Open letter to Ansar Ahamad Shaikh: ‘Innocent Muslims’ like you are dangerous for the nation, much more than Islamic Terrorists

16 May 16
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‘Innocent Muslims’ like you are much more dangerous for the nation than Islamic Terrorists, dear Ansar Ahamad Shaikh: They kill us in bomb blasts, but don’t dupe and blame us at the same time

Dear Ansar Ahamad Shaikh,

Hope you are fine, happy, healthy and by now, ‘much more famous’ than you had ever wished. To the uninitiated morons who are still carrying the burden of the sin, of not being aware of the ‘herculean feat’ that you achieved ‘fighting all the barbaric, inhuman and fundamentalist sufferings’ that you had to go through, I would like to inform that you are the 21 year old ‘Muslim’ candidate who with great difficulties managed to grab the 361st position in the final merit list of Civil Services Examinations, 2016.

On the morning of the 11th of May, 2016, the nation woke up to the news of this annual merit list being announced. While the frenzy and excitement surrounding the aspirants who topped the list was similar to what we witness almost every year, there was a particularly unusual and pungent sort of narrative that was squeaking its shrill voice up the ambience.

And this was because you, dear successful ‘Muslim IAS aspirant’ (I feel bad to denote you that way because I personally don’t see this examination with a prism of religion, but that’s exactly the way almost entire ‘Secular’ media ecosystem has referred to you), made quite a ‘melodramatically painful and poignant’ statement while talking to the media
for perhaps the first ever time in your life till date, that you were ‘badly discriminated on the basis of your being a Muslim’ in the city of Pune, the city where you completed your Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the eminent Fergusson College; and incidentally the very same city that bestowed upon you this grand success that primarily brought the media persons at your doorstep in the first place.

I felt really ‘dramatically’ moved when I learned that your ‘eyes swelled with tears when you remembered the difficult circumstances you faced in your life’, the most painful of them being you being denied ‘accommodation and food’ in an (obviously) Hindu dominated area of Pune. The ‘Muslim-pain Hungry’ media establishments actually positioned your prime statement on the top right in their headlines where you smartly play your ‘Usual Global Muslim Victim Card’ stating that “I remember when I went to look for a PG accommodation, my friends who were Hindus got rooms but I was refused. So the next time, I said that my name was Shubham, which was actually my friend’s name”.

First of all, I have to say I really feel ‘equally dramatically’ sorry for the entire suffering, anguish, trauma and pain that you (purportedly) had to go through. At the same time, though, there are a few questions that can’t help crossing my mind.

Ansar, the basic and most hyped reason of you being offered more newsprint and airtime by the media was that you were ‘discriminated’ in the city of Pune because you were a Muslim. And all ‘discrimination’ you could elucidate was that you were reportedly denied accommodation and food just because you told them your real name, Ansar Ahamad Shaikh. Further, you say, that you were so desperate to get an accommodation in the same (by all means, Hindu majority) area of the city; that you even went to the extent of adopting a fake Hindu identity with the name ‘Shubham’, just to make sure you are not denied this time.

My simple query, dear Ansar, is that in the city of Pune that was home to around 2.36 Lakh Muslims according to the data of Census of India, 2001 and the toll must have grown to at least 3 Lakh by now, why were you compelled to get an accommodation specifically in a Hindu dominated area? Would you ever try to introspect why did you not opt to go for a Muslim dominated area where your name alone would have secured you a safe, just, harmonious and adorable environment within your own largely peaceful community? Wasn’t the reason that most of those areas are nothing more than ghettos and slums where you could have not been able to groom yourself into anything other than a Madarssa preacher?

Not only this, it is a well established fact that anywhere in the Union of India, when any person wishes to hire an accommodation for rent even for a single day or a part thereof, he has to submit a copy of any Identity Card with his photograph that has been issued in his name by the government of India. In your case, when you attempted to secure the accommodation exclusively in the same Hindu dominated locality, it goes without saying that you must have forged a government issued photo Identity Card with your photograph bearing a Hindu name upon it¸ in the absence of which nobody would have given you an accommodation even if you had named yourself ‘Shri Ram Chandra’ instead of ‘Shubham’. How can the nation rest assured then, dear Ansar, that now that you have been assigned with immense administrative power as a Civil Services officer, you will not abuse the system using your propensity to forge things in your (or your community’s) interest and the official power you will be wielding in your hands?

