Meerut: a warning for the Nation

11 Apr 15
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Horror stories from Meerut, a town located on Delhi -Dehradun highway of UP in India, about the state of India's majority population living the life worse than animals under the threat of an aggressive but government protected 'minority'.

Meerut is reeling under the worst kind of communal disharmony thanks to the massive minority appeasement by the ruling party. Here is a few tidbits of the conversation we had with the locals on the situation.

1. Shastrinagar is a new colony that came up about 25 years ago. Was 100% Hindu. Then across the road came 'miscreants' in an unauthorized colony. The first row of Shastrinagar is now almost entirely RoP dominated. Method is same -low level, random, but unceasing violence. First Hindu flees, then next....and so on.

2. It is very common for the girls of poorer Hindus to be dragged into car, to be returned after two three days, totally worn out. In most cases, girl's family keeps quiet. In very rare cases, if she goes to a police station, she is shooed away by policemen. In few cases girls went to SSP office and threatened to self-immolate. The FIR was lodged but under benign IPC clauses, and RoP boys duly informed. Mob of 'miscreants' descend on girl's house, with threat to murder them all. In most cases, affidavit appears within a week, with girl declaring that it was all consensual. The Meerut newspapers are full of such reports.
Reminds one of the U-turn by the Meerut gangrape victim.

There is a madrassa in Mustafa nagar in Muzaffarnagar where 40-50 abducted girls have been held in captivity. I was put there for 3 days after my abduction and gangrape, thereafter I was forced to convert. 
~Meerut gangrape victim

3. All over Meerut, chain snatchings, bike snatchings are rampant. 'miscreants' are having it good on 'maal-e-ghanimat' (spoils of war, as kafir women are known as).

4. Though after '87 riots, attacks on Baraat ceased in Meerut, but they narrated a horrible case of attack on a Hindu baraat with ladies in it, in Sambhal which is about 100 km from Meerut, and is 90% RoP.

5. Sardhana, a tehsil in Meerut, was 30% RoP ten years ago. Now it is 55% RoP. Municipal council is controlled by them. From villages, they are consolidating in cities.

6. all of this despite the fact that the Police is almost 100% Hindu, MP for last two term is Hindu. CM is Hindu, PM is Hindu.

7. Dalit hindus have recognised the real enemy, but most of the upper Castes (Casteism is strongest in the state of UP) as usual are ready to be trounced upon by miscreantss than share a meal with a Dalit Hindu. Most in the 'Upper Castes' in India are more worried about the few govt jobs they have to share with lower castes because of reservations, but are so stupid that they can't comprehend that there are millions of jobs not created because of socialism that is the ruling mantra of Indian ruling class.

Some obvious conclusions

1. Hindus of India never came out of dhimma. Dhimma/ Dhimmitude is a delusional state of being where a Kafir thinks that being secular and being nice to a miscreants will get them their sympathy and save them from their tyranny. In reality, Dhimmis are less safe than domestic animals of miscreants. And so is the case in India, where Hindus, at least on paper, are 80%.

2. Hindus are ready to live like cockroaches under the fear of lumpen elements of the society. One should not be surprised if cockroaches object to comparison. Totally atomized, self-centred, self-absorbed, incapable of coming together, incapable of organizing themselves. Everybody we talked to said that their biggest dream was to drive a fully loaded truck into ass-up place of these criminals, but doubt if anyone ever thought beyond the dream, or had the courage to.

3. Corruption has seeped into the bones of people in India. Mulayam cannot harm a policeman except transferring him. Still if policemen of UP (and I am sure at most other places.) can cover up rapes of daughters of fellow Hindus to earn those bribes (Meerut is one of the highest bribe point in UP), it means that Hindus have truly been reduced to insects. Constable to DGP of UP are guilty of most heinous crime of allowing rapes in UP so that they can hold the posts they are holding.

4. Modi was given 73 seats in UP with the fond hope that UP would become Gujarat. But unfortunately he seems busy attending marriages of the mafia family ruling UP. Everybody, even the mafia family was expecting dismissal of UP govt as the first act of Modi govt. But Hindu genetically lacks the instinct to go for jugular.

5. Whole country is hysterical, frothing at mouth over Lakhvi release. But the same thugs are happy living the lives of insects to Lakhvis in their own country.

6. The ruling elite of India- media, academia, bureaucrats and politicians- inhabit an alternate universe in which RoP community is frightened and under majority's attack. Scene is 180 degrees opposite on the ground, even in Delhi.

Man is capable of most noble conduct, and man is capable of most despicable conduct. Descendants of men Like Maharana, Shivaji, and countless others, who proved to be the only exception who could survive RoP assault for 800 years in the whole world; are selling their souls to bribes, to careers, to peace. What RoP rulers could not accomplish, is being most easily accomplished by kafir ruling class: the most brutal, humiliating, slow annihilation of the kafirs of India. Looking at the situation in Meerut, one cannot bring myself to imagine condition of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
We talked about Rotherham sex grooming gangs a few weeks ago. In reality, every Indian city where RoP population is over 20% is Rotherham, only many times over.



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