What does the dangerous ‘Degree game' of Kejriwal teach us as a nation?

11 May 16
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it has almost been around a week and half, when we began hearing Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi yelling in his menacing voice, asking for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to show his educational certificates.

While it appeared quite unusual and foolish as most of his antics have regularly been, most of the sensible people didn’t give it a second ear as the demand simply didn’t carry any plausible weight to it. After all, any legislative representative is elected by the voters who in turn are the citizens of this nation itself, on the basis of their ability to represent them into the legislative bodies, and raise the issues of concern to them.
Nowhere have the academic credentials of an elected representative got to do anything in this scenario. Also, we have seen the likes of Rabri Devi and a lot others whose educational qualifications or even leadership experience have always been more than evident to everybody, still who have managed to not only reach the offices successfully but also run their respective regimes. How did they manage to get there and further how did they fare as the leaders, are issues demanding a different debate. 

But gradually, we witnessed entire space of socio-political narrative across every medium of discourse – be it the media channels, newspapers, online media portals, social media platforms – getting engulfed by the steadily rising and increasingly annoying gimmickry of Kejriwal and his gang of moronic AAPian aides.
Among these sidekicks, the two prominent were Ashutosh Gupta, the biggest rapist that the English language has endured since the days of Geoffery Chaucer and Ashish Khetan, the infamous journalistic-blackmail-agent of Tarun ‘Rapist’ Tejpal who also claims the ‘great’ honor of defending the Essar group in the 2G scam.
It was pathetically enraging and discouraging to see that this absolute non-issue of a foolish maniac raising a lunatic demand that the academic records of an elected politician be disclosed to nation was being offered an over-the-top coverage by almost every single media outlet in the country.

The turning point to this tale arrived when in a very abrupt manner, Amit Shah, the BJP president and Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister of the nation held a Press conference on the 9th of May, 2016, and almost gave in to that utterly insensible demand of the charlatan named Arvind Kejriwal by ‘publicly displaying’ BA and MA degrees and marksheets of Narendra Modi.

As was obvious, the AAPian gang of thugs didn’t take it very pleasantly, and Ashutosh Gupta held a retaliatory Press conference to ‘announce’ that the degrees and marks statements shown in the BJP press conference are ‘fake’.

So much so that the entire Commie-Liberal-Secular intellectuals were found even matching the ‘fonts’ in which the degree of the Prime Minister had been printed by the two university administrations, and ‘declaring’ that those fonts were actually purchased by the Microsoft Corporation much after Modi’s ‘fake’ degree had been reportedly issued! Can we expect to get the things any dirty, disgusting and despicable than this!?

And the pathetic drama of the AAP and its vile goons didn’t stop here. The next day itself, on the 10th of May, 2016, a ‘delegation’ of the party marched ahead into the Delhi University office seeking the details of Narendra Modi’s B.A. degree.
The ‘delegation’ got a real tight slap up its face when Tarun Das, the Registrar of DU officially made an announcement that the P.M. successfully cleared the graduation examination from the institution in the year 1978, his enrolment number was CC 594/74 and his examination roll number was 16594. While this finally put an end to the horribly downgraded and filthy drama that was very meticulously stage-managed by the AAP (receiving extensive support from its allies in the media channels and institutions), it for sure leaves us with a few questions:

1. Why did Arvind Kejriwal and his party decide to create this insanely pathetic ruckus particularly when the Mafioso Queen of 10 Janpath, ‘Signora Gandhi’ had her neck firmly clutched in the Augasta-Westland Scam, her name being repeatedly mentioned in the verdict of an Italian court of justice?

2. Why did the entire media eco-system of this nation worked in a well-designed sync to divert the attention of the nation off the Augusta-Westland Scam and Sonia Gandhi’s involvement with it, offering unjustifiably allocated airtime and newsprint to this derogatory filthy non-issue perpetrated by a disgusting scum who smartly conned the Delhiites twice?

3. Why did the BJP had to resort to bend-over-backwards to the cheap demands of this charlatan by initiating a press conference and offer him undue weightage? Will it not encourage him to raise a series of non-issues like this whenever any crucial moment appear in the course of remaining years during Modi’s regime, and successfully keep the nation in the perpetual darkness of ignorance it has continuously been trapped in, right since 1947?

4. What steps need to be taken to ensure that the next time Kejriwal and his gang of thugs, or any other stooges of the Anti-India world powers for that matter, try to unleash such a devilish scheme to disturb the national narrative, it can be nipped in the bud and the perpetrators be stringently subjected to a treatment they rightfully deserve – how-much-so-ever harsh, barbaric and unconstitutional do they appear to be in nature?

After all, protection of the security and integrity of the nation comes first, even before the constitution.
Doesn’t it?

If whitewashing the AgustaWestland scam from public memory was the aim of this diversion employed by Mr. Kejriwal then he has indeed succeeded in the mission.
BJP has walked into the trap that he laid down and it's congress that's smiling smugly at the entire turn of events, knowing that it's queen is safe, for now.
But for us, as a nation - it shows how easily we can be led in any direction by the whims of the mainstream media, no matter how much hue and cry we raise against it.



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  • Comment Link Sushant Friday, 13 May 2016 07:18 posted by Sushant

    I do not think BJP fell into the trap, but on the contrary Jaitley, the super smart supreme court lawyer laid the trap for kejri and co. He will now use this as an evidence in the criminal defamation case against Kejri, Ashutosh, Chaddha and others. He will go on to prove their regular shoot and scoot policy, which defames people with integrity. I wish Jaitley teaches these crooks a lesson once and for all.

