10 Relics of the Sanatan Past in Harappa Civilisation

13 Aug 16
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Published in Indian History

The Harappan, or the Indus Valley Civilisation dates back 3000BCE and older artefacts are still getting unearthed. What's lesser known is how entirely Vedic the civilisation was in its culture. 

Here are 10 such striking similarities between the Harappan Civilisation and the contemporary day Hinduism

  1. Fire Altars

  2. Swastika

  3. Shiva Linga

  4. Nandi the Bull

  5. Shiva the great Yogi

  6. The Seven Sisters or the Kritikeya Nakshatras

  7. Sindoor

  8. Yoga

  9. The Symbol 'OM'

  10. Mahisasur Mardani Devi Durga






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