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Some estimates put the cost of Aadhar Scheme at Rs 1500 bilion, some say its Rs 300 billion. But even if we consider the minimum estimate it is said to be Rs 180 Billion (Rs.18,000,00,00,000).

Half of this colossal amount has already been approved by the UPA government.
The government overlook the security concerns of the nation while approving this scheme full of loopholes. Now when the SC has raised the same concerns, the govt. seems out of answers .
Whatever be the decision of courts, this poorly conceived scheme has cost a fortune to our economy, our nation.

It is intriguing fact that practically every major scam in the UPA regime has been discovered outside India and then UPA government is forced to order a domestic investigation.

general Elections 2014 ha been ull of voter list frauds. May be a last ditch attempt by the ruling coalition to prevent the rise of nationalist forces in the country.

1) First they give Voter card to Bangladeshi migrants.
( )
2) Then they Delete names of 60 Lakh people from voter list in Maharashtra alone (National data can be in Crores)
( )
(Rs.300 per name- )
3) Then they made Duplicate entries of same person in Voter List. (Mostly of minority community)
( )
4) Then they Reprogram EVMs to transfer "All" votes to CONGRESS
( )
5) And when all this is not enough, they add wrong photo, wrong name, wrong age all wrong data in voter card, (Pic in poster) intentionally or by mistake but its the public who suffers.

Who are "They" ??
Well, "They" are Traitors of our nation.
and because of them, our democracy is in danger.

But that does not matter to us. Does it?
What matters is Secularism.

Narendr Dabholkar, a well known 'anti-superstition' activist was murdered on August 20th 2013

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