Inconvenient Questions of Kairana Nobody Wants to Ask

14 Jun 16
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Kairana, a small town situated in the Shamli district of Western Uttar Pradesh has been creating ripples for a few days in the past.

First, Hukum Singh, a local BJP leader and lawmaker organized a press conference to inform the journalists about how hundreds of Hindu families have fled away from the town during recent past following a pattern, after a large number of Hindus were serially killed in the town by people belonging to a certain ‘peaceful’ religion in a very brutal and merciless manner. Afterwards, Zee News followed up the issue and after due investigation, aired an extensive story supporting this shockingly dreadful fact. Sudershan News too followed suit soon after and re-confirmed it through the statements given by ordinary Hindus living in the town on camera.

Though a lot of Left-Liberal-Seculars have turned violently vocal against Zee News and Hukum Singh, accusing them of presenting ‘twisted facts’ about Kairana, the truth remains Kairana has indeed become way too inhospitable and inhabitable for any Kafir or Non-Muslim now. It doesn’t matter as to how much ruckus is created over the expression of this fact by the Left-Liberal-Secular lobby, the truth remains undeterred and unchanged.

One of the major allegations being laid by the Seculars was that Right-Wingers have been distorting and misappropriating the census related facts about Kairana by saying that the Muslim population in the town has raised from more than 60 percent to over 80 percent in recent years, while the Hindu population has dropped considerably from around 30 percent to 6 percent during the same duration. Well, for a while let’s follow the official statistics. According to the website, the population of Kairana town in the year 2011 was around 89,000, out of which 80.74% were Muslims and Hindus were 18.34%. Even if it is assumed that the population imbalance didn’t occur in such a dramatically swift manner as the Seculars are alleging the Right-Wingers of falsely projecting, the entire Kairana episode leaves us with a few inconvenient questions that none of us is ready to ask our own selves. And that is what marks to be the most serious and horrifying aspect of this phenomenon that has been gradually and regularly taking place across entire nation periodically, one pocket at a time, one lag at a time.

Independence of India also marked the partition of this nation into two parts – one that is still the democratic India, and the other that was inherently an Islamic Republic, viz. Pakistan. Indo-Pak partition was one the most violent and painful experiences that the Hindus of India had to go through during the era of Islamic invasion and subjugation of different pockets of the nation. While a large section of the Hindu population was barbarically assassinated, their women raped, children slaughtered, properties plundered, and the remaining Hindus driven away to India; thanks to the great Gandhi, the Indian Muslims didn’t have to migrate to the newly formed Pakistan in a similar proportion, and a large number of them still stayed in India – happily, safely and ‘especially treated’ thereafter.

After the Indo-Pak partition, the population of Kairana village (it was more of a comparatively bigger village back then) comprised of largely equal percentages of Hindus and Muslims, as told by a few elders of the town during personal interactions. But right since then, this proportion began gradually and steadily skewing in favor of the Muslim percentage in an almost deliberate manner, which brought the demographic difference to a level of 80.74% to 18.34% in the year 2011 itself according to the official census records, knowing it well the extent to which the census surveys are distorted by Muslims underreporting their population.

Now this brings us to face a number of inconvenient questions that are punching right in our face, still we tend to run away from them instead of boldly encountering them, and looking for solutions for them. First of all, why is the demographic proportion of various targeted pockets across various areas in the nation getting unusually skewed to favor the Muslim population? How, and why are Muslims able or allowed to outbreed the Non-Muslim populations across these areas through decades? No, it doesn’t concern only Hindus, it concerns the Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains living in those areas as well. True, Hindus don’t have any significance left to the political framework of this nation today, but have those minority populations too lost all significance to the otherwise ‘minority appeasing’ political parties, or even intellectuals?

Secondly, the even bigger question is – why does it have to invariably happen that whenever the Muslim population in any area of the world increases its proportion beyond a certain percentage, people belonging to every other religion feel a pressure to either peacefully or forcefully vacate the area and relocate elsewhere? Why do the Kafirs living in a smaller number within a Muslim-dominated area have to leave the place ‘exclusively’ for Muslims, while the Muslim minorities can live in almost every Kafir-dominated habitat – even the land of Israel – and still live without any fear of persecution? Yes, we know we can’t name any ‘religion’ because doing that will immediately lead us to be labeled ‘Islamophobic’ by the liberals around us, but WHAT is the factor behind this phenomenon then?

Please ponder upon these two inconvenient questions that Kairana raise – right before you – and pass on these two questions to your friends, relatives, colleagues, everybody so that they too lead to think them over despite the discomfort both of them bring along with them. While the solutions to these inconvenient questions will be found or not remains in the womb of future, let us at least make every single Kafir ask this question aloud in the world around him. This, we believe, will mark the beginning of bringing the Kafir world outside the comfort zone of its ‘ideological convenience’.


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