  • Comment Link Rohit Thursday, 12 May 2016 20:04 posted by Rohit

    Shameless Ak

  • Comment Link himanshu singhal Thursday, 12 May 2016 17:47 posted by himanshu singhal

    I am not generally a follower of any political leader..But your biased words has led me to say few words...ME with all the heart do believe That PM Narendra Modi ji is the best prime minister India that 'ever had' or 'ever will if politician doesn't care to see nation's interest beyond their own'. Now the question is that whether what Mr kejriwal did was right or wrong. Yes, What he did may be wrong or may have gone negative for the nation as far as PM's International 'powerful Man' image is concerned, but at the same time it was an act out of democracy.Its his right to speak, to ask, to demand justification. At least once again, we believe that we being a citizen of India can demand for acute transparency of any govt records.Yes it may be a distraction but at the same time it may not be intended distraction.It is a vicious circle of blaming and forcing and distracting, as there is no Gandhi to end the circle , on whose integrity we can completely trust, whose interests are beyond the party rule. And yet here we stand, Seeing you blaming and thrashing back at Mr. Kejriwal, what difference did you leave between him and you.More or less it looks like you too are playing a expert diversified responsibility role in BJP not for nation's interest but for the party same as ashutosh playing for AAP. So sir there is no difference between between you or AAP or any other political leader.We only and only need an Gandhi, which is neither you nor Mr Kejriwal, to whom we can blindly follow, to whom the whole world would follow.

  • Comment Link Amrit Rai Thursday, 12 May 2016 14:00 posted by Amrit Rai

    Why spreading lies is not punishable? The court of law should take a strict action against the culprits.

  • Comment Link Amrit Rai Thursday, 12 May 2016 13:58 posted by Amrit Rai

    Why spreading lies is not punishable? The court of law should take a strict action against the culprits.

  • Comment Link anwesh Thursday, 12 May 2016 13:39 posted by anwesh

    i think the counters to aaptards is not enough......there must start an opposive force within his territory that is Delhi. Delhi youth, students and responsible citizens must start openly oppose kejri and aap govt for going against our beloved Prime minister. The effect of social media is not enough it seems. We need to target them right at their minds.

  • Comment Link Sridutt Thursday, 12 May 2016 13:10 posted by Sridutt

    This PM, Sh. Narendra Modi, is what we need. Someone who does things fairly, and is clean.

  • Comment Link Dr minakshi soni Thursday, 12 May 2016 07:08 posted by Dr minakshi soni

    I'm proud of my PM modi ji whatever degree he is having, I don't care at
    least he is doing so much work .May God bless him long nd healthy life .
    Kejriwal ko utha kar bahar phenko,he don't have any work except bitching

  • Comment Link renu Thursday, 12 May 2016 05:52 posted by renu

    For once, i feel bjp did right by putting the degrees in public domain. Our media is totally sold out to kejriwal and sonia, no matter what, they would have carried on with their diversionary tactics till long.
    As for AW scam and AirIndia scam, Arun jaitely needs to tightenup the babus working under him to expedite the investigation and in a time bound manner. Throwout the ones scuttling the investigations and then mefia will have to carry the news.
    Do not expect media to discuss any good work of nda govt. They will have to work hard so that people actually reap the benefit and realise the value of vote.

  • Comment Link Rao Thursday, 12 May 2016 04:47 posted by Rao

    Most of us have analytical powers, we have no or less thinking brain. We are followers of a 'god', 'goddess', any one in the name of a god or goddess. Neither AK nor (pseudo) Gandhis just did not go and occupied the chairs. It is the electorate who are neither thinkers nor analysers elected them perhaps mesmerised by their colour of skin, talk or even ancestral history. We are digging our own grave.

  • Comment Link Kewal loona Thursday, 12 May 2016 04:19 posted by Kewal loona

    No need to comment.AFool can put more questions than a wise man can answer.i agree with the view that they should be dealt with iron hand ,may be for the time being ,they may look unconstitutional.

  • Comment Link Praveen P Thursday, 12 May 2016 03:28 posted by Praveen P

    Kejriwal is the modern face of Naxalism... He is a shameless creature.. Educated Thief...

  • Comment Link Prakash Thursday, 12 May 2016 02:24 posted by Prakash

    Kejriwal is a hostorical slave of congress - it is now proved beyond any doubt.

  • Comment Link Sulochana Thursday, 12 May 2016 01:03 posted by Sulochana

    Kejriwal and his antics disgust me. Period.

  • Comment Link Manju Singhal Wednesday, 11 May 2016 17:39 posted by Manju Singhal

    What Mr. Kejriwal is doing, just diverting the minds of people from congress as he has done always...........and most of the people are always trapped in his dirty politics.
    I as an Indian citizen according to RTI, has a full right to ask Kejriwal & Sonia Gandhi to public their educational documents........as we have seen our respected PM's documents.

  • Comment Link P N KRISHNAMURTHY Wednesday, 11 May 2016 15:20 posted by P N KRISHNAMURTHY

    BJP had no business to respond officialy to the crap. A very unpardonable error of strategy. They should have allowed the goons to scream nd ignored it. BJP did what the AAPist wanted them to do. Bihar Uttranchal etc too many blunders being committed.

  • Comment Link RAGHUNATH k n Wednesday, 11 May 2016 13:25 posted by RAGHUNATH k n

    To divert the attention of the nation from the issue of Augusta deal

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