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Arvind Kejriwal discovers Modi is trying to kill him and this is how...

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King of the Delhi Sultanet finds himself in a lucid vision where frustrated and jealous Modi is planning his murder..




This is how it it goes. First a plan is chalked out with the NSA




Sharp shooters are called from all over India in a secret shakha





Modi handpicks the most lethal guns for the purpose



And just in case the guns fail... 



A runaway vehicle is picked 


The assassins are disguised in most inconspicuous camouflage



 The entire mission is monitored by Modi himself.. till the end



And he's not satisfied till he finds the news the next morning



We'd have had more info but alas, his majesty's dream is interrupted by an equally jealous MCD worker.. who's been sent by Modi of course


Why waste such a good dream. It's not like anyone has questioned those delusions in the past either..


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