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Free Lunches

The Minority Report The Minority Report
02 May 14
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Published in Social Harmony

Free food, free bicycles,  free laptops free homes and land, interest free loans, free education and jobs without any effort, asylum to crores of illegals, election goodies and All such benefits to so called minorities come from plundering the wealth Your nation.

They get votes, you get taxes. They gain luxuries, you gain work hours. They get power, you get slavery.
Spending your entire lifetime to raise a family which prepares your kids to be a part of the same cycle, same life of hardships. All this because they make you pay for the benefits of those who barely deserve it.
Will you let this appeasement and plunder continue  ? or will you fight for the freedom of your nation ?

Every freebie to so called 'minorities' come at the cost of this nation.
Either watch in silence, or fight with all you have.


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