Akhlaq Indeed Consumed Beef, U.P. Forensic Lab Confirms; What Next, Left-Liberal-Seculars?

01 Jun 16
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It was one among the last days of the month of September, 2015 when an incident took place in the dirty lanes of a West U.P. village that was relentlessly screamed to be the ‘most barbaric, savagely, inhuman, monstrous and anti-human hate crime’ committed in the land of India after the 2002 Gujrat riots.

In the incident, a 50 year old Muslim named Akhlaq, a resident of Bisara village in Dadri area of West U.P. was found by local Hindus to having slaughtered, cooked and consumed cow meat in his house, proven by a large chunk of fresh Cow meat still lying preserved inside his refrigerator. In a fit of deep anguish, humiliation and frustration the Hindus lynched him to death on the spot. While we definitely not support such an incident, what followed it was much more pathetic and disgusting than the mob-lynching itself.

A few days after the incident, a local veterinary doctor from U.P. was hastily brought to ‘manually’ observe and inspect (without any laboratory test, mind it) the meat sample and declare that it was actually mutton and not beef, something Akhlaq’s daughter Sajida had already said in a bid to cover the cow up the cow slaughter and beef consumption – which was a definite crime as cow slaughter is legally banned in Uttar Pradesh.

And thus began the great Left-Liberal-Secular Drama of large scale chest beating, crocodile tears being shed and havoc being wrecked for months in a united and well-orchestrated manner by the almost every politician, journalist, writer, intellectual or thinker who was worth his two cents of the Vatican-Saudi-ISI-Congress fed, JNU-JU bred crap of salt. The entire nation was made to boil in the heat of this mindless chaos for a long period, all media debates completely eclipsed by this incident, every other agenda and topic completely ignored, as if this was actually the most heinous incident to have taken place in the nation ever – which it was NOT an iota of. Literary and artistic awards were returned in lots, pseudo-liberal values were acting as if suffocating, and entire Leftist canvas of thought and expression had almost committed suicide.

It was even more disgusting and pathetic to see the latest breed of Online Secular-Liberal creeps with Hindu names screaming justice for Akhlaq at the top of their voice and demanding the ‘Right to Consume Beef’, who were weeping their eyeballs out to sign online petitions for banning the Yulin Dog-Meat Festival or even sharing the PETA’s ‘Mercy for Animals’ campaigns upon their Facebook and Twitter timelines to appear ‘cool and trending’.

What was most shocking among this entire chaos was the fact that just a simple veterinary doctor of U.P., without any laboratory examination, had issued a ‘certificate’ based upon his sole examination and observation that the meat sample found in Akhlaq’s refrigerator belonged to a goat and not a cow.

But then, truth they say, can be deferred but not defeated. In the latest turn into the course of events, the Mathura based forensic laboratory where the meat samples extracted from the said refrigerator had been submitted for inspection actually belonged to “a cow or its progeny”. This is a thundering slap on the Secular-Liberal faces weeping for the ‘poor Akhlaq’ all these months, whose family, mind it, has been ‘loaded’ with a large number of ‘Secular Rewards’ in the form of a residential apartment in a posh locality in the Delhi N.C.R. region and government jobs apart from other freebies.

Still, a Left-Liberal-Secular cannot be a truly degenerate creature if it doesn’t stoop to the lowest levels of depravity and disgust that lie beyond the domain of a sane person’s imagination. Knowing it fully well that Mathura lies INSIDE the state of Uttar Pradesh which is still being ruled by the same Akhilesh Yadav led SP government, the Left-Liberal-Secular intellectual devils are holding Narendra Modi and BJP responsible for this ‘conspiracy’. Not only this, these secular worms have gone so conveniently blind in their observation that they fail to fathom the simple fact what is the difference between the ‘Manual Observation of a Veterinary Doctor’ and ‘Examination Report of a Forensic Laboratory’. Without a shred of doubt, it can be said that if the ‘Red Eyes’ of this ‘Left-Liberal-Secular Blindness’ is not cured to offer it a clear, honest and bipartisan eyesight of socio-political observation, this nation is by all means going to see a large scale devastation – as facing their blatant venom of biased, unjust and derogatory diktats against anything and everything Hindu or Indian in nature or roots, the Hindu sentiments are boiling with rage day by day.


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