Shortcut to fame: play the Victim Card

I was like.."everybody is doing it, aren't they, why not me?" I was like.."everybody is doing it, aren't they, why not me?"
01 Jul 15
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It's a proven thing in India: expressing venomous hatred against Modi/RSS/Hinduism is considered a sure-shot shortcut to being declared a 'Progressive/Liberal/Secular/Intellectual' and the works.

The same has become more pronounced with the change of regime in 2014, when Narendra Modi took oath as the PM of this country. Since then the aforementioned venom has an added glow of being "anti-establishment" i.e. a brave act; drawing much expected sympathy in case one draws flak for their venom. Take the recent case for example.
On June 28th the PM, in his radio message to the nation, suggested an awareness campaign leveraging social media. Citizen were asked to post their selfies with their daughters accompanied with the hashtag #SelfieWithDaughter, marking an appreciation for the girl child and the vital part they are of our lives.
Amazing how this innocuous social media campaign ended up exposing the hater leftist brigade.
By the way, the left keeps voicing its opinion on issues of women empowerment, emancipation etc. but when a similar cause is promoted by Modi, the jealous and insecure left not only refused to chip in, it took turns at lampooning the entire campaign as frivolous and useless. Some went from their regular hate to plain defamatory statements like Kavita Krishnan, the secy of All India Progressive Womens Association did

For this, someone aptly said "jail the bitch".
OMG, did I just say 'bitch'? Supposedly cuss words are reserved for use specifically against 'bhakt trolls'. How dare someone use it for a communist (one who's deliberately defaming the PM of this country with her hate filled defamatory statements)? Why isn’t Kavita allowed to show her hypocrite self when it comes to causes for women? Must be something to do with fascism and Modi and emergency and like.

Wondering why so much hate for #SelfieWithDaughter campaign?

Leftists seem to run similar campaigns for women, then why ridicule the daughter campaign? Is this hate for Modi?
yes it is, but it's something beyond that : #SelfieWith Daughter is a family centric campaign. 

On the contrary, campaigns by the left are all anti-family, anti-institutional. Their goal is to separate an individual from their culture, heritage, family and their roots. 
Such an individual is ripe for indoctrination with Lenin and Marx and Socialism and anarchy. Such an individual is the useful idiot Marx used to talk about - the flag bearers, fighters for the leftist agenda -unmindful of the consequences because they've no one to advise them to a better road.
On the contrary though, #SelfieWithDaughter connects an individual to their family. It celebrates daughters - how they bring happiness to our lives, enrich them, make a family stronger.
Don't you see it’s against the leftist ideology of individualisation? How can Modi do something like that?
Let’s oppose him, call him names, defame him and who knows, if enough right wingers come back with an answer you get to pull out the all famous victim card ?

Moving on...
Just like Kavita Krishnan, was the opinion of numerous leftists men and women included- all facing sharp and well deserved criticism for their hypocrisy. However, in a democracy like India, voicing opinion against the saffron groups is a mark of freedom while vice versa is a mark of ‘intolerance’, ‘fascism’ and of course ‘trolling’.
This aspect was well pronounced in case of Shruti Seth Aslam, a bollywood B grader who broke her personal record of hypocrisy with her ludicrous statements and its subsequent defence. It’s a tried and tested pattern and I mention it here because it’s a pattern you’re going to see for a long long time around.

Here goes a shortcut to cheap fame

Step 1) Make it known that you are an #AdarshLiberal dhimmi. You hate anyone and anything to do remotely with saffron. One fine day, vomit your bile in public, so much that it irks people beyond the limits of their patience. Await their replies. in case of Shruti, her hypocrisy is evident from way she supports leftist campaigns on social media on one hand..

while calling someone's else's campaign as frivolous on the other :


Now here is the next and a very important step: 

Step 2) Block the logical opinion, assort the hateful abusive messages instead. (It's important that logical ones are shooed away, you are a celebrity not a scientist. Logic can go where it belongs - your dustbin) 
And then .. it’s time to pull out the sweet old VICTIM CARD.
Why don't people realise that when a leftist uses cuss words, it's because they're modern, against the conservative social-norms and are being hip.
However when a saffronist uses the same, they're simply abusing others. gawd forbid if that 'other' is a celebrity. But now that a few of these blithering fools have used abusive words, collect them and show it to the world. Go on, show how much everyone is abusing you simply because you dared to speak 'against the system'.

Wait, people not paying attention still?
How insensitive of them!
Alright then, let’s make it "a bechari  woman against the sanghi trolls" issue.

Of course, what people said to you had nothing to do with your gender. Social media has been sensible enough to treat all genders equally when it comes to debating an opinion.
It's rather the poor men don't have the privilege of saying “I was abused because I am a man". But hey, you're a woman, you totally can!
So here you go:

watch the dhimmis rush to your rescue. Enjoy the show, you've had your 15 seconds of fame. Mission accomplished. Watch them write passionate articles on how 'Women are lynched on Social Media', heart rending tales of how 'Modi's trolls abuse women' and how India is moving towards complete Talibanisation.  

When the entire public discourse on any subject is dominated almost entirely by the left, you have no need to tolerate dissent from a filthy right-winger. Unless of course they're prepared to be labelled a sanghi troll misogynist fascist Right wing evil Hindoo.

You’re now an established victim who supposedly speaks nothing but the daring truth against the system. A paragon of liberty and emancipation, a hope for the victimised and suppressed underprivileged classes of this country. 

You're as good as a cricketer judging a Music Talent Show, but who cares - you're a celebrity. Celebrity and logic don't go hand in hand, so screw that.
You know what? you should totally write blogs now.
And open letters- yes, open letters -they’re a rage these days, aren't they?
Someone pushes or shoves a woman, some live-in goes bad, you had a flat tyre, or your pet has an upset stomach – just shoot an open letter to Modi.

Why, weren’t the things all peachy before Modi came in? He came in and destroyed our garden of a country. He deserves to hear from you.
In case you start losing your sheen, just repeat the aforementioned process. Remember: There is no greater card than the victim card. Remember that and we’re never out of this game of hypocrisy. Go on then, just do it.


Adarsh liberal (in other words, a dhimmi) Raghu coming in support of Shruti. Enjoy the irony



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