Brief: Indian surgical strike in Myanmar

09 Jun 15
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In a rare show of cross border counter-terror operations, the Indian Army sent its paratroopers to avenge the ambush of Manipur. The best part is - all or boys are back safe. We try and summarise today’s mission in ten points.



  1. NSCN-K terrorists who did Manipur ambush killing 18 Indian soldiers on 6th June, crossed the border back into Myanmar and hid in 2 camps there.

    Ambush by NSCN terrorists on 6th June

  2. Indian army intelligence traced the terrorist’s organisations in a massive hunt that followed the ambush.
  3. The army found out that more attacks were planned from Myanmar camps.
  4. Drones were sent deep in Myanmar territory to locate those camps.

  5. One camp was located east of Nagaland and another east of Manipur, approximately 150 KM south. Both well inside Myanmar.
  6. Once the drones located the camps, Indian army top leadership sought operational clearance from PMO India (involved border crossing). The PMO was quick in providing the clearance.
  7. Planes carrying Indian Special Forces silently crossed into Myanmar after informing the government on India.

  8. It was not a joint operation with Myanmar army, intelligence or government. All special commandos were dropped strategically.
  9. Indian Special Forces eliminated at least 20 NSCN-K terrorists in the two camps inside Myanmar. Best of all, there was zero casualty for India which is a splendid news in a hostile foreign territory.
  10. The army announced the success of this hot pursuit inside Myanmar only after every single Indian Special Forces commando reached home safely.


The Government of India has lived up its promise of providing a free hand to the army when it comes to national security. Not only it is a warning to China, against encouraging terrorism in the North east, it’s also a stern message to Pakistan which has already been warned earlier against any misadventure in J&K.
Ajit Doval has categorically stated that any mischief by Pakistan in Indian territory and it will end up losing Balochistan.
This should also serve as a lesson for the anti-AFSPA activists running their human rights shops at the behest of foreign powers that their propaganda is beginning to crack up.


(courtesy NewsX, the channel that did an immediate job on the matter).


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