a Republic TV interview. But it's a matter of survival for the  Hindus struggling to thrive even in Jammu. It won't be long before we witness another horrific exodus of Hindus by Rohingyas backed by an arsenal of Secession-Hungry Anarchists and the Constitutionally-Over-Cajoled Hurriyat Leaders.

We must accept the harsh reality that the Pro-Vikas Modi government cannot stop any crime, let alone Amplified Azaans and Brazen Khutbahs. We are paying for the Kleptocratic Extortions that deny the majoritarians even their basic rights. 




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