Coming to the next point, you have categorically mentioned in the statements given to the media that now you will ‘proudly tell the world what is your real name’. Well, the same report suggests that you took the coaching for cracking the Civil Services examination in the Unique Academy, Pune. Just to inform you (in case you forgot to notice that), dear Ansar, this coaching was founded by Tukaram Jadhav and Malhar Patil (both Hindu). Also, the person who appeared to be most happy at the feat you achieved in the news images was your teacher in the same coaching institute, Rahul Tukaram Pandve who again is a Hindu. Tell me dear Ansar, did you for a SINGLE time, just for a SINGLE time experience a LITTLE BIT OF SHAME while weeping your eyes out condemning the ‘Hindu Bigotry’ you had to face, seeing the faces of these ‘Hindu’ teachers, colleagues and institute owners that offered the best help to enable you secure this success?

For arriving at this stage, you must have for sure crossed all the rounds, viz., the Preliminary Examination, the Mains Examination and finally the Personal Interview as per the UPSC guidelines for the Civil Services Examinations. In each of these stages, you inevitably carried your ‘Muslim’ identity on your Admit Card and Roll No. Also, given the extra-ordinary academic performance and credentials consistently achieved by the people belonging to your community, it is quite obvious that all the examination paper setters, examiners, members of the UPSC Interview Board and even the invigilators on duty while you were taking the examinations were pre-dominantly Hindus. Didn’t you feel pathetic and disgusting for a single time, dear Ansar, while screaming your ‘discrimination story’ at the top of your voice, thinking what will all those ‘Hindu’ people feel who were sitting at the positions of influence while you were appearing in (and successfully clearing them, thanks to those ‘barbaric and discriminating Hindu’ people - mind you) all these rounds of your Civil Services Examinations, when they read your name in the newspaper headlines because of your ‘Disgusting Muslim Victim Drama’?


It is interesting to observe that the same Rahul Tukaram Pandve also cracked the UPSC examination this year and secured All India Rank 200 that was much above than your ranking of 361, still he didn’t manage to claim a single line in the media reports anywhere  whereas you have become the latest ‘International Muslim Victim Celebrity’ overnight. The reason? Simple, he didn’t have a ‘Look How I Was Discriminated Still I Won Them Over’ story to cry and sob.

Further, you shed more tears to state that “My father has three wives, my mom is the second”, and “My two sisters were married off at an early age and didn’t study much”. Well, while we are aware that the Left-Liberal Secular FemiNazi brigade of journalists, intellectuals and thinkers that is beating its chest at the pathetic state of affairs poor Muslims like you have to face in this Barbaric land of Hindus, will or your well-wisher Left-Liberal Feminazi brigade EVER raise a voice in favor of your mother who is still going through the inhuman and misogynistic Islamic diktats of being subjected to a worm-like life as the third wife of a poor auto-rickshaw driver, ALL in the name of Shariah and Islam? We know you will NEVER EVER, Ansar, and neither will the hypocrite chest beaters of that Vatican-Saudi-ISI-fed Left-Liberal Secular brigade.

And finally, to give you a huge blow, Ansar, while you were busy shedding your crocodile tears and playing your poverty plus ‘Global Muslim Victim Card’ to the cheers of your Left-Liberal fans, you hid one thing in a very smart manner. The Zakat Foundation of India website posted an update upon its website the same day, mentioning your name and photograph with great proud expressing that you were one of the 17 Muslims in the nation who cracked the Civil Services Examination 2016 after having received financial patronage and funding from this foundation.

For the uninitiated, Zakat Foundation of India is an Islamic NGO established in the year 1997, which collects and utilizes ‘Zakat’ or charity for projects that are exclusively beneficial to the Islamic society in an organized manner. Having international partners in USA, Cananda, UK and the Gulf nations, this organization works towards ensuring more and more young Muslim men and women are penetrated deep into the administrative and organizational framework of the government bodies in India. Though you left no stone unturned to earn the sympathetic Dhimmi support thanks to the extensive global support sponsored by the Left-Liberal intellectual ecosystem, the Zakat Foundation of India itself exposed your hypocrisy completely, while it also raised a serious alarm in the nation’s mind with its unabashed long-term designs of penetrating the administrative framework of the Indian government, specifically with the brilliant Al-Taqiyya players who have no shame in being thankless for the Hindu support they received (or ‘grabbed) and shedding pseudo-victims tears of the Islamic brotherhood in an Infidel, Idolator, Dar-Ul-Haraam nation like India!



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