Leftist Jihadis of Jadavpur University riot Vivek Agnihotri’s film screening 

08 May 16
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The Leftist organizations across the globe have always thumped their chests yelling ‘Freedom of Speech’. They have till recent past very successfully posed themselves to be the only custodians of everybody’s basic right to express him or her.

But then, a series of recent developments has been ripping their evil masks apart and stripping the venomous face of intellectual tyranny, thuggery and terrorism lying behind it right since the days of Karl Marx himself. And this time it is Jadavpur University situated in the state of West Bengal that is aptly known as the mini-version of JNU in terms of being a hotbed to the anti-Hindu, anti-nationalist thought process and activities, duly fuelled by an army of leftist professors an academicians associated with the institution.

Vivek Agnihotri, a filmmaker from Mumbai who has a slew of well-known Hindi feature films to his credit, had made a film titled ‘Buddha in a Traffic Jam’ a few years ago. Based upon his own experiences and observations as an alumni of the IIMC, JNU, the film effectively traces how the left-leaning institutions across the nation have been working as nodal centers connecting Naxalite terrorism, Maoist school of thought, the gang of foreign-sponsored NGO’s and the poisonous battery of academicians working in them. Without a shred of doubt, the film was poised at hitting the Leftist ecosystem right at its weakest nerve in an unprecedentedly hard manner, and that’s what actually compelled the leftist devils nationwide to tear their own robes of ‘Liberal Thought’ apart into pieces and expose the deceit and dubiousness embedded within their screams of chanting the ‘Aazaadi’ slogans.

A few months back, Vivek took his film to be screened at the JNU campus, his very own alma mater. Interestingly, this followed the typical leftist style of propagating their political thought through independent films that are screened in institutions nationwide, before being sent to film festivals abroad and being sold to some distributors finally. Speaking from the business point of view as well, this strategy helps the film score good in terms of revenue generation as the public perception about a film directly boosts its chances to fare well at the box office. But then, the same leftist authoritarian JNU guys didn’t allow the film to be screened initially. In fact, Vivek had to struggle hard before finally managing a screening at the venue.

And, when the film was screened at the university campus, it received a grand welcome by non-leftist students in a large crowd with thundering rounds of claps and applause for the film. Encouraged by the success, Vivek took the film for public screening to more than 35 reputed institutions across the nation, including some of the IITs and IIMs as well. Barring a few terribly left-infested campuses such as the JNU, National Law Universities, IIT Madras and Punjab University, the film received a very warm response from both the student and the teacher communities everywhere.

In the series of these events, a screening of the film had been planned at the Jadavpur University campus, and a formal request for the permission for the screening had been sent to the concerned authorities. Initially, the permission had been granted by them on the 3rd of May, 2016. But on May 5, a letter signed by the Alumni Association's secretary, Sipra Patra, stated that the screening wouldn't be allowed. In the morning of the 6th of May, 2016, Vivek received an email message from Sumit Majumdar, a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Physics, Jadavpur University who had been supporting the screening since day one. In the email, Majumdar informed that the university authority had cancelled the screening that was scheduled to take place in the Triguna Sen Auditorium of the campus, giving a pathetically lame excuse that “the screening of the film violates the model code of conduct of Election Commission”.

While the film has already been duly cleared by the Central Board of Film Certification, the premier body that certifies under which category a film must be allowed to be screened in theaters nationwide, Majumdar categorically informed in the email that “the dean orally transmitted that the film needs to be censored by an internal board”. Are these vile leftist devils the same guys who scream at the top of voice criticizing this Censor Board of ‘moral policing’ when it ascertains some cuts to be made upon objectionable shots or sequences in various films?

It needs to be noted that the Vice Chancellor of the same Jadavpur Univesity had a few weeks back unabashedly stated that he firmly stands with the freedom of expression, and had allowed the anti-national posters to be stuck up the walls right in the university campus by left-leaning students backed by their criminally minded Mafioso leftist faculty members present therein.

Resisting this shameless and brutal tyranny of the leftist forces dominating at the university campus, the member of a non-leftist group supporting Vivek’s film named ‘Think India’ decided to screen the film despite the ban. And this was when the real barbaric, terrorist face of the Left-Liberal intellectual devils brought its fang out. When Vivek arrived at the campus on the 6th of May in the morning, his vehicle was surrounded by these leftist terrorists, stone being pelted upon it and the filmmaker himself subjected to gross manhandling. The students supporting Vivek began the screening out in the open, using a white bedsheet as its screen. But blocking and disturbing the screening to the worst of their terroristic attitude, the leftist devils used the ages old devilish technique of beating and thrashing the Think India supporters on one side, and using their own female members to issue false allegations against the Think India people and Vivek’s supporters of sexually molesting them. Their disgusting, gross and mean thought process knows no boundaries and is similar across the universe it seems!!

Finally they used their leftist goons to charge physical violence against those screening the film, and the situation became so badly tense that the screening had to be aborted midway. Anupam Kher, who was otherwise scheduled to attend the screening, too was stopped from arriving at the scene listening to all this; and the BJP leader Rupa Ganguly who is still famous for the character of Draupadi she portrayed in B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharat in the 90’s arrived at the campus to safeguard her supporters who were being physically assaulted by the members of FAS and DSF, both hardcore leftist student bodies.

While the screening of a film with a clear certificate issued by the Censor Board of Film Certification had to be cancelled due to this brazen terrorism of the left, you must be curious to know how did the university administration react to it all? Well, the Jadavpur University authorities have filed a police complaint against four people – three of which are the members of the Akhil Bharati Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP)! So much for the ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Civil Liberties’ in this land of the Red!


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