A clueless government leaves people fending for themselves

24 Feb 16
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A weak government caught napping again?

The first thing that the reader of this article needs to know is that the Jaat reservation was a election promise prominently displayed in the election manifestoes of BJP candidates in the Haryana elections . so for all means and purposes YES - the government promised Jaat reservation and then thought it would just blow over like they expect the other issues to, without they being called to task by the people who voted for them .

The reports now coming in indicate that people believe this stir was a congress conspiracy which was hatched sometime in the month of august last year where Jaats were called by then incumbent congress government to create unrest in the state in coming days. So what we see happening in Haryana was the result of at least 8 months planning.

But putting the blame on congress cannot absolve the BJP form their accountability. Congress did what it always does but it was the BJP which has been voted into power at both centre and state to ensure that our country sees a different fate from the congress government destined it to. BJP was voted in in hopes of a stern action on all anti-social and anti-national elements not to stand in the docks and cry victim. For someone who believed modi to be a strong decisive leader, it was disappointing to see him wail out that the congress and 'foreign hands' are out to dethrone him.

So the congress allegedly plans a great jaat riot and BJP government is caught unawares?
Large scale rioting breaks out , sukhdev dhaba to Jurassic park , branded show rooms , railway tracks , water canals are all dug out rioting continues for over a week and what does the government do?
There are tweets and reports on social media of police siding with the rioters (they being jaats themselves) . Are we trying to blame jaats over here? Absolutely not .. There are existent fault lines in our country which the NGOs missionaries and anti-social parties are ready to exploit,
But the iron hand and ability to stop this exploitation lies with central as well as state governments. They can absolutely not escape this responsibility.
At least 15 were left dead as a result of this riot.
Who are these people, how did they die (no firing was done by the police by that time). Were non-jaats targeted and killed?
Does this not deepen another great regional faultiline in our society?
There were numerous heart wrenching appeals for help, to save the lives of non-jaats , while their property and life savings were being burnt to ashes.

The Haryana government first left it to a Jaat majority police and then brought in the Jaat regiment of the army to put the situation under control .. this is the video of a rioting group even after army presence
The fault lines are being created, hatred sown deep … while people were left to die by an inept clueless government trying to stay politically correct, scared of bad press and losing vote banks.

So pathetic was the entire handling of these riots that people had to do rallies in Delhi in an appeal to save their relatives, their livelihoods and lives ….
Yes, the government needs a demonstration by the people to remind them to save innocent lives.

The police, the protector of the people were left defenseless themselves wherever they did try to bring things under control.

Even the army fared no better.  The army … and the burning!

With the growing influence of breaking India forces anti national elements having a free run in this country and growing support for ISIS , how does the public expect to be safe in this country if any or all of these elements come into play is a question few dare ask.






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