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Dadri Girls Trafficked, Cigarette-Burned, Nails Splitted for forced conversion

14 Jun 16
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Dadri - yes the same good old Dadri of the ‘Poor Beef-Eater Mob-Lynched Muslim Akhlaq’, based in the Western Uttar Pradesh has become famous enough to make its place in international maps of India now

All thanks to the Left-Liberal-Secular brigade of the nation who went the extra mile to get their own country demeaned, insulted and castigated for being ‘barbarically brutal’ to its religious minorities, only because they are not Hindus. We have seen how for almost an year, the entire media and intellectual and social activist and what not gangs of the nation ensured the name of Dadri was pronounced at least a single time everyday in the newpapers or T.V. news channels. 

Well, the same Dadri has again made tense ripples at the local level now, and for painfully inhuman religious persecution of two female kids. But strangely, we are not able to gauge any references or details about the incident in any of the media outlets, both national and regional ones too that pertain exclusively to U.P. and Uttarakhand. Neither did we find any member of the Left-Liberal-Secular warrior brigade giving it a mention anywhere in their discussions across all the T.V. studios that they adorn with their benign presence every evening. When we got a clue about the incident, we tried to scan all the possible media sources relentlessly for an input into it, but unfortunately it was only the local (N.C.R.) section of the Hindi daily Hindustan of the 7th of June, 2016 that published a tiny two-column micro-story about the issue.
According to the details we’ve gathered, Mrs. Nootan, a mother of two girls used to live in the Vikas Nagar area of Delhi a few years back. Financial conditions of Nootan’s family were extremely weak, and it was getting very difficult for her to arrange proper academic resources and facilities for her daughters. Despite following a poor background, she for sure wanted both of her kids to receive better education and be able to carve better prospects for themselves in future. In the same area of Vikas Nagar, Delhi, Nootan came into touch with a man named Devraj, who told her he used to run a Charitable Shelter Home for poor kids to provide them with free education, boarding and lodging. Devraj’s Charitable Shelter Home was located in the Chipiyana Khurd village of Dadri Tehsil in Western Uttar Pradesh.
With dreams in her eyes, trust in Devraj’s nice intentions and gratitude towards his benevolent attitude, Nootan handed both of her daughters to him around three years back. After some time, Nootan reached Dadri to meet with her daughters, but to her utter surprised, was unable to find them in the Charitable Shelter Home run by Devvraj. When asked, he told her that both her daughters are studying safely in a reputed Christian Missionary Convent located elsewhere, and will be back soon. Nootan was terribly shocked at hearing this, but she had nobody except for Devraj who could lead her to her daughters, hence she had no option but to rely solely upon him for getting them back.
Soon after, Devraj got Nootan a house on rent in the Chipiyana Khurd village itself; and she began to stay there itself in a hope to see her daughters again one day. Time passed by, and she spent a period of three years living in the village but couldn’t manage to access her daughters again, despite making endless requests and pleadings to Devraj in the meantime. With all hopes lost from his side, Nootan and her husband began looking for their daughters with the help of Child Line services. Finally, they were able to get a clue about their daughters, and managed to recover one of them from Meerut and another one from Dehradun after making relentless search attempts with consistent support from Child Line. And after the two siblings were recovered and inquired, they told that Devraj and his aides used to leverage his Charitable Shelter Home located in Chipiyana Khurd of Dadri as a ploy to get the hapless kids from poor families converted to Christianity. Despite being very young at age, both the sisters refused to leave their religion when asked to do so, and then began their long ordeal of constant sufferings. Both the girls were trafficked to distant places, and barbarically tortured in ways too inhuman for anybody to even fathom! Being coerced to convert to Christianity, one of the two girls was burnt with cigarettes, while the fingernails of the other one were splitted with a pair of electric pliers! And to top it all, Devraj and his Christian Missionary Network is so powerful in Dadri that they have begun threatening Nootan and her family with dire consequences if they opened their mouths against him. Broken and shattered, Nootan has now pleaded with the S.D.M. of Dadri Tehsil to look into the matter and take proper action. That why the Vatican-Saudi-ISI sponsored Anti-Hindu Left-Liberal-Secular brigade is silent upon this matter is quite obvious for all of us to understand, but the big question remains – where are the so-called Hindutva Warriors and Sangh Pracharaks of Dadri or even Western U.P. now? Hiding deep inside a yet other Vatican-sponsored cozy destination; or still enjoying the party thrown after Modi’s grand victory of 2014? Is the B.J.P.-Sangh duo really that dumb to assume this is how the Hindus of U.P. will bring them to power in 2017? We think it definitely is that dumb indeed!!


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