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Right since the days the British evangelists and rulers began injecting the intellectual and ideological poison of hatred against everything Hindu and Indian inside the brains of their Macaulayian ‘Brown Sahibs’ in order to boost the Christian conversion in the land of India, castigating and flagellating our own roots has consistently and firmly been grounded as a sure-shot formula to be labelled an ‘Educated, Sensible and Intellectually Sound Liberal’ among especially the rich and elite Hindus. 

Though it can’t be said that the Modi regime has done something considerably lethal or damaging against the internationally sponsored Anti-India Left-Liberal NGO Gangs of Intellectuals & (so-called) Social Activists, it has for sure begun to give them an occasional jilt here and there quite often.

शैक्षणिक संस्थान वे स्थान हैं पर जहां एक राष्ट्र के भविष्य की पीढ़ियों को तैयार किया जाता है। इस तेज़ी से बदलती दुनिया के बारे में नए विचारों, मुद्दों और जिन चुनौतियों का इस सामना करना पड़ रहा है, उनका सामना करने के लिए जहाँ विचार-विमर्श किया जाता है, और कई स्तरों पर उन प्रयासों की तलाश की जाती है जिन से हम सामूहिक रूप से इस दुनिया को रहने के लिए एक बेहतर जगह बना सकते हैं।

Academic institutions are the places where future generations of a nation are groomed. Where new ideas about the ever changing world, the issues and challenges it is facing or going to face are discussed and efforts on multiple levels are thought upon, so that collectively we can make this world a better place to live in.

Thursday, 07 April 2016 00:00

End This Anti-India Govt

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The riot Kashmiri students created on the NIT-Srinagar campus should not be seen as a one-off incident.