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Thursday, 11 May 2017 21:15

NDA’s inefficiency in protecting Salwa Judum

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The complacency of the Chief Ministerial Bureaucracy in Chattisgarh despite decades of Maoist Insurgency is alarming. Raman Singh who has “offered” monetary compensation and expressed “heartfelt condolences” like Kadi Nindas by Rajnath Singh from the warmth of their cozy cushions.
How were the SPOs ( Special Officers) and Koya Commandos belonging to Salwa Judum Treated?
The founder Mahendra Karma and senior leaders Nandkumar Patel and several others were assassinated SPOS engaged in counter-insurgency were attacked judicially and were mocked by the supreme court as Non-Scholastic and under-qualified youngsters who are irrational and capricious Citing violations to the preamble and fundamental tenets of the constitution, this patriotic group was reduced to an infamous vigilante group by leftist intelligentsia.

The lawlessness in the state was attributed to them and not the maoists Most of the patriotic SPOs were dismissed from service and humiliated. With a poor wage of around 3000 Rs per month, these nationalist tribals got no help or support from the apparently nationalist NDA government. They exploited Koya Commandos and SPOS who literally risked all their lives in order to assist the security agencies How many organizations and NGO ( Trojan Horses) were involved in banning Salwa Judum?
Right from expressing solidarity for Maoists & Naxals to judicially attacking Anti-Insurgency groups, communists work via a nexus of several thousand Trojan Horse NGOs scattered all across the nation and the globe. (We have reports of communists throwing help even from countries like France, Algeria and Switzerland) World Social Forum Canada Asia Social Forum Revolutionary Democratic Front Bastar Solidarity Network Bhagat Singh Ambedkar Students Front Democratic Students Union AISU INSAF Kratikari Janwadi Morcha (RDF) Svarlona Indien Bangladesh (offshoots of leading international communist magazine Indien Solidariet runs organic farms in various tribal areas and exports produces to European countries) Swallows India Bangladesh ( A non-profit, politically and religiously independent organization for international solidarity and development.

Swallows India Bangladesh has worked with poverty alleviation, environmental issues, social mobilization and democracy issues for over 50 years) Solidarity House Economic Association Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights Italian Communist Party People’s Union for Civil Liberties Samajwadi Jan Parishad Praja Socialist Party (mysteriously based in Trivandrum) We The People NGO If you dig deeper, these organizations led by commies are engaged in some or the other kind of business or real estate activity in tribal areas like the communists have encroached over thousands of acres in one of the costliest hill stations in India- Munnar. But they vehemently oppose all forms of industrial progress terming it as oppressive crony capitalism.

These anarchy manufacturing organizations backed by intellectual terrorists & dhimmi apologists exposes the nefarious international lobby that works day in and out to agitate, protest, revolt and wage war against every action and initiative by the Indian government.
These lobbies infiltrate into our academic institutions, vilify security agencies, throw down counterinsurgency drives and breed secessionists and separatists to break India into several thousand pieces of mayhem and maoist sadism.

But BJP seems to be enjoying its blissful complacency and Aman Ki Asha

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