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Bending over backwards: Telangana Governemnt

Kavitha KCR Kavitha KCR
18 Sep 14
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Published in Politics

 So what's the government of Telangana up to ?

1]▸ First, as soon as it was formed on separatist undertones

- the daughter of its CM says Telangana isn't part of India, it was forcefully occupied. yeah right.. Vijaynagram Empire was on a different planet and Hyderabad was imported from Gulf perhaps?
Why gulf.. because that's where some of its inhabitants are dying to get to.

2]▸ 15 youth were caught by the Telangana police in West Bengal when these engineering students were planning to flee to Iraq to join ISIS. It included a girl as well - she wanted to offer herself for sex as ISIS had asked the entire brotherhood to send them girls for its fighters. Seems 72 promised after death isn't lucrative enough these days. Or maybe it's just easier to pick 'momin' girls from Hyderabad which is why..

3]▸ The Sheikhs come here all the way from Gulf to shop for short term brides. It's another matter if these 'brides' are divorced and sent packing in a year or so - often with a child in their wombs. A child which inevitably ends in an abortion clinic.

4]▸ Sometimes when they can't make it to the city due to their busy schedule, the relatives arrange for a 'home delivery' of sorts as was seen last week when a 15 year girl was sold and forced to prepare a trip to gulf by none other than her mother herself.
Disgusted ? well that's just another day in Owaisi's Hyderabad under the blessing of Telangana government.

5]▸ The TRS govt. is bending over backwards to appease them anyway possible. It recently passed a resolution which gave executive as well as judiciary powers to the Wakf board.
So what if our temples continue being looted by politician in government - the property of minorities will stay safe and multiply from 1000 to 2000 crore now. Though the state government seems to think they're poor despite his mammoth wealth.

6]▸ Which is why it's announced a grant of 51000 in its maiden budget for poor muslim girls. Poor hindu girls can go to hell.

7]▸ And as if all this wasn't enough, appeasement crossed all limits when the BJP cadres were barred from hoisting the Indian flag on Telangana Liberation Day - the day when Telangana /Hyderabad was liberated from the bigot jihadi of a Nizam of Hyderabad. Celebrating it would 'hurt' the sentiments of MIM party run by Owaisi brothers. the brothers who are offspring of the same Nizam culture and still consider themselves so.

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