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Red Terror - India’s Internal Fight

The home grown terror funded by the enemies of Bharat The home grown terror funded by the enemies of Bharat
09 May 15
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Naxalism can be traced back in 1967 with its root in Naxalbari, West Bengal, after the split of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) which led to the formation Communist party of India (Marxist-Leninst). We take a brief overview of the menace here.

Naxalites are not much different from Maoists; the only difference is the later originated in China. It has spread its web to more than 60 district throughout the country which includes states like Orissa, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Maharatra, Andhra Pradesh (Undivided).

India has 15106.7Km of land border running though 17 states and 92 districts, along with a coastline border of 7516.6Km touching 13 states & Union Territories. Along side the coastal border she has 1197 islands accounting for 2094km of additional coastline. All the borders are heavily secured by lakhs of Indian soldiers. But, with such a huge geographical area there are threats by number of groups within the country namely Naxalites.

Naxalites, pose a huge threat to the internal security of the country by affecting more than 92,000 square km of the country. More than 12000 people has lost there life due to the violence, the most recent in April 12, 2015 killing 7 STF jawans and injuring several others. Dr Manmohan Singh, India’s Ex Prime minister in 2006 called the Naxalites the "single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by our country". In June 2011, he said, "Development is the master remedy to win over people”, adding that the government was "strengthening the development work in the 60 Maoist-affected districts.








 Number of incidents:






Number of casualties in security forces :






Number of naxalites killed :






                                                                               Source: - http://mha.nic.in/hindi/Naxal


The districts that comprise the Red Corridor (The Red Corridor is a region in the east of India that experiences considerable Naxalite–Maoist insurgency) are among the poorest in the country.

The red corridor

They sit on huge natural reserve and do not allow it to be mined by the government.They brainwash the local population against mining and give guns to children instead of books in notion that they are protecting their own rights. Naxalites are involved in killing, loots, abduction and number of other unsocial activities causing a huge disruption to the country. They also attack certain types of infrastructure, like rail and road transport and power transmission, and also forcibly oppose execution of development works, like critical road construction. After committing crime they hide in deep jungles and villages which makes very difficult task to nail them for the department.

 It has been proved that the funding to Maoist is done by Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligences (ISI). ISI is circulating fake currency through Nepal to fund the terror activities in India, Of course, it is well-known that in the past the Maoists had close links with the LTTE of Sri Lanka and that they procured small arms from China through Nepal, thanks to their fraternal ties with the Nepali Maoists. According to the Intelligence Bureau, Kerala has become the hub of hawala transaction for the Maoist activities, according to IB a whopping sum of Rs 20,000 crores are being routed via kerala to these Maoists groups.

 The government has to give a special package and educate the next generations of Maoist of the ill work they are doing. The government should attract the willing Maoist to surrender, rehabilitate and start a new life. Till today huge number of Maoist have surrender to the government on the look out for a better life, the government must involve them in the rehabilitation process to understand their grievance and to divert them to the constitutional path. The state & central government has to work in tandem with each other to give them a better life, to enable them to leave the path of violence and start working for the betterment of their own community.


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