Narayana Murthy's son latest pawn of Vatican-sponsored Anti-Hindu Western Intelligentsia?

14 Jun 16
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Right since the days the British evangelists and rulers began injecting the intellectual and ideological poison of hatred against everything Hindu and Indian inside the brains of their Macaulayian ‘Brown Sahibs’ in order to boost the Christian conversion in the land of India, castigating and flagellating our own roots has consistently and firmly been grounded as a sure-shot formula to be labelled an ‘Educated, Sensible and Intellectually Sound Liberal’ among especially the rich and elite Hindus. 

Narayana Murthy, the well-known IT pioneer who co-founded the legendry Infosys, seems to be following the same lines, and even forwarding the similar leanings to his offspring as well. In October 2015, Narayana issued his hackneyed Left-Liberal Secular chain of statements showing ‘concerns’ for the Muslims who are afraid in Modi regime, and further backing the ghastly ‘Award Wapsi Gang’ that left no stone unturned in enacting the morally corroded drama of leftist secularism upon the beef-eater (now laboratorially confirmed) Akhalq’s demise in U.P. 

Rohan Murthy, the very able son of Narayana Murthy seems to have taken the ‘Left-Liberal’ lessons just right from his father, just that he has gone further to fortify his secular credentials with the extremely shrewd venom of Vatican-sponsored Anti-Hindu Western Intelligentsia. To briefly narrate you the matter, Rohan had visited the Loeb Classic Library of the Harvard University in the U.S. a few years back. The library officially claims to be “the only series of books which, through original text and English translation, gives access to our (westerners’) entire Greek and Latin heritage”. The visit, Rohan says, gave him an idea about working towards the establishment of a similar library for translation of around 500 ancient Indian works from 12 languages into English, in order to enable our future generations become aware of our heritage and feel proud (or ‘otherwise’?) of it. So far so good. But now begin the circles of suspicion engulfing the entire setting of things. 

Mind you, the 33 year old Rohan himself is a Junior Fellow in the Society of Fellows of the Harvard University. This society has particularly been notorious for acting as a brooding ground for Western Intellectuals, professors and academicians who are especially interested in denigrating Hinduism, insulting India and working towards the Vatican-designed ‘Breaking India’ mission that has been classically dissected by Rajiv Malhotra, the well-known Hindu Intellectual warrior fighting it out right inside the dens of these intellectual monsters of the U.S.A.
For heading the ‘Murthy Classic Library of India’ that Rohan Murthy has founded with a personal endowment amounting to US$ 5.2 million, the person who has been selected clears all the airs about Rohan’s intentions. It is none other than the much infamous Professor Sheldon Pollock from the Columbia University who has a huge ‘reputation’ to his name among Indian Left-Liberals for all the hatred he spews at Hinduism and Indian civilization. To loosely narrate some of the gem-like statements he has uttered at various occasions, “Sanskrit had always been a dead and non-existent language”, “Muslim rulers tried to revive Sanskrit in India” (he REALLY said so!), “Several major cultic centers devoted to Rama have been ‘created’”, and “To infer from the temples bearing Rama reliefs that a cult of Rama existed in the ninth and tenth centuries is not possible”. These are just a few glimpses from the wide array of ‘golden statements’ made by Professor Pollock about the Indian heritage and Hinduism, after all, the Left-Liberal creeps of India find him to be one of the most ‘authoritative experts’ on Indology and Indian languages.

Obviously, Professor Pollock was the one who not only opposed the renaming of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML) as The Museum of Governance, but also supported the anti-national devils of the JNU who posing themselves as the ‘students’ were breaking all hell loose in the beginning of this year, supporting the Aazaadi brigade led by Kanhaiya and Umar Khalid.

Rajiv Malhotra, the head of Infinity Foundation opposed this decision and was supported by a large number of Indian intellectuals including the Ex-Chief Election Commissioner of India, N. Gopalaswami on the basis of Professor Pollock not being an Indian in the first place, who, for a fact, would not be able to do as much justice to the ethnically Indian literary works as an Indian intellectual would do. An online petition at too was raised with such an effect, but finally, the money being drained behind the library belonged to the Murthy’s and hence the decision too belonged to them.

What we proud nationalists of India can actually learn from the entire episode is, why do we always need to crib and cry at what the Left-Liberal Intellectual Thugs would do on the behest of their Vatican or Saudi-ISI sponsored Western masters? If a Murthy father-son duo can put in its hard earned money towards distorting the glory of our nation and Dharma, can’t we find a single Hindu industrialist or businessman across the globe to fund a parallel institution that can not only outdo the damage that Murthys’ library aims at doing, but also serve as a lighthouse of bright wisdom that will save millions of youngsters from future generations from falling into all these nefarious intellectual traps being laid out all the way through?

Time to stop ‘reacting’, and ‘acting’ instead has arrived, folks!


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  • Comment Link Punit Mathur Thursday, 22 September 2016 06:40 posted by Punit Mathur

    Is it possible for Shankhnaad to form a team with various Hindu gurus, Their followers businessmen. We do not need one big industrialist like Murthy we can do with many medium and small ones. Form a library or Shankhnaad own. Take donations in form of Cash, Free editing, Translation and printing. Also you can have people learn Sanskrit and Veda here. Put the fees to expand the library. Use students help to translate more. This way I know it is time taking and depends on funding but with help of right people in India and Abroad we can definitely make a Grand library in comparison to what the Murthy's are planning. Though this is just a vague top of my mind idea but it is dooable, time consuming but dooable. The more the people learn about our heritage the more they feel proud the more people will become actively involved.

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