When Political Stunts Go Out of Hand

23 Apr 15
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 During AAP's rally in Delhi, a person comitted suicide by hanging himself on a tree in front of Kejriwal. An insight into the matter 

 AAP is not alien to the concept of political stunts. Their antics are a matter of public discussion all over the nation. From hiring stone pelters, egg throwers to ink splatters - AAP is known to hire people to create a scene and a juicy story for media discussions. However, seemingly another in the series went horribly wrong when a man attempting suicide ... actually ended up taking his own life amidst much confusion and public apathy. The facts that came out later puts a big question mark on the entire workings of AAP. Some points to ponder upon. 


1) In the morning, Kejriwal asked police not to allow media in the rally.

 2) Gajendra Singh has his own website, a well settled businessman, less of a farmer


3) It's mysterious as to why a person who wanted to give up life by hanging on tree,  was carrying Jhaadu  (AAP party symbol) along with him ?

 (Look at His body language and Face.. Does he look like someone about to commit suicide?)


4) At the time he hanged himself, Kumar Vishwas was giving speech. He says - "Latak gaya ?"

5) Even after Gajendra Singh's death, AAP leaders and Mr. Kejriwal continued their rally to provoke other farmers. Mr Kejriwal continued with his rhetoric against Mr. Modi.

 6) The family members of Gajendra Singh have revealed that Gajendra was in touch with Mr Manish Sisodia and he had apprently met Mr. Sisodia at 11 am (just before the rally)

7) The suicide note seems planted as no one would wrongly spell their own name (the name written was 'Upendra' then struck off to write the correct name). However, Mr Kumar Vishvas read it from the stage to add to the dramatic effect.


8) Family members of Gajendra says the handwriting on the purported suicide note was not his


9) "He was a positive and a headstrong man. It seems that he was provoked by some in the rally," said Surendra Singh, brother-in-law of Rajawat. 

"Gajendra just wanted to highlight the plight of the farmers but was incited by AAP to take such drastic step" - Gajendra's family members.

10) Back in 2011, when he Met Rajdeep Sardesai to talk about Anti-Corruption rally, Sardesai had advised him to create a Tahrir Square like scene to get noticed. Kejriwal approached a Maulana of Delhi to get help in crowd gathering to create Tahrir Square like scene. It is evident that Kejriwal wanted to create a scene to gain political mileage and one shouldn't be surprised if it turns out from the call records that AAP planned a fake suicide attempt. Gajendra Singh was made to do the stunt, which went out of hand.

Blame coming from the opposition

Mr Gajendra was a businessman with his own political interests. After joining BJP, SP and Congress he wanted to try his hand in AAP. Apparently a plan was hatched for an attempt to suicide allegedly known only to the top leaders. After the man was stopped from suicide, he was to come to the stage and read that piece of paper (it was a speech note, made out to be a suicide note in a hurry) . AAP wanted to show the 'plight of the poor farmer' under  the Modi regime. However, went the act went wrong, no one realised (they thought its all by plan) until it was too late. And then began the cover ups, but now it seems its too late for that as the people of the nation realise how low AAP can stoop for their political advantage.
Delhi Police have filed an FIR and assigned the crime branch to probe the suicide of Gajendra Singh, The FIR has been registered under IPC sections 306 (abetment to suicide) and 186 (obstructing public servant in discharging duty) against unknown persons.






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