Buddha In A Traffic Jam wins young hearts, burns Leftist Movie Critics

18 May 16
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The fact that almost all the streams of aesthetic expression and intellectual discourse such as academics, journalism, literature, fine arts, theater and cinema etc. have in a way been captured by the leftists right since the days of independence is known to all of us.

Cinema being a very powerful audio-visual medium that affects the masses and especially the impressionable youth most effectively among them all hence becomes more important than the others. Terror of the leftist powers in the Indian film industry can be gauged by the fact that no serious effort had been made in any language that exposed the brutal and tyrannical truth of the Leftist regimes, and the hypocrisy of their cries for ‘Freedom’.

‘Buddha in a Traffic Jam’ is the first ever film made in India that directly hits this hypocrisy of the Left and rips their venomous truth apart in the open. Vivek Agnihotri, the director of the film has himself been an alumni of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) that runs under the aegis of the infamous leftist bastion JNU and has seen this dark work through his own eyes. He is the son of a well-known academician who was the Vice Chancellor of the Jabalpur University. The film scathes the evil nexus of Leftist academic institutes and professors, foreign-funded NGOs and Naxalite terrorists in such a defiant manner that even after having been completed in the year 2012, it was not cleared by the Censor Board for public screenings. Nonetheless, Vivek began taking the film to innumerous film festivals right since, and it managed to grab a plethora of international awards and honors, including Official selection at MAMI Film Festival, Best screenplay at Madrid Film Festival, Best Film/Director at Jakarta Film Festival etc.

Finally, the film saw the light of day at the Censor Board in April 2016, when it was cleared without a single cut. Vivek and his team took the film for private screenings at a large number of prestigious institutes in India such as IITB, IITG, IITM, IITK, IIMC, SP Jain Management Research Institute, Osmania University, NALSAR, National Law University, Hyderabd, Allahabad University, BHU, Punjab University, Himachal Pradesh UNIV, Delhi Univ, Pune University, IISc Banglaore and Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Barring a few hardcore left-infested institutes where it was not only denied screening permission at the last hour or even violently blocked and opposed by the leftist goons, it received an overwhelming response from the student crowd at large.

‘Buddha In A Traffic Jam’ got released on Friday the 13th of May, 2016. Interestingly, Vivek also wrote an open letter to Arvind Kejriwal, the presumed ‘movie-buff’ Chief Minister of Delhi who is known to be more interested in watching latest flicks in the theater, sometimes on the release date itself, and then disseminating the review of that film through his Twitter profile. In the open letter, Vivek invited him to attend the screening of the film, and also elucidated fifteen reasons as to why the Delhi C.M. must watch this film. But, Kejriwal who usually doesn’t forget to watch even the most senseless Bollywood movies and praises them in his tweets, didn’t go to watch this film and even if he had gone, at least didn’t share the experience on his Twitter timeline.

Most of the left-leaning Movie Critics didn’t take a high liking to the film, which was quite obvious. In fact, some of them were reportedly expecting Vivek to pay them a ‘ransom’ against giving it good reviews in their columns. But to a very pleasant surprise for the film and its team, the aware citizens who had heard a lot about the film, largely due to the misbehavior and discrimination it was subjected to by the leftist academic and student lobbies, admired it very much through the social media networking sites and IMDB.com, the best known and trusted online resource on cinema across the globe.

You can view a few screenshots to understand their enthusiasm about the film right here. What is interesting to know is that a few of them belong to the institutions it faced harshest criticism and opposition at. One particular female viewer was so highly impressed with its content that she even went to the extent of asking for a sequel of the film right at her Twitter timeline! Well, if this is not the ‘power of the people’, we guess the sponsored mercenaries with a garb of ‘people’s revolution’ will never be able to understand what actually the word ‘people’ means. More power to this wonderful film, and we sincerely wish this is just the beginning of a new series of films in India, with many many more to come and enlighten our current and coming generations forever!


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