Why did the 63rd National Film Awards hurt the Left-Liberal gang of intellectual thugs so badly?

06 May 16
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That the ‘Left-Liberal Intelligentsia of India’ (if that term actually means anything worth our sensibilities) is in a pathetically bad state of mind since the moment Narendra Modi ascended the chair of the Prime Minister of this nation, is something that is so obvious that stating it will be more of an understatement now.

It was the 17th of May 2014, when the results of the general elections polls 2014 almost decimated the British-inherited era of Congress Raj. The manner Modi did that was so powerful that the ecosystem of ‘oh-so-eminent’ Leftist journalists, writers, filmmakers, professors and artists that was being skilfully nurtured by the Nehru dynasty for decades against the alms thrown at them got the shock of its lifetime.

Latest topic to have joined their list of ‘self-engineered controversies’ is the 63rd National Film Awards ceremony. The prestigious awards this year were announced on the 28th of March, while the award ceremony was held a few days back on the 3rd of May.

Though nothing is happening during the regime of this government that the Leftist gang of intellectuals doesn’t have an issue with, there are prominently a few points they seem to have been hit the worst by, and that too is not without a reason. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

  1. Baahubali being bestowed with the Golden Lotus (Swarna Kamal) Award for being named the ‘Best Feature Film’ of this year. Well, it’s no secret that Baahubali, the biggest magnum opus we saw in the year 2015 transcended the barriers of language and region, and did exceedingly well in all Telugu, Tamil and Hindi versions at the box office. But actually it was not only its box office success that made it Baahubali. The screenplay, characterization, visual composition, special effects and the grandeur of passion that Rajamouli SS took to direct it actually made it that special for all of us. Actually, the film very clearly had references to the pre-Islamic Hindu-Buddhist India when the valorous hues of saffron used to adorn the royal flags of magnificent states like Mahishmathi. And that’s exactly where the anti-Hindu, anti-India sentiments of the Leftist gang got badly hurt. The film had not only been immodestly pronounced ‘masculinity porn’ and ‘regressive’ but also ‘racist and sexist’ (thanks to the much infamous Shobhaa De) by these eminent Leftist intellectuals and film critics. And that’s the simple reason that this film going on to win the coveted award is causing them such as deep pain. You can have a look at these two instances:
    Killed by Baahubali: India’s National Film Awards have lost their art
    ii. Why Baahubali, why not Visaaranai? A critic’s view of National Awards
  2. Bajirao Mastani winning the maximum (seven) number of awards. Perhaps for the first time in the B’town had somebody gained courage to portray the saga of Peshwa Bajirao, one of the greatest Hindu warriors this land has seen. Making a film upon a ‘Hindu’ king in itself was blasphemous for these ‘Secular Liberal’ intellectuals. And to add insult to their injury, the film was based upon Peshwa’s deeply enchanting love story with Mastani, a Muslim princess who was the daughter of the Bundela king Chhatrasal. No wonder, a ‘Leftist Intellectual’ film critic Deepra Dandekar writes in her write up published upon Kaafila.org, the well-known bastion of the Leftist-Jihadi viewpoints, “In that way he (Bhansali) wins solidarity among Hindutva brigands, who take pleasure in at least visually minoritizing “Muslims” either as enemies or as dispensable, foolishly romantic and second-class concubines within the nationalistic discourse of Hindutva; he also wins support among all those who produce the “become-‘good’-Muslims-or-else-model”. Bhansali floats this as a Mughal-Akbar-esque success formula for federally ambitious kingship wherein reversing love-jihaad may become a viable Hindu strategy.” (Link to the article is here)
  3. And at last but not the least, as if it were not enough coming from the leftist (self-styled) critics and journos alone, we do have somebody who himself has been bestowed with a National Award in the ceremony itself this year!! Yes, you heard it right! Gurvinder Singh, a ‘liberal’ filmmaker who had been recognized with three National Awards for his debut feature film in Punjabi ‘Anhe Ghore Da Daan’ for the year 2011, has been again honored with a ‘Rajat Kamal (Silver Lotus) Award’ for a yet another Punjabi film titled ‘Chauthi Koot’. And do you want to know what Mr Singh feels about these awards? Well, the ‘much acclaimed film director’ sincerely believes that “National Awards are complete farce this year”, as reported by the Indian Express. He seems to have been very aptly explaining his own aesthetic credentials to the world, we guess.





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  • Comment Link Manish Guha Sunday, 08 May 2016 17:39 posted by Manish Guha

    The leftists are actually as bad, or maybe even worse, than the islamist fundamentalists. Why? Because while the islamists can be very easily challenged intellectually if their guns are taken away, the leftists would be difficult to put down since they are armed with all the misinterpreted texts written by various sociologists over centuries. The leftist is only conveniently moulding their writings to strengthen their own twisted viewpoints. You can say, intelligence without the wisdom. And the thing that stands stongly against them is inability to back up their words with solid action. They have actually fucked up many economies. The kolkata economy is one great example for this. China is doing well, but do we really know what's happening inside, since their media is not free? And that's the leftist's definition of freedom of speech. The leftists say something, and do something else. Many will say that they are socialists until they become rich. In other words, they could very well be capitalists in just a very clever disguise.

    Leftism can never survive as it looks good only on paper. In reality, the leftists are actually cowards who ostesibly favour the islamists, even their fundamentalists, only to bolster their vote-bank politics. Now is that shameful enough?

  • Comment Link Chandra Sunday, 08 May 2016 11:27 posted by Chandra

    We are gradually coming back, but still a long way to go to undo the damage that these leftists/pseudo-seculars have done the previous generation of India. We need Modi, at least two more times, in the center.

  • Comment Link Amit Sunday, 08 May 2016 09:45 posted by Amit

    Why we hv nurtured theae pseudo parasites is itself a tragedy..But being nurtured by Nehru Gandhi family shows they did nt have any love for the country but only selfish self interests...Today when Commies all over the world r an near extinct species , we also need to think of ways to completely neutralise these bastards....

  • Comment Link Dr Ramesh Dhand Sunday, 08 May 2016 09:42 posted by Dr Ramesh Dhand

    These anti Hindu pseudoseculars leftists the so called intillectuals by bottomless congis has degraded Hinduism to the extent that it may take two decades to recover if present govt continues. God bless PM Modi to correct all wrong doings.

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