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Tuesday, 28 June 2016 00:00

How the Leftist Vultures Destroyed Venezuela

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Those were the early days of March, 2013. Entire space of ‘Eminent Intellectuals’ Discourse’ across the world had drowned in deep grief.

Not only in the west, but in India too, every writer, thinker, journalist who found himself to be worth his ‘progressive’ salt was crying in profound sorrow. And the reason was, Hugo Chavez had died. Hugo Chavez, the leftist dictator of Venezuela, who for all these ideological slaves of Karl Marx, was one of the prophets of Socialism in modern times. 

The very same Venezuela must again be in news – actually it must grab headlines of the media outings everywhere these days, but not a single journalist or editor is giving it a dime, it has completely been blacked out by the global media in a very deliberate and precise manner. Want to know the reason?
Well, the nation of Venezuela is going through one of the most severe economic crises modern world has seen, and this all happened solely due to the fact that the Leftist Model of national economy has miserably failed and completely collapsed over there.

Just to give you an idea of what’s happening in Venezula right now, more than two-third population of the nation is not being able to afford three meals a day, large mobs of starved people are assembling outside the lavishly built and extravagantly decorated presidential palace yelling “We want food”, while the police forces are threatening and assaulting them physically, in order to disperse them off there. The Leftist Heaven upon earth has become ground to ‘Food Riots’ taking place every day, in which more than 50 people have died during the past few days.

Venezuela, which has historically been an oil-rich nation, still has abundant deposits of natural resources beneath its soil, gifted to it by mother nature.
Indian Leftists particularly loved Chavez for his ‘wonderful’ statements and prepositions. Like his Jihadi Cleric counterparts, he was moron enough to once ‘prophesize’ that capitalism had destroyed life on the planet Mars.

National economy of Venezuela was going through serious challenges for a number of years, thanks to the ‘free distribution schemes’ of the regime that never focused upon how to allow its people to become more successful in their own way, and thereby contribute towards nation building. But Nicolas Maduro, the political heir of Hugo Chavez who took charge of the nation after his death in 2013, almost consistently and blindly kept denying there was anything wrong with the nation’s economy.

At present, Venezuela’s economy is witnessing an inflation rate of 500%, while in 2015 Maduros went to extent of writing a propaganda paper that categorically stated that anything like inflation does not exist in real life at all!
When the prices kept soaring in a shockingly uncontrolled manner, the Leftist Tyrant Maduros regime did what its sort is known best for – its soldiers captured megastores and farmers’ products to forcibly distribute them at cheap prices among the masses. But it didn’t last for long. Commercial production of goods took a comprehensive halt, and industries stopped completely.

Now the Leftist Loonies of Venezuela, whom the JNU idiots have never stopped singing paeans about, thought the next best thing to do – printing more and more currency notes. But then, that requires legitimate and formal exchange of resources that must be made to the reserve banks, which it lacked terribly.
As a result, gravity of the economic crisis kept on increasing, and the people’s condition continued to deteriorate. At this moment, an egg costs $150 in Venezuela, while a single cup of coffee comes at around $85 and a packet of McDonald’s French Fries is available at $125. Naturally, the people of this ‘People’s Regime’ are starving like animals, and nobody exists in the world to even pronounce their pain.

Things have gone so bad that school teachers are asking their students to provide daily groceries against assigning passing scores to them in examinations. Lines ranging several kilometers are standing still outside government rationed stores, and a large section of armed and police forces is being deployed to prevent further riots by these huge mobs of starving ‘people’ in this ‘people’s government controlled land’. Could it get any more ironic?
Yes it can, and it gets. Because entire private healthcare system across Venezuela had been abolished by the decades long Leftist regime, there are only government owned and operated hospitals and medical facilities. But they are completely drained out of resources due to the economic crisis, hence the sick and the wounded – including the ones who are getting wounded in food riots – are not being provided with any medicines or healthcare at all.

Still, there is one section of the population in the country that is still living comfortably enough, to the extent of enjoying lavish lifestyle. And that, naturally, comprises the members of the ruling Leftist parties and the military personnel who upon listening to the orders issued by them are slaughtering the ‘people’ of Venezuela.

These are the same ‘people’, on the pretext of fighting for whose rights the Leftist parties seize power everywhere, and their intellectual brigades support it through huge piles of utter rubbish, very beautifully disguised as ‘progressive’ and ‘pro-people’ voice. If we can’t take a lesson from Venezuela now, perhaps we never will take it from any other instance, ever.

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