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Loan Waivers, Subsidies & Tax Payers

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Do we need better policies or just loan waiver every year?

There’s a popular book called 'Economics in One Lesson' by Henry Hazlitt.
The book imparts a great lesson that every economy should always consider financial decisions after evaluating the effects on the majority of the people instead of focusing on fractional groups.

The Leftist Intelligentsia discovered that:
1) People suffer from poor memory
2) People don’t even know that governments have no money
3) People won’t be able to pinpoint the after-effects of the policies formulated by leftists

Even Loan Waivers are one and the same. The money belonging to the hard-working majoritarian middle class is utilized to waive off loans.

Farmers are openly admitting- “We have spent more than our capacity, please snatch other's money and give it to us. Otherwise we will burn cities.”

That means, we need the money, but let the government do the dirty job for us. On top of that, we will also act very ethical.

The Italian Bar dancer came to power by waiving off farmer loans in 2009. Due to that, prices rose and that ultimately gave way to inflation and she lost all all the elections. But people couldnt connect the cause and effect even in this case. Without realizing this, Rahul has been roaming around for three years demanding waivers.

BJP citing appeasement politics, acted reluctantly & chose to deliver as per its promised manifesto in UP. When so many scams and daylight extortions are going on, what’s the big deal about Loan Waivers?

1] MGNREGA spends a whopping 60,000 crores every year. Has unemployment come to an end?
2] FSB gets an average of 50,000 crores per year and this year they got 1.25 lakh crores rupees. Has Malnutrition and Hunger levels gone down?
3] RTE extorts money straight from your pockets. How’s your younger one doing at school?
4] Free Medicines: Thousands of Crores Looted every year. Has the overall healthcare improved in the country?

You never spoke about MGNREGA, FSB, RTE and the free medicine stuff. Farmer Loan Waivers are also going to be classified under the same category. Don’t cry. Let the govt waive off loans, the providential sky won’t fall down. This is a democracy, nothing can change without attaining power. Thats why we are forced to pay jaziya and hafta to these leftist policies. Its impossible to bring a change without thwarting this deep-rooted leftist clout from education, media, culture, socio political things.

Majority of you applaud for their policies without understanding their real long term implications. After all you are the ‘people’ of this country. Please understand the economy, it will help!